John Key comments on John Doe

The Panama Papers whistle-blower must be European and somewhat confused, says Prime Minister John Key after he was accused of being “curiously quiet” over tax havens in the Cook Islands.

The Cook Islands is a former New Zealand colony but is now self-governing in “free association” with New Zealand.

Investors in the Cooks pay no income tax or capital gains tax.

It has been branded a tax haven and was the focus of the Wine Box inquiry in the 1990s.

That was the only reference to Mr Key or New Zealand in an 1800-word manifesto by the leaker, who calls himself “John Doe”.

But Mr Key says the Cook Islands accusations may no longer be relevant, with tax loopholes now tied up.

“Prior to 1988 there were issues with New Zealanders avoiding their tax by having a structure in the Cook Islands. In 1988 that all closed down and subsequently there has been no issues,” says Mr Key.

“So that well and truly predates me [and] has nothing to do with me.”

Mr Key believes John Doe got confused about the level of responsibility New Zealand has for the Cook Islands.

“New Zealand has responsibility for foreign policy and defence of the Cook Islands but not for tax.

“I have as much responsibility for tax in the Cook Islands as I do for tax in Russia.”

The Prime Minister says the only time New Zealand gets involved in Cook Island tax affairs is when officials give advice on “transparency” and “best practice”.

He added that if the leaker reveals any relevant, new information that hasn’t been resolved, the Government would more than happy to propose changes.

Gosh.  Key seems in a panic doesn’t he?

Of course John Doe isn’t confused.  The fact that John Key was even mentioned (in passing) in the manifesto is because Nicki Hager will have asked for it to be put there (if he didn’t co-author it).

It ties in with the attack that’s building to a crescendo on Tuesday.   It’s the good old Dirty Politics team on it again.  Labour and Hager with the assistance of the breathless Media Party.


– Jenna Lynch, Newshub


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  • Jonathon Stone

    For such a big expose, you’d expect the MSM may give a little more attention to detail, ensuring they all have their stories straight. In the past 24 hours, I’ve heard/seen this variously reported as:
    – an 800 word manifesto
    – an 1800 word manifesto
    – an 1800 page manifesto
    Surely such a small detail isn’t too hard to get consistent between their stories, given that they are all just breathlessly repeating a hacker’s press statement.
    Professional journalists, trained and skilled…

  • Curly1952

    Given NZ’s size it is a huge surprise to see/hear that JK is the only world leader mentioned by name. This is, therefore, a beat up by Labour and Hagar and the media. I heard Robertson on the news this morning using and emphasising words like appalling, donkey deep in the global scandal etc. It will all end up a bit like the KDC big reveal that was a fizzer but it won’t stop the noise from the left

    • Melissa

      JK should sue the lot of them for slander!

  • Dog Breath

    Is this another conspiracy in the making like that occurred before the last election with opposition parties, a fat German, John Campbell and Hagar colluding to create a story line that was simply not true another moment of truth in the making. Over the weeks we have seen a series of events that at the time seemed unrelated but all of a sudden JK name comes out of the blue and is singled out for special mention. Coincidence I think not. If only someone was able to unravel the conspiracy that occurred at the last election and what now seems to be reoccurring again. Have not heard a peep from the fat one for months all of a sudden this happens and it’s now looking like the modus operandi that Hager used for Dirty Politics. Amazing coincidences.

  • BR

    Pick that tongue up off the ground Nicky (it’s a girl’s name isn’t it?) Hagar.


  • Usaywot

    This carry on is getting so tiresome. Can’t someone sort these creeps out? Apparently JK is not the only leader mentioned, he is just the one the media party want to be the only one mentioned and that will be at NH’s command.

    • Curly1952

      Didn’t a couple of European leaders resign because of their involvement or mention in the “papers”?

      • Crowgirl

        Yes they did and they were fools for doing it. If you know you’ve done nothing wrong just brazen it out, always.

