Just apologise Labour

Dr Jian Yang, the only Chinese MP in the House giving Labour both barrels over Chinky-gate, and suggesting Andrew Little and Phil Twyford apologise.

He speaks with a heavy accent, but otherwise his English is brilliant, and this was a real slap in the face for Little and Twyford.  

While they are at it they could get their dodgy polling analyst Rob Salmond, the genius behind the numbers for Chinky-gate, to apologise too.

Andrew Little thinks John Key getting biffed from the house is shameful. He’s wrong. Formulating a racist and xenophobic policy on wonky and dodgy data based simply on the perception of whether or a name sounds chinky is far more shameful.

Jian Yang slammed Labour and rightfully slammed them in the General Debate.


-In The House


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  • Cadwallader

    Good on him too. When I look at this member I see an irony. His standard of dress is very high, almost as though he copies that well known xenophobe Winston in the sartorial sense at least.

    • MaryLou

      Or maybe he is just representative of the high standards of performance in every aspect of life, that so many Chinese bring to New Zealand. God knows we need it!

  • sheppy

    Thanks for publishing this, its nice to see the Chinese can forgive Labour even though Labour don’t seem to care about their nasty slurs. As ever standards of decency or racism doesn’t apply to the left!

    • shykiwibloke

      I could not agree more. Our Chinese immigrants are hard working honest citizens who integrate into our way of life far better than some. Especially those with objectionable and sometime violent attitudes towards our culture.

  • Greg M

    He nails it, and makes a very good point. It would be interesting to know the percentage of new builds going up in Auckland, especially the CBD that are being developed or financed by our Chinese friends. Around here it looks like pretty much all of them.

    • HR

      I think the answer is “a lot”. I know James Hardie has produced installation brochures for their products written in Chinese to cater for them and I’m pretty sure other building suppliers have too. Building merchants in Auckland are also hiring Chinese staff as reps to specifically target that area of the industry. What people forget is that the government has only a certain ability to build the houses needed, the private sector is where the bulk of these new houses will come from. (Same for rental properties….)

  • The only thing he missed was that a labour leader has even apologised for being a man – so why is it so hard to apologise when they are clearly wrong
    They are the first people to jump up and demand that others apologise for any perceived offense – real or imagined

  • MaryLou

    “Look at today’s Labour – very depressing”.

    How succinct! Well done that man.

  • Boondecker

    Great speech and extremely concise and to the point.

    One obvious bit of irony was being stopped and silenced by a Labour speaker.

  • Keeping Stock

    I watched that speech yesterday, and the irony of it was not lost on me. Back in the days of Helen Clark being PM and Chris Carter being the Ethnic Affairs Minister, Labour claimed to be the “natural home” for migrant communities, and that was reflected both in voting trends and the make-up of the caucus.

    Now Labour doesn’t have any Asian representation, whereas National has Dr Yang (Chinese), Melissa Lee (Korean), and Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi and Dr Parmjeet Parmar (Indian). Add to that Sam Lotu I’iga (Samoan) and Alfred Ngaro (Cook Islands Maori) plus a significant Maori caucus, and National is by far the most representative party in the Parliament. Even Winston First has more Asian representation than Labour, with Mahesh Bindra!

    A lot has changed in eight years, and this is one of the factors in Labour’s vote having collapsed. You can be sure the Chinese voters won’t be returning any time soon, even if Little and Twyford do apologise, as they undoubtably should.

    • Frank N Further

      True, although Labour does have a token disabilities member. I will forgive you for forgetting Mojo, if John Key hadn’t mentioned her name recently we would have forgotten she was there, so ineffective has she been.

      • Platinum Fox

        Mojo Mathers was #9 on the Green Party list in 2014, not Labour.

  • Crowgirl

    “Desperate and lazy” – got it in one. Labour needs to apologise for their disgraceful attack on Chinese Kiwis, or say goodbye forever to donations from that quarter.

    • Keeping Stock

      I think the donations horse has long bolted Crowgirl, which explains why Labour is scared how they can fund the Roskill by-election.

      • one for the road

        Nek minnit, they loose the Roskill by-election and a further nail in their coffin… karma in play!

  • shykiwibloke

    Isn’t it amazing how he can represent a minority in parliament without the crutch of specially reserved seats or positive discrimination legislation or a govt department dedicated to looking after Chinese interests.

  • PhantomsDoc

    Damn I enjoyed that. I’ll admit that because of my hearing I find it difficult to follow conversations by heavily accented speakers but that was a joy to listen to.

    It was a pity that he was cut off mid stream as I’m sure he had a lot more to say. I just wish that this sort of speech was reported in MSM so that the whole of the country could see the caliber of those “minorities” we have representing us in parliament. Pity that sort of speech doesn’t fit their narrative.

    Made in China, 100% Kiwi.

  • kayaker

    I heard this outstanding address and most of the other speakers in this Debate on the AM channel when out driving yesterday. Twyford, Little, Labour should be hanging their heads in shame, but that’s too much to hope for. Nikki Kaye was very good too. Worth a listen.

  • Huia

    Well said Dr Jian Yang.
    It was with a shame that a Labour interjection shortened what the man rightly had to say.
    Hence the glee and vitriol on TV last night about the PM being made leave the Chamber, that would have been to solely push this speech out of the news.
    Did any of the news outlets report this speech or that the Chinese community were asking for an apology.

    • Bartman

      Nope – just heard red radio’s version focused only on Key being ejected! Journos nation wide are slowly realising their time has come – the public are not willing to engage when the bias on most new stories is so evident, hence the advertising revenues take a hit. Cue consolidation and loss of jobs, crying into