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Kim Dotcom on his Pirate Ship. PHOTO-facebook

Kim Dotcom on his Pirate Ship.

Greg M wrote

Some random impertinent thoughts re the Panama papers sideshow.

1: Mossack Fonseca was illegally hacked, not a leak, not a whistleblower.

2: The paymaster is almost certainly a european citizen, but also likely not living there, likely German given the advantage that was given to Süddeutsche Zeitung over other media outlets.

3: Mossack Fonseca is a worldwide company, it even has an office here in little old NZ, which means the hack could have happened anywhere in the world. It’s a whole lot easier for the hacker, the paymaster and the intermediaries to be close so what is discovered can be discussed and assimilated.

4: “John Doe” appears to have a better knowledge of NZ politics than a lot of kiwis, a lot of European political tragics wouldn’t even know the name of our PM.

5. The whole modus operandi is boringly familiar.

Am I joining the dots or do I just need to loosen the tinfoil ?


  1. Labour have been briefed ahead of time, and are part of the political hit
  2. The target is John Key
  3. The funder is probably someone who hates John Key
  4. A book will be released by Nicky Hager

I suspect Key will have second thoughts about cutting me adrift and feeding me to the wolves at the same time as doing absolutely nothing to try and identify the criminal hackers, the complicit media working with criminals, and the people in the Labour Party that are funding, facilitating and abusing the fruits of crime.

Sorry to say, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Key over this.  He threw me under the bus.  He threw Ede under the bus.  He’s thrown Whitney under the bus.  None of us broke the law.

But all the criminals and enablers are running free to do it all over again.


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  • Not Clinically Insane

    Boringly familiar indeed….

  • sandalwood789

    Dots connected. I’d bet that so-called “John Doe” is Rawshark getting up to his old tricks.

  • oldmanNZ

    when more information started to come out it was like this was all familiar.

    we know JK is rich and has money invested all over the place. but why is Labour attacking him like someone told them to, and there i information coming…?

    the only dirty politics I see is from the Labour.

  • Jimmie

    I think the specific link is the phrase in the letter that reads “our very own John Key.” This implies the author is NZ based.
    I can’t imagine some eastern European hacker using this phrase.

    People are going to turn off again – I just wish a certain extradition process would speed up – it would see an end to a lot of this nonsense.

  • biscuit barrel

    A book will not be released by Hagar, how many times does it need to be said. The ‘leak’ Hagar was talking about was 3 years ago.
    The important part is that no one remembers what that leak was about anymore, and so with this one in a few years.

    • Sally

      My gut feeling there is a book and is going to be released sooner than later. What do you think is going to happen on Tuesday that Labour and others are so excited about?

      • spanishbride

        The last thing that got their panties so wet was a hit on Whaleoil. Dirty Politics II perhaps?

        • Bazza63

          I like using AWS as you can build a highly secure web facing system & lock up a lot of the common attack vectors. The best idea is to lay your security in tiers, separate out each part of the stack to discrete tiers & set security via the tiers. For example the web tier only accepts http/https traffic from a load balancer, your app server tier only accepts traffic from the web server on a specific port, for example the tomcat port, & DB server only accepts sql traffic from app tier.

      • Tony

        Released at Election time as in the past.

      • Nige.

        I don’t think it will be a book. I think it will be something smaller, free, online. When you think about the effort he put into the DP book and the little payoff surely he couldn’t be motivated to write a book again. I mean after all…who’s emails would he use to fill it up with?

        Everyone I speak to says the same thing about Hagar and that is that they wouldnt believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

        Same ol story. Better to keep his mouth shut.

        • sheppy

          I thought he only released his lefty propaganda “books” at election time to try and move the result left. This in my book is the start of one big build up that the leftests hope will result in a change of government to their dream team of the Unions favourite that can’t win a seat, the Angry Little Man, The 2 co-Greens who also can’t win a seat, and Winston who at least has won a seat up North, not that he often goes there!

          • Nige.

            DP fell so flat so quickly. I have spoken with people who don’t know me as MOD about the book and they were just underwhelmed. I dont know what deluded plan he has but there’s not many centerist people out there willing to be fooled by him again. They just won’t buy another book that’s dropped at election time. That’s why I think he’s got something else planned. But having said that… writing political cook books is what he does and maybe that’s all he can do.

      • biscuit barrel

        A searchable index to the PP, thats all.

  • Rick H

    They say the “Panama Papers” leak – includes 11.5 million documents.
    This relates to only 240,000 Companies.
    is an average of 48 documents for each of the companies. To me, that
    seems like a ridiculously high number of documents per company.
    However, they say the data is everything there from 1975 through till Dec 2015.

    point, of these 240,000 companies, only 11,000 are said to be set up in
    NZ – that is only 5% of all of this has any involvement with New

    I predict this will turn out as “awe reaching” as KDC’s “Big Reveal”.

  • Sally

    Hager is the link that connects everything. Linked to the ICIJ, linked political activism, linked to hackers, linked to media, known to have links with KDC and linked to certain people who work for the Labour Party.
    However he also considers himself above the law.

    • biscuit barrel

      Above the law ?
      Remind us who the judge said had acted unlawfaully

      • Nige.

        The police?

        • biscuit barrel

          “Justice Clifford declared the warrant was “fundamentally unlawful”
          In essence its a technicality but its how these things work.

          • KGB

            Do you agree Hager’s behaviour was ‘fundamentally unlawful’ but a technicality saw him get away with it?

          • Nige.

