Irrelevant Dunne blames main parties for housing crisis when everyone knows it is the councils

I think we reached peak Peter Dunne some time ago. If only Winston would find a decent candidate to stand against this old fool.

He’s never really been the same since he fell for the glad eye from a journalist.

United Future leader Peter Dunne says the main parties need to stop playing the blame game and resolve the housing crisis with real solutions.

Mr Dunne’s proposing a National Housing Conference that brings together central and local government, the building industry, the banks and social services.

“The two main parties are playing political sniping games at each other,” he says.

“It’s easy to point the finger at Auckland Council but right around New Zealand there are people who have housing issues.”  

Because it’s mostly their fault.

Mr Dunne says the housing problem is multi-faceted.

He says it’s no good making land available for the development of housing if there aren’t the financing packages available to help people get into housing.

“There’s a problem about home affordability for young families right across the country, there’s the problem of homelessness for those who aren’t in the housing market and the risk is we’ll do a bit of everything but none of anything.”

What? Is he proposing the government now finance people into houses? What a dick.

We all know the problem is mostly in Auckland and mostly because of Auckland Council’s intransigence on releasing land.

Peter Dunne is really anti-government now.

But I tell you what none of these politicians are saying but implying. They want to collapse the housing market in Auckland. There can be no other solution from what they propose. As soon as Aucklanders realise that is what they are trying to do to them they won’t voting for fools like Peter Dunne or the Labour party.

The good news is Andrew Little has now declared a crisis. The problem will be solved in short order now.




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  • shykiwibloke

    Is this the same Dunne that refused to support key RMA reforms that would have had an impact on this very problem he blames others for?

    • Why yes it is.

      • shykiwibloke

        Some of these politicians have shorter memories than goldfish – or hope the voters do.

        • axeman

          Most are like Dory form Finding Nemo

  • Bob Dazzler

    Yep, well past his use by day.

  • Keyser Soze

    Australia has CGT, stamp duty and restricts foreign buyers to new homes and they too have a housing ‘crisis’ for the same reasons we do – inept councils. Rather than allowing ACC to spend $4b on a train tunnel to nowhere JK should have installed a governor to spend up large on infrastructure to green fields housing developments.

  • Christie

    He doesn’t seem to have a clue that the housing crisis has reached Wellington as well – mainly Aucklanders, using the equity from their overpriced houses to buy investment property elsewhere. But first time buyers are still buying in Wellington – it is not cheap, but many are still managing it.

  • MarcWills

    It’s not primarily the government’s job to provide and consent available land and new buildings – it’s local councils. The government tried to introduce changes to the RMA to reduce the number of obstructions to proper development, but the opposition refused to cooperate, including coalition partners. It’s a bit rich now for Dunne now to come out with his ‘let’s talk about it’ platitudes.

    The idea of only permitting immigrants to build new houses won’t work and hasn’t worked elsewhere. Why? Because new houses STILL need land to build on, and that is where we have a shortage. So immigrants will push up the price of land to build on (they can afford to pay whatever it takes), prices for new houses will skyrocket, and guess what? Second hand house prices will follow. But now no NZers will be buying the new houses, just higher priced second hand ones. And the fools can’t work this out!

  • R&BAvenger

    I was thinking the same thing last night. A crisis has been declared so things will turn around soon. Dunne is done.

    • axeman

      Yep he is done for Next election Key wont be so accommodating and they will stand a good person in his seat and then its bye bye.

  • nudgy

    The sharemarket over the past year or so has outperformed the Auckland housing market. Do we have a sharemarket crisis? No and we do not have a housing crisis either. What we have is a strong performing economy, low inflation, low interest rates, a lot of money seeking secure investments and very low returns on bank deposits. The return on rental properties is poor but continued capital gains are supporting the housing market. Until these capital gains start to fall off and the market perceives a better investment than housing then the upward direction of the housing market will continue. No posturing or intervention by politicians can or will affect the housing market.

  • Seriously?

    I think Dunne is right about one thing… the solution involves actually getting houses built. Land availability is an important factor, but so is skilled labour – someone actually needs to do the building work. Involving the construction industry (and banks) in the discussion of solutions is important.

    I suspect that a part of any dramatic increase in the capacity of the residential construction sector will be allowing more migrant labour.

  • Whitey

    Does the old fool seriously think that your average homeless person will ever be a homeowner? Or does he think that homelessness means not owning your own home?

  • Greg M

    Peter Dunne hasn’t got a clue. As well as blocking RMA reform which would have made a substantial difference to land availability, he’s now waffling on about “finance packages”. Memo to Mr Dunne. Sione and Sila with six kids in south Auckland can’t afford a mortgage, never have,not now, and not any time in the future. The best we can do for them is provide state housing at a fair price.
    For the rest of us, boot council up the slats and get the land rezoned. Provide the land and developers will build on it, it’s as simple as that.

  • Kevin

    If it’s going to be anything like his pussyfooting around medical marijuana we can expect the housing “crisis” to be solved around the year, what, 2050, 2055?

  • Sailor Sam

    I am willing to sell a 3 bedroom house, one bathroom, single garage house to any first home owner who wants it.
    It is in the North Island.
    $60,000 and its sold.
    So stick that up your jumper Peter Dunne.

  • I love have “a journalist” is now code for a journalist putting the body on the line to get a story.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    United Future? Interesting party name with a leader who seems to be as well informed as Captain YFront and simply parading as a show pony and a waning political future.
    A National Housing Conference is straight out of the ACC play book where they have meetings to decide when to have a meeting to talk about a plan to develop a plan while all the time sticking to their own dodgy plan.

  • Observer

    As Michael Reddell has pointed out, the two issues are non-citizen inward migration and land supply. These are the responsibility of central and local government. Dunne should be calling out Michael Woodhouse and suggesting he reduce the immigration target to 20,000 instead of 50,000 per year. That would ease demand and allow supply to slowly catch up.