Impertinent question of the day



Greg M asks

Today’s silly question.

How come the majority of “homeless” people, or otherwise known by the media party and other assorted lefty types as “our most vulnerable” seem to be absent from the CBD over the weekends and / or when there is no cruise ships in port?

Could it be that indeed they are not homeless, and are simply scroungers and bludgers coming in to take advantage of the complete lack of policing of such activities?


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  • Aucky

    There are very few cruise ship calls scheduled between now and October and combined with the winter weather there will be very few on the streets. The powers that be will doubtless claim the credit.

  • R&BAvenger

    It’s a very sensible question, much like how come all the deprived starving children living in poverty that need Breakfast and lunch provided for them at school manage to survive the school holidays? Possibly the food banks could be an answer there.
    How come there was no problem with cold and mould state houses a generation ago, but there is now? Global warming?
    Do other oilers have other questions that they know need to be raised?

    • Really?

      Here’s three questions:
      1) How is it possible that we have an obesity problem in our starving kids?
      2) Is the obesity problem (in our starving kids) a result of the do-gooders providing free breakfasts at school – resulting in kids having two breakfasts and thus becoming obese?
      3) following on from Q2, is the government (providing the free breakfast) therefore more at fault of creating obese kids than the local diary and should the government focus laws around restricting their own stupid actions rather than those of legitimate businesses?

      • HunuaRanger

        I doubt that a breakfast of weetbix and milk for truly needy children has a great deal of impact on child obesity.

        • Really?

          I think you should check out the Sugar content of weetbix.
          And how many do they have for their second breakfast?

          • HunuaRanger

            Sugar content of Weetbix is 2.8 grams per 100 grams, as for a second breakfast I have no way of knowing, do you?

          • Really?

            What do we know and don’t know?
            I am told that there are obese kids (and I have observed that myself).
            I am told there are starving kids (but I have no way of observing that).
            I am told that total calories in (over those used up) is a key part in obesity.
            I am told some providers of food to kids are bad and help cause obesity.
            I am told the government will be providing food to kids.

  • sheppy

    That must be related to the starving poverty stricken kids that need state provided food during term times but during the school holidays don’t seem to have a problem

  • Damon Mudgway

    The media’s ‘our most vulnerable’ tag does my head in. They are known to be aggressive, and almost always have criminal history. The majority of them are simply opportunistic scumbags looking for a handout for their next fix. Social crusaders who think they’re helping by generously giving to them have no idea they ones they’re giving to are laughing behind their backs. As the saying goes, a fool and his money are easily parted.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Great question, I cant answer it but from what I have seen on msm I too have questions.
    Who is paying for the tattoos
    Who is paying for the piercings,
    How do they afford a dog? I would love to own a dog but with work and the cost of upkeep it would not be fair to the animal, (puppy dog in picture looks healthy and has a collar which is good)
    Also recently there were some rather large people one is not born that way.
    Questions questions questions there seems to be a loss in understanding of logic motivation and get your boots on the ground and do something……There is a shift for people to have no shame where is the ‘guts’ the self respect the determination ?

    • R&BAvenger

      “There is a shift for people to have no shame where is the ‘guts’ the self respect the determination ? ”
      The motivation, self-dependence and self respect have been removed from people by inter-generational welfare dependency – brought to you by the Labour Party. It has totally stuffed a quarter of Maori – Labour is their friend, Labour knows best for them, vote Labour.
      Labour has been their wrack and ruin, the road to their continued social problems, along with a complicit Maori ‘leadership’.

      • intelligentes candida diva

        That allows someone else to be blamed. I think it is first and foremost within families, the parenting, the values…. as well too, easy to blame governing bodies and easier too, to blame the one that one does not support ideologically.
        I am sure there are certain common threads over time . I was taught to get up and get on while also being kind to others and that was not to be harsh just a reality ..

      • anniem

        Two years ago I spent a year doing a weekly cooking class at a community house in one of NZ’s poorest housing areas. Mostly Maori, a few Pacifica participants. I tried hard and one or two of the participants tried hard too. But most of them dropped off for various reasons. I stuck it out for a year and made a difference in about three families. While I was there the women would talk freely, maybe forgetting I was there. The things I heard made my ears curl! Let’s just say most of it was about their “partners” or lack of. Also stories of abuse, illness and prison.What I did realise is the generational problems in these families are so huge and complex that the answer has to come from within Maoridom. Yes, the government of the day has to provide funds but throwing money at the problem does not work. That has been proven again and again. And people like me doing a bit does not make any difference. Maoridom has a lot of money and leaders these days so why can’t they show some real leadership and tackle the problems?