            Yeah so they then police failed to inform the warrant issuing judge that NH is an journo. And then that judge or another judge decided that was enough to make it fundamentally unlawful.

            He does think he’s above the law. He has said so. He’s said that he thinks all journalists are.

      • Crowgirl

        Profiting from the proceeds of crime is pretty unlawful no matter who says it.

    • He never did explain his numerous visits to the mansion.

  • spanishbride

    It really annoys me how the media use weasel words to lie.

    Some examples:
    ‘leaked information’ means hacked information
    ‘whistleblower’ equals hacker paid to do the hack

    On the other hand when reporting about those they are against
    ‘ Hacked a website ‘ means read and downloaded publically available information due to website having no security whatsoever ‘

    Other examples include how they describe an 18 year old criminal. When they are on the criminal’s side they call them a ‘teenager’ but when they are not they call them an ‘adult.’

    • Wheninrome

      I also equate “whistleblower” to someone who was happy and has then become unhappy so they decide to “do the dirty” on their (usually) former employer. So are therefore complicit in whatever they “whistleblow” about. Because to be able to whistleblow you have to have knowledge and to have knowledge means you are involved in someway. Unless you have knowledge of something how on earth can you “whistleblow” about it.

    • Jayar

      Agree – also when attempting to “nail”John Key they use words such as “”admit”,”come clean”.or “”ëmbarrassing revelation”.

    • AL357

      Just now on Prime News the term “whistle blower” was again used for the hacker.

  • localnews

    I was really surprised about Whitney being thrown under the bus. He must have been a personal friend. Where is the backbone. A little bit of biting back would probably earn respect

  • Asian_driver

    Last time the mice got the cheese because the trap wanst set properly, hopefully new cheese and a better trap might catch a mouse. I cant imagine any of the agencies that were made to look silly wouldnt want a second try

    • Wheninrome

      I hope the trap is bigger and they are going after rats.

      • Lemuzz

        or a person who looks like a rat

    • sheppy

      If nothing is found this time it shows that 5 eyes needs some serious strengthening, if it was those planning damage to NZ by something other than economic and political sabotage maybe people would pay attention

  • Wheninrome

    I am firmly of the opinion just as the police get blamed for “planting” evidence, so hackers most certainly can be guilty of “adding” information that suits their purpose. I believe we have come to the stage where we have to trust ourselves and gut instincts in relation to all this, Hagar et al OR our pretty stable government.

  • CoNZervative

    What Labour still don’t understand is throwing turd on Key does not make them smell nice; they remain unelectable because they simply tut tut and have no vision or interity

  • ploughboy007

    i wonder if the reason that hager got his knickers in a knot over his house search was that there was pp stuff on his hard drive.

  • Media Steriliser

    Was out fishing in Wellington harbor yesterday and came across this boat with a licence plate from Panama. Purely a co-incidence I was thinking until I found lots of bundles US $50 bills floating in the water near it. True story.

  • David

    Same scoundrels responsible – the German criminal Herr Dotcom, investigate hack Hager, Marxists Harre & McCarten and Labour hierarchy including Little, Robertson, Adern and Cunliffe.

  • localnews

    In round one, the anonymity of those involved was guaranteed by the New Zealand courts. I wonder if this time they are raising the stakes. They would only have to pick up a couple of people in their smears and innuendo who patently weren’t criminals and they could have a fight on their hands with people that won’t respect suppression orders as they aren’t based here?

  • Caring Understanding 90s Type

    I can not believe this rubbish. Do people have any idea of what a global thing is ? We are an inconsequential blip and to somehow fool ourselves into believing this is about NZ or John Key is completely insane.
    However I do believe Lord Lucan lived here with the Lynberg baby not long after they abandoned the Marie Celeste.

    • And flatted with Elvis and Salman Rushdie

  • Catriona

    It reeks if Dotcom & Hagar & Rawshark. John Doe & Rawshark one and the same.

    • WaveAtTheBridge

      Maybe, and it will achieve exactly the same – zilch! The New Zealand public are not as stupid as those on the left believe them to be.

  • KatherineS42

    A piece by Hager in the SST in April, 2013 says he had been working on the documents for 15 months at that stage. Three years later and he is still ferreting away at them ?

    And who is the NZer who runs the “group of international investigative journalists”. Apparently he has been overseas for more than 20 years, and didn’t know that John Key was mentioned in the statement issued by John Doe. That leads credence to the theory the statement was written by somebody outside the group. A German with a grudge perhaps?

  • zotaccore

    It may well be time for JK to get the heck out of politics. Obviously there are haters out there who want him gone and to be frank, who would want the job as PM with all the BS that is involved with it, particularly front the left. If I was JK I’d be announcing a resignation before Tuesday and leave the hellish life of politics behind him – he certainly doesn’t need it.

    • WBC

      While you may be right and it may be less volatile if JK left, that would just mean that underhand tactics and criminality would have actually prevailed and there is a reason that we don’t want to live in countries like Papa New Guinea etc.

      Announcing a resignation before Tuesday would play particularly well into the hands of dirty politics, if he does step down he’ll want to smash the snivelling left first and hopefully for all of us something a little honest may rise from their ashes.

      One positive policy National could put through is to make the reading of Animal Farm compulsory at high school, then people may be more adept at spotting Snowball among the politicians on the left.

      • zotaccore

        I like the suggestion on Animal Farm :)

  • Graeme

    Im waiting for “john doe ” to release his real name soon, perhaps tomorrow so we can congratulate him properly, perhaps with tar and feathers.