John Key has demanded GNZ turn the heat up on Mt Ruapehu volcano


An aerial observation is being conducted over Mt Ruapehu today, after temperatures in the active volcano’s bubbling crater lake rose to the hottest on record.

Yesterday, a tourist flight over the Crater Lake observed “vigorous steaming” at the lake and disturbance of the surface itself with “upwelling-bubbles”.

This sort of activity had not been seen in years while Crown research institute, GNS Science, said a temperature of 44 degrees is “the hottest lake temperature we have recorded since the new lake was established post 2000.”

A swarm of volcanic earthquakes reported on Tuesday had now stopped, however, seismic network at Ruapehu continues to record volcanic tremor.

GNS volcanologist Brad Scott has been closely monitoring activity overnight and said there been only more tremor and an insignificant change in lake temperature of around 0.3 of a degree.

“There has been little to no change from yesterday — activity has been dominated by volcanic tremors, with no distinct or individual volcanic earthquakes.”

What better way to distract from the Panama Papers than a natural disaster?   Triggering a low six earthquake in Christchurch just off the New Brighton Pier was considered by throwing Jerry off the end, but that was considered to draw too large a crowd.  Instead, a volcano will cause a lot less damage.

“In the end, it’s an active volcano and we should always pay respect to it.”

The developments weren’t sufficient enough to upgrade Mt Ruapehu’s Volcanic Alert Level, which remained at 1.

The last time it erupted was on September 25, 2007, causing a seven-minute-long earthquake, two lahars and flying rocks — one which crushed the leg of primary school teacher William Pike when it landed on Dome Shelter near the crater.

Since then, there have been warnings in 2008, 2011, 2012 and this year — all of which did not result in another major event.

Not a single eruption during the current National Government, and the last one was almost exactly a year to the day before National’s landslide win over Helen Clark.


– NZ Herald


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  • The dots are so easy to connect if you know where to look. Brace yourself for an eruption on Monday.

    • Orange

      You think someone has a bar of soap ready eh?

      • Aucky

        For Labour to slip on or for Little to bend over and pick up? Either way the same result.

        • Orange

          Ahaha, hadn’t thought of that. I meant the ol technique of dropping one in the geyser to set it off.

    • Aucky

      A pre-emptive strike by the Nats is always on the cards.

    • Nechtan

      HAARP induced no doubt? Wouldn’t it be easier to increase the chem-trail flights? :-)

  • Cadwallader

    There’s a seductive analogy here…Labour is a volcano. It lies dormant year on year, trying to generate a little bit of steam, but we can all see it is close to being extinct.

  • cows4me

    Then again it could have something to do with this that is suppose to happen tomorrow.

  • JEL51

    For an up-to-the-minute shot of Our Lady who is quite naked for a change……

    • Why did I click?


      • JEL51

        She has certainly lost her Magic. A sight like that could almost change a Denier to a most alarmed Believer.

        • johcar

          Nah – Ruapehu often doesn’t get any proper snow until June or July these days (been that way for at least the last 20 years IIRC). Then the snow falls… and falls…. and falls…. and the ski season goes well into October and often later…

          • JEL51

            That’s a relief. The joy of those web-cams mean we never again have to drive 6 hrs to find out what the snow is really like. A quick flick through finds a very new base for a chair but I can’t work out which direction. Looks similar to the National run. Any ideas?

          • johcar

            Sorry, I haven’t been up for three or four years. Last time I was at the ski lodge at the top of the first chair, there were plans to replace the National chair. Maybe that’s it. There must be other keen skiers here who can shed some light…

          • JEL51

            It would be nice to see some of the money put back into Whakapapa side of things.

  • Sally

    If he can pull this one off, God’s work is done. He might as well retire.

  • Nige.

    Brilliant strategy.

    Maybe next week he can organise for a UFO to land on the roof of Parliament. Won’t be the first time that there has been little green men up there.

  • Effluent

    Throwing Gerry Brownlee off the end of the pier would cause a Tsunami, not an Earthquake. To create an eruption, you’d have to pour Winston’s weekly whisky ration into the crater.