Idiots of the Week

These idiots used the courier bags in the same place they stole them from.

A couple who stole courier packs and stamps from a post shop returned an hour later to post one of the packs.

Phillip James Morley, 33, unemployed and Kelly Smith, 17, were expecting a baby and had ordered baby clothes online.

After the clothes arrived they needed to return some but they had no money to send them back, their lawyer George Linder, said.

The couple appeared in Westport District Court last week and pleaded guilty to shoplifting charges.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Michelle Payne said that on May 4 the pair went to the Westport PostShop and uplifted courier packs and stamps to the value of $105 without paying for them.  

On May 17 police executed a search warrant on the home of the pair and recovered the post office items minus one courier bag to the value of $5.50.

Smith claimed that Morley put the items in her bag and she wasn’t aware he had not paid for them.

Smith was also charged with stealing baby items to the value of $121.30 from The Soap Box on May 5, 2016. She was identified on CCTV. Police recovered all the items from their home.

During their search of the couple’s home police also found items from four other shops. As the date and time of those thefts could not be established, charges could not be brought but Smith had been trespassed from those shops.


The judge convicted Morley on one charge of theft and sentenced him to 60 hours community work. He ordered him to reimburse the $5.50 for the used courier bag to NZ Post by 5pm yesterday.

Judge Murfitt said Morley had a previous charge of shoplifting in Palmerston North, and others of breaching home detention and methamphetamine involvement. He said Smith had chosen a bad person in choosing Morley and it was clear he was behind the shoplifting.

Methamphetamine…always in these cases. But what complete idiots in going back to use the stolen items.

The sad thing is they have managed to breed and so more idiots are going to be dragged up by these two drop-kicks.


– NZ Herald


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  • D-Rad

    While at uni I worked for a large telecommunications company retail store. We had a guy nick a $1000 phone (we are talking 10 years ago, so pretty fancy phone) out of our cupboard. Our stock cupboards used a swipe card opening system and the cupboards were false walls, looked great, but you could open all the cupboards when they were unlocked for the 15 seconds you had to open them anyway, cops worked out who he was etc. Best thing was one morning I was opening the store one Sunday morning by myself and who should turn up but the dude who stole from us before. I opened the store, let him in, he started having a look around and started asking about certain phones we had and could he check out the accessories for a particular model. We had a box for the demo phone so I gave him that (removing anything of actual value) – to keep him in the store longer. In the mean time my co-worker turned up, but hadn’t come into the store so I ducked out the back, got her to call the cops and follow him up the street. It was awesome. The moron then tried to nick sunglasses from the sunglases hut as my colleague was trailing him. Cops caught him, turns out he was out on bail for… Burglary.

    Moral of the story is… criminals are by and large morons.

    • STAG

      Moral of the story…. criminals are by nature recidivist.

  • Crowgirl

    The most positive thing about this story that can be said is that at least they were stealing stuff for the baby.

    Otherwise this is dead on – 2 unemployed drop kicks have managed to breed. This kid doesn’t stand a chance in the brains department.

    • Ross

      I realise there’s generally a silver lining to every cloud, but that’s going a bit far!

      • Crowgirl

        It’s a fairly long bow but they could’ve been nicking ciggies or something I guess.

        • Ross

          You say that like it’s highly unlikely they wouldn’t do that as well!

  • niggly

    Bit concerned about the age difference between the pair, that to me suggests the 33 year old has addicted the 17 year old on P (for her to be going out with him).

    Will the social agencies be keeping an eye on them, in particular the 17 year old and her baby when born? Hopefully she can turn her life around before it becomes too late.

    • JEL51

      Again, where are the parents? I have a son the same age and if he lost his way and became interested in raiding the cradle, I think i would grab him by the scruff of the neck and say “What Up”…….even at that age.
      I (perhaps fortunately) haven’t had to deal with a stroppy teenage daughter but I sure would /or have her Dad, be stepping in on that relationship, as well.
      I know, I could be a stroppy bitch but you know what, I have never had to be.
      There’s the difference.

    • rexabus

      I’ve seen a few cases like that. Ugly much older bloke with drug connections with a lovely much too young lady. It shows the power of that garbage that it can muck a girls head up so much she’d give time of day to someone who a girl of that age would normally see as a dirty old man to be avoided

  • Oh Please

    So a meaningless 60 hours community ‘service’ and fined the cost of the courier bag. I’m betting the actual cost to the post office and the other shops was way more that the cost of the items – so why are these drop kicks allowed to get away with it? They should be forced – forced – to pay back the entire cost to the shops and the courts, otherwise jailed for 6 months minimum. Otherwise the crime is negated – how can it be a crime if it is not punished – and the drop kick will do it again.

  • Zanyzane

    Idiot of the week would have to be Andrew Little.

    • Hailstormers

      So many idiots around. They are everywhere.

      My brother had a new 4 wheeler with an ignition/battery problem. It got stolen from a farm way out in the wopwops. He went and saw his mate at the motor cycle dealer that sold him the bike and explained what happened. Insurance paid out etc.

      6 weeks later 2 idiots go to the same shop and told my brothers mate that the bike would not go and if they could fix it. He knew exactly who’s bike it was and told them to come back at 4 and it should be fixed. Sure enough 2 idiots arrive at 4 on cue and the manager told them it was all fixed and just pop out the back. 2 idiots then meet 2 boys in blue. Classic idiots..classic.

  • Mighty1

    If the packs were actually for the child why did they steal so many when they only needed one?

  • Sceptic59

    Mama always said “stoopid is as stoopid does”

    Go easy on me moderators, it’s a quote

    Oh, and meth might have been involved?

    If that helps?