Is John Key looking for a new job?

Last night I got this email:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 8.11.30 AM

Is John Looking for a new job?

I’m pretty sure he is connected enough, so “no hard feelings” John if I don’t welcome you to LinkedIn and join your network. I think we are well past that sort of thing.

Still, maybe he is looking for a new job, it can’t really be challenging having Labour as your opposition.


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  • cows4me

    My cow tails need trimming, what does he charge per hour ?

    • spanishbride

      Trimming? I hear he prefers to pull tails ;)

      • kayaker

        Dad Joke :)

  • MaryLou

    I hope not, I might complain a lot, but don’t like my options…

  • Sally

    There is a job going at Mediaworks. Bit more of a challenge getting those media luvvies in line.

  • sheppy

    Granted National seem to have enacted most of Lablurs policies, but the coalition of the damned are way more scary.
    Don’t do it John, assuming it’s not just a trolling account!

  • PhantomsDoc

    Cameron, I hope you deleted that e-mail off your server, cleaned out the recycle bin and re-formatted your storage drive. We wouldn’t want such a smoking gun to “fall” into the wrong hands.

    However, there are those in the MSM that, because of their previous good work, will be allowed to have received that e-mail and not be talked about (as long as they promise only to talk to other sanctioned persons and to do as commanded).