Idiot of the Week

Mojo Mathers gets idiot of the week, but first some context.

John Key made an epic sledge right from the get go, and then pile in some more. Then he got to the top sledge of the day:  

James Shaw: If New Zealand is not a tax haven, why would Mossack Fonseca—a company which, by its own admission, has 95 percent of its business in avoiding tax—urge its clients to use New Zealand’s foreign trust and company structures as a way of avoiding tax?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY: Two things. Firstly, there can be quite legitimate reasons why people have a foreign trust, and I suggest the member leave the House and ring Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and Red Cross because they are implicated in the papers. But, more importantly, the member should just turn around and ask his colleague—Mojo Mathers has a foreign trust. [Interruption]

This prompted Mojo Mathers to make a personal statement.

What a stupid tart. Stating that a trust in the Uk isn’t a foreign trust.

That’s just retarded. Then again she is a Green party member.


– IntheHouse


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  • hookerphil

    “Labour leader Andrew Little later defended Mathers and said Key’s comments were “dumb” and “totally tasteless”.
    “If he was a man he would stand up and apologise, he didn’t do that.”
    “She should never have been put in that position. She’s the only deaf member in the House and this is New Zealand sign language week. It was just totally tasteless,” he said.”
    The comments were factual and certainly not dumb. Is this another example of reverse “racism” she is deaf so shouldn’t be talked about? The only dumb persons here are Little and this weeks deserving winner.

    • Richard

      Then by his own admission, is Little giving a pass to anyone with a trust who are listed in the Panama dump who is deaf or hearing impaired?….what about the physically disabled?….mentally ill?….cancer sufferers?….the guy is a moron.

    • Genevieve

      I would like to be able to say that it’s great to see Mojo overcome her disability to become an MP. Unfortunately I can’t in all honesty say that if she is to be placed on a pedestal for disabled people, whereby she is immune from any interrogation in parliament. My money is on a walk-out of all disabled Opposition MPs this afternoon in protest. Naturally that will include all the political retards so could leave a fairly empty chamber.

    • Isherman

      If anything Andrew Little should apologise. The fact that Mojo is deaf, had absolutely no relevance or correlation to her personal statement or any other part of the exchange, yet he drew attention to that. That’s called playing the victim card, and I would suggest that given Mojo herself doesn’t play that card to score tasteless political points, it’s pretty rich and pretty low of Andrew Little to play it on her behalf.

    • rangitoto

      Rather patronising of Little. She is an MP after all. If I were Mathers I would give Little some unsavoury suggestions on where to take his vacation

      • Somnambulist

        I’m sure there are some good signs she could use to communicate her feelings towards him.

    • Nige.

      How ironic that Andy stand up and defend someone else’s disability.

      When is someone going to stand up and defend his inability to be an effective opposition?

  • Cadwallader

    I note that throughout the recorded proceedings a deaf interpreter was visible. Is the interpreter there all the time? Is Mojo the only deaf person in the House? Is the deaf interpreter within her line of vision? If so, I’d have thought Mojo ought to be more conversant with the procedures in the House. She displayed total ignorance to the matters which the Speaker guided her through. She has been in the House for several years now and appears to not have absorbed much even allowing for her disability. If her deafness is causing her problems and making her progress as an MP more difficult, oughtn’t the Greens have been more understanding towards her before she was placed on their list. I am not sure she’s an idiot (and in the Greens there are a number to choose from) I think she’s just out of her depth.

    • Steve kay

      It’s deaf awareness week. Think they did it last year too if I remember

    • AndrewML

      She obviously dose not know where New Zealand’s borders start and end!

      • JohnO

        She also said that “she did not own the trust” it was a family trust but she benefited from it. I suspect she thinks that people “own” trusts like people own companies.

    • Tom

      Its sign language week which is why national MPs were using it but I note non on the opposition benches.

    • Cadwallader

      I see I have made an error here: I refer to the Greens’ List, when the truth is, the Greens are a List and absolutely nothing more!

  • ploughboy007

    just as bad as Russel norman jumping to the defence of greenpeace even though jk said there was nothing wrong with what they had done.english must be hard for him to read

  • Legallysane

    I have no knowledge of sign language, so I’m intrigued by what I saw in the top corner of the recording. Is the signer (?) translating verbatim, or just giving a rough overview of what’s being said? For the life of me I can’t see how the Hansard recorder can keep up with what’s being said, let alone the translator for the deaf.

  • Michelle

    And the reason Mojo is in the house is?
    l could not believe what her reply was, not a foreign trust
    Mind you she is in the Greens, nuff said

  • Hard1

    It’s turning into the Carter Show. Would that man get a grip.

  • Tom

    Will she be standing in the house today to apologize and correct her statement that the UK and NZ are not one country! Maybe thats why she thought the flag referendum was a waste of time. She thought we still flew the Union Jack over NZ.

  • Catriona

    Robbo said in a tweet yesterday to Mojo “it was a disgraceful slur from a desperate man”. Whose desperate now Robbo? In your bunker hiding? We’ve hardly heard a squeak from you even though you were promising big revelations on 10 May.

    • Kiwiracer

      The slur was created by Hagar and the “chosen 7”, they created all the hysteria around this, quite amusing that it hit the left harder than the right. . . . . . . .

  • Gaynor

    As it is deaf week and as Andrew Little has drawn attention to Ms Mathers can someone tell me what she has achieved in her time as an mp to help deaf people.I understand that the government paid for a lot of expensive equipment to aid Mojo so what has she achieved?

  • Eiselmann

    When is a foreigh trust ,a foreign trust that is infact foreign but not foreign , a trust but not a trust ?, when it belongs to a Green MP , oh and don’t single her out because you know she’s deaf but do single her out because you know she’s deaf….

  • Miguel

    Her parents were ‘hippy’ enough to call her Mojo (for crying out loud) but not so silly to discount protecting their family assets via a trust. Chardonnay socialists, anyone?

    • andrewo

      A classic ‘trustafarian’
      If you dig a little deeper you’ll find several of the leading lights on the Left are trust bunnies: Idle rich who use trusts distance themselves from family money and then claim ‘worker’ or ‘eco-warrior’ status whilst at the same time claiming a welfare benefit. Hey, it would be a good topic for some investigative journalism!

  • Eiselmann

    Think I figured this out …Mojo believes her trust is not foreign because she doesn’t see England as a foreign country, which must mean she sees New Zealand as a foreign country in which case……………bye Mojo don’t let Parliments doors hit you on the way out.

  • Bombastic

    Mojo has been in Parliament for 5 years. I would have thought that after that amount of time she’d have some grasp of Parilamentary procedure. Her attempt at a personal statement was embarrassingly hard to watch.

  • niggly

    Not sure why the Opposition give the Speaker, David Carter, a hard time and smear him as being a “terrible Speaker” etc (I guess they conveniently forget about Margaret Wilson)?

    Anyway according to the video, Carter was excellent by patiently explaining to Mojo Mathers twice on how to go about making a personal statement by outlining how to follow correct procedure. Finally Mojo Mathers got it!

  • Grizz30

    The point of this is that most of these trusts uncovered are for legitimate reasons and abide by the rules. Most are set up for asset protection and anonymity. Mojo’s trust may not be strictly the same as the issue here as the assets are held in the same country as the trust but it is no worse than most people who have their financial affairs placed on the internet for all to see. What seems apparent is people use NZ for its stable government and robust laws, particularly when they live in corrupt jurisdictions that could confiscate assets on a whim. All I have seen are politics of envy.

  • Joe Banana

    How can this stupid mojo sit in parliment when she does not know basic procedure iat question time

  • Woody

    I don’t care that she is deaf, I don’t care that she is a beneficiary of a foreign trust. What I do care about is that yesterday she showed herself to be terminally stupid and she is doing so, in public, on my dollar.

  • Totara

    Kudos to David Carter here.

    Not only did he boot David Parker out of the House for behaving like a complete prat; but he also showed a degree of compassion to the obviously retarded Mojo Mathers by effectively guiding her in making a personal statement (rather than a point of order) and then quickly moved the debate on to the next question.

    • one for the road

      Oops, now the esteemed Speaker has booted the PM out….

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It adds an extra element of humour to the recent exposure of a vulnerability in the Labour list situation. Mathers is the Greens example of the problems they are confronted with in the car-park puddle where they look to fill the gaps. They seemed to have targeted one of everything except a single body with political nonce.
    After loitering there for so long Mathers still has not grasped any concept of the proceedings of the House or the Standing Orders that members follow.
    A well deserved accolade being this weeks winner for somebody who excels at not only being an idiot but is now there to see on good old You Tube.

  • WBC

    The even more awesome bit is that by saying the Greenpeace trust information is not actually true, the left are admitting that they already know that everything they’ve been saying is misleading!

    A special kind of stupid. Their only strategy seem to be to hope that the tiniest bit of blood from each huge cut they make to their own reputation ends up sticking to Key. The problem is that they are just giving votes to Winston which of course means a National Government (and has since he played them so well in Northland).