John Tamihere calls out the bludgers that want everything for nothing

I like John Tamihere, he calls things as he sees them, it’s a shame he was driven from radio by left-wing social justice warriors.

He calls out the bludgers wanting everything for nothing from the budget.

Everybody wants more out of the Budget but no one wants to pay extra taxes to cover it. Everyone wants to go to heaven no one wants to die.

This eighth English Budget continues to invest in the social space by lifting the visibility of the taxpayer on what their bang for the buck in health, welfare, education and justice delivers. This is known globally as the social return on investment policy.

It is an outstanding intergenerational policy that will be a lasting legacy for English and Key.

Programmes must be delivered shaped by the community and into the community not by a large group of third party bureaucrats.

The problem is the socialists don’t trust organisations like the Waipareira Trust to deliver services, they think the state can and will do a better job.

The new investment in data collection and capture allows us all to know from the Ministry of Health to the individual recipient of health services to follow their value and whether they’re getting a service that works for their particular needs rather than the person that provides those services.

This follows in education welfare.

$650 million is being invested targeting the vulnerable. But $731 million is being paid to lawyers and jailers and police to ultimately lock them up. This is a very expensive policy response. The Social Return on policy will be rewarded by dragging more money away from prisons and hospitals and into enriching and uplifting vulnerable communities.

Governments have usually thrown money at a problem with no measurement process in place to see if it works. National is trying to put some metrics against public spending. This is a good thing and something businesses do all the time. Spending by the state should be focussed on outcomes not on inputs.

Sadly Labour thinks you just throw more money at a problem and it will go away.


-NZ Herald



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  • Keeping Stock

    In years to come, Bill English’s investment approach to social policy will, I believe, be viewed as one of the most visionary policies ever by a New Zealand government, on a par with the formation by Michael Joseph Savage of the welfare state.

    Throwing bucketfuls of money at social policy hasn’t worked, and worse, it has been proven not to work. English’s courage in doing something revolutionary is to be applauded. It will be a while before we see benefits of the investment approach, but if National can win another term and the policies have a chance to bed in, they could potentially make a huge difference to the way we deal with the most needy and dysfunctional.

    • I have friends who work for a non-profit agency they think this is a good thing as it will allow them to work closer with the families.

    • localnews

      of course we are still throwing bucketfuls of money at social policy that we know doesnt work.
      Only a government would do that, an individual would find a solution that does work.

  • Poppa

    Paula’s $5k to move homeless people to the regions is a great example of the investment approach. You only have to look at how much a family on welfare is costing us in a year, let alone their lifetime. If $5k now can save NZ $500k or a million long term we are all big winners. The biggest winner of course is the family that gets a new start away from the existing negative influences and possibly a job – the kids grow up in a working household and so on.

  • ex-JAFA

    “Sadly Labour thinks you just throw more money at a problem and it will go away.”

    They’re right, though. The money will go away. Oh, you meant the problem? Not so much – especially one calculated on a median that can (for those who missed school the day they covered maths) never go away.

  • Toby

    if Labour had half a brain, they would realise that they have almost the exact same policies and desires as National and they would be better of to go into a coalition with National.
    The real opposition is Winston and the Greens.

    They will never get anywhere slagging off a red national.

  • Left Right Out

    “Sadly Labour thinks you just throw more money at a problem and it will go away.”

    This line says it all. The more money you give the more they want…. then when they get that money they continue to spend above what the can afford….. Welfare is s privilege not a right…. many many people work for 5 months of the year (yep every cent in that 5 months goes to govt…. then we start earning for us) just so some won’t go without….

    I would have no issue with money being invested in to the defense forces where long term unemployed are then inserted and given a chance to learn a trade and or discipline in life

  • SFB

    This generation are a lost cause anyway. Hopefully the message being sent by Key and co today will be picked up by the next. “If I want to succeed, I need to do it myself.”

  • Andy

    “The problem is the socialists don’t trust organisations like the Waipareira Trust to deliver services, they think the state can and will do a better job”.
    I can vouch, with first hand recent experience as a parent, that between the state school, the Ministry of Education and Waipareira, the ones who actually pulled finger for the sake of a young man’s education. was Waipareira.