  • AF

    I’m no expert but I have spent a little bit of a time with a few beggars. I buy some of them a meal and stop to chat to hear their story. I believe there are mental health issues with a number of our genuine beggars. Accordingly, they may not act in a way that we (being mostly rational people) would deem to be rational given their situation.

  • Steely Man

    While some of the concerns here are fair I have to highlight that there are some people who are genuinely homeless in part because of a mental illness. We are not good at supporting people with mental illnesses apart from the occasional band aid such as homeless shelters and city missions.
    My former mother in law refused to live in a house (“they” would find her) and was often sleeping on the street despite the efforts of her extended family. She was aware enough of health authorities not to be able to be locked up (and why should she be). She lived like this into her 80s.

  • Platinum Fox

    My observations match Greg’s. The number of beggars in the downtown area increases markedly on days when a cruise ship is in port. The number of beggars mid-town and on the city fringes is more constant, though the attendance of some of the regulars in those areas is weather dependent and does not extend to weekends.

  • Keyser Soze

    While working in London I often used to buy Pret-e-manger sandwiches for my lunch. One day there was a beggar outside with a sob story placard so I bought an extra sandwich and gave it to him when I left the store. He picked it up, told me to fornicate with myself and threw it back at me. I think the irrational shame and embarrassment that caused me with dozens of people standing around looking at the scene has permanently inhibited my ability to see any genuine need in the homeless.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Love Melbourne … might get to Bendigo check out the fuss going on there and provide a post?

  • anniem

    Yes and yes. A lot of them but not all,; the latter the truly homeless who often have mental health issues.
    A couple of weeks ago I came out of Countdown, Manukau and there was a “homeless person” aka beggar sitting with the obligatory paper cup hunched over his cell phone. He was overweight. Unsurprisingly he didn’t appear to be doing very well financially.

  • TC

    The city mission provides the food.The benefit money goes on the piss.I lived in town 30 years ago and also last year.In those days there were few regulars and the street kids who were came and went on the weather.Nothing like the numbers today.The cops would move them on in the morning if they were blocking shop fronts.When I asked the cops at central last year they said they had a right to be there. Mornings are best when the drinking party from last night flows over to the AM.Also good tax free money to be had hassling people outside ATM’s and every supermarket.Oh yes it is also split into territories now.- provide some gang influence as with the kid car washers who wear gang colour bandanas I can t wait till the cambodian gangs break in on the action they are real pros as they know how to get the maimed crawling around and dope up the babies.Saw one last week on queen.Lennie’s world class city in all its glory

    • Greg M

      You are on to it. The genuine homeless folk a lot of whom I speak to a few times a week have never caused us any problems. Now we have the losers from south and west coming in fare dodging on Lens train set to hassle and “tax” the streeties. One Local guy has been on the street since the early 80’s. looks like a Maori Bin Laden, has never collected a benefit in his life and is a real good bloke just wanting to do his own thing, not wanting to be part of the world. He is scared of these interlopers and we sat and shared a ciggy last Friday where he told me of his concerns about the south east Asian gangs teaming up with the local gangs. It’s going to get a whole lot worse, and the ones who are going to suffer are my friends, the “genuine streeties”.

  • Dog Breath

    Have thought about this and wondered why are homeless people homeless given they are entitled to benefits and state or council provided affordable housing. The reason for homelessness is not financial as implied by the left. It occurred to me that it’s all about responsibility. When you live at a property it comes with responsibilities, power bills, rent, cleaning property and personal, washing, mowing lawns, maintaining gardens, responsibilities to other property occupiers. There are many other property activities that are ultimately responsibilities.
    For some all this responsibility is just to much, it is much easier to be homeless and therefore devoid of all the responsibility. The reasons why responsibility is a problem ranges from mental issues through to can’t be bothered. Even if these people are forced into homes it’s not long before they revert to homelessness.
    I lived in Wellington during the early 1970’s at the top of Cuba St along Webb St. We walked through or past the basin reserve to and from work and the homeless would be there sitting in groups. We often had conversations with them or we were invited to drink with them the later was always declined. Webb St in those days had abandoned houses and occasionally one of the homeless would die in one of those houses to be discovered by the smell after a week or so. As an innocent 17 year old who had never seen anything like this in my home town it was quite a shock. So this is not a new problem. It’s been around in our major cities for as long as these cities have existed. It seems to me that homelessness is a choice for what ever reason and cannot be stopped. Once a person decides to restrict their responsibilities to virtually nothing there is not much that can be done.