  • Michelle

    l hear Winnie putting his two pennies worth in as well, they are all jumping on the latest passing band wagon

  • Brent

    I think all opposition to Key think if they all throw as much mud as they can at the same time from every direction they might find a spot where the Teflon has chipped.

  • GoingRight

    What gets me is that the source of rawshark has not been exposed and the dregs of society aka KDC, Hager and now the media party continue to use this avenue to try and make JK as sleezy, and dishonest. I can only feel sorry that there is more than a year before the next election and John Key has to put up with this nonsense yet again.

    • Dave

      The source of Rawshark. I see a professional hacker, paid a fortune by some rich dude with a chip on both shoulders. Then there is the organisation of the whole thing, firstly why bother, then they needed the resources and mind to pull it off. Perhaps KDC was the paymaster, mastermind and puppet master, the hacker, long gone, and the loner weird selective repeater, obviously Hager. There was NO investigative journalism there, just a crime, many crimes, if only something like that could have been proven. Why didn’t the police follow the money, and the intent, who had the most to gain.

      • Bryan

        yep long gone they were only in the country for 2 days for a special meeting in wgtn 10 weeks before the last election and the media should be asking little what was said at that meeting

  • Woody

    I am wondering if John Key in fact pointed the finger straight at KDC with his confused European comment.

    • Usaywot

      In heaven’s name, why hasn’t the said German been sent packing. I can’t believe he is still lolling around here. Is our judicial system utterly useless?

  • Wasapilot

    I wonder if this is the beginning of what will be a continual storm of beat ups, based on the most tenuous of links, blatant lies, all propogated by the melons, labour, hager, and msm. They will keep this up until the next election, and it will backfire on them just like last time. Not sure if kdc is involved, nothing would suprise me though.

    The next poll, and the one after, will be interesting.

    • Dave

      1). Remember young KDC hacked a credit reporting agency, slipped the German leaders name in to papers and gave him a bad credit rating. (It was something like that). Then it was released as he was unfit and had a bad credit rating…..

      2). Sounds a very familiar theme. But as key has a money background, make it about financial matters. Then Hager gets involved.

      3). Are the MSM so thick or/and affected by KDS they can’t even see the similarities, it would only take one to do some digging and uncover what is really going on.

  • Tom

    This is so like the damp squib that was KDC’s “BIG REVEAL” just before the last election. Just more egg on face for the negative Labour Party.

  • Left Right Out

    Next Bus depart in 5

  • cows4me

    My sources have sent me some stolen copies, at great risk to their personal safety, of the latest revelations of those concerning the nasty Mr Key. Copies can be secured by way of bank payment to cows4me at $20 a copy.

    • Wasapilot

      Paid into a Cook Islands bank account Cows?

      • cows4me

        Yes that would be wise wouldn’t it, brilliant idea.

  • HunuaRanger


    • Big_Al

      I’ll take my boat out past the twelve mile limit and you can bring boat loads of money out to me to hoard tax free. I promise i will give it back one day. (maybe)

      • HunuaRanger

        I don’t TRUST that plan.

      • Huia

        Sounds like a certain church in Rotorua, they seem to have a plan like that.
        Bring me boat loads of money then I can scoot off overseas for yet another 1st class holiday you have paid for. (all tax free of course)

  • Left Right Out

    The term “whistle Blower” always gets me in situations like this. I would have thought if you are to be a whistle blower you would have come across information and would take it to authorities….

    But it seems to be a whistle blower these days you steal/hack information and take it to the media….. and by taking it to the media, are they really trying to right wrongs?

  • The method is the same
    The players are the same
    The wording is the same (pic)

  • Seriously?

    Sounds like this “manifesto” is just the sort of thing Hagar might haven written.

  • Backdoor

    Why do I get the impression that Dotcom is somehow involved in this scenario?

    • Catriona

      He sure is I reckon and maybe Laila Harre, Sue Bradford , Hagar and so on and so forth. They’re all batshit crazy so no surprises there.

    • Sticktotheknitting

      The clue is in the alias. John Doe = John Dough. (as in pasty face obese person.)

  • Aucky

    This assault has been signalled for so long now that unless it’s a red herring the Government will be ready and waiting with a massive slam dunk.

    • Jude

      I think it may end up being like Kim Dot Cons big reveal! A complete anti climax with the most damage being done to the completely incompetent media party and Labour!?

  • Huia

    I’m getting confused. (dosent take much I know).
    Wasn’t it only three weeks or four weeks ago this same dirty Politics committee were throwing accusations at John Key about NZ being a tax haven for trusts?
    Did that all fizzle out?
    Are we not a tax haven this week?
    Now the dirty fingers are pointing at the Cook Islands, which surely hasn’t got anything to do with NZ.
    I, for some reason believed it was Vanuatu that was a tax haven for the rich.
    I’m bewildered.
    What about Rangitoto or Mokoia Island, Mayor Island or Kauwau Island? they might be tax havens as well and we don’t know it.
    When there is an orchestrated attempt to derail an election as was done by KDK and his half witted cronies, it was done with the dirtiest misinformation, down right lies, filthy tactics, purchased media and officials and by using stolen private papers, there should have been repercussions for those involved as it works to undermine our basic democratic rights. To then carry that attack on trying to derail or overthrow a ruling Government amounts to treason and should be dealt with accordingly.
    What these people are not getting through their thick heads is this Government was elected by the MAJORITY of NZ, our Government is not several parties cobbled together, people voted and got what they voted for and as a citizen I am fed up to the back teeth with the sore losers, their damaging antics, lack of morals and ethics, plus the manipulation of negative misinformation.

    • Aucky

      And the week before that it was Keytruda, and the week before that it was the UBI, and the week before that………

      Just an endless procession of big fails by Labour.

    • Dan

      Regarding your reference to Vanuatu, Huia: yes Vanuatu is a “tax haven” and there are trusts everywhere. Heck, I am a beneficiary of one and I an not rich. But a trust is convenient.

      A lot of Aussies have trusts as their govt watches and charges tax internationally so naturally they hide their assests in trusts. The banks do not link with Aussie counterparts (ie, ANZ, Westpac).

      Trusts are not evil. Tax havens are not evil. The fact there is no income tax in Vanuatu (yay!) is not evil, but that means the locals pay for secondary education, hospital, have no social security and the roads are poorly maintained.

      By the way, us expats in Vanuatu roll our eyes at Vanuatu being a tax haven. For us it’s, “yeah, whatever,” so this whole panama paper thing is, whoop-de-do – let’s go diving!

  • Effluent

    This all reminds me of “Citizen Smith”, a British television sitcom.which ran from 12 April 1977 to 4 July 1980.
    Citizen Smith was young Marxist urban revolutionary living in Tooting, South London, who is attempting to emulate his hero Che Guevara. Wolfie is the self-proclaimed leader of the Tooting Popular Front (in reality a small bunch of his friends) the goals of which are “Power to the People” and “Freedom for Tooting”. In reality, he is an unemployed dreamer and petty criminal whose plans fall through due to laziness and disorganisation.
    It remains to be seen whether Nicky Hagar is as funny as his role model, but if his last performance is anything to go by, I think we can count on some entertaining twists in the plot before the inevitable denouement, in which he and fatty sausage are unmasked as the masterminds behind this non-event.

  • Catriona

    Can’t wait for Tuesday ‘cos Robbo and his team mates will be giddy with excitement playing the ‘gotcha’ game.

  • Gaynor

    I see Winnie suddenly has alot to say about the Cook Islands..As he was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2005-2008. What exactly did he do about the Cook Islands during that time?

  • M C Chinaman

    ‘The NZ Prime Minister is curiously quiet’ has the sound of a German joke about it. Not even Hager could be this amateur. I smell the sausage fingers of Herr Schmidt.