Is Joe Davis Ratfucking Vic Crone?

Any decent political analyst knows that Phil Goff will become Mayor of?Auckland because there are too many candidates on the right.

In an ideal world the right wing candidates would be smart enough to work together, run a defacto primary and decide who?should run and win?because?they will all lose otherwise.

This requires goodwill between candidates. Candidates need a rapport and?mutual respect to do deals, or else they will think??fuck it if I cannot win I am?buggered if I will let X win?.

Which makes Mark Thomas??Facebook challenge to Vic Crone seem as if Joe Davis? strategy is going to ratfuck Vic Crone.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.47.09 PM

Word in political circles is that Vic Crone has managed to totally piss off all the centre right candidates, which is why Stephen Berry withdrew and endorsed John Palino, not Vic Crone.

If Crone is sensible she will immediately ask that both Thomas and Palino are included in all debates, and use it as an opportunity to build a rapport with them, instead of alienating them.

And she needs to take Joe Davis aside and remind him that Mark Thomas could well be a delegate in the East Coast Bays selection due to his longstanding involvement in National, and sources close to Mark are saying that some utu is going to be extracted come the ECB selection.



[MOD – for those upset at the language, we understand the discomfort, but ratfucking is actually a genuine term for a political strategy. ?As such, it is used in proper context. ?But any comments that contain the term?won’t survive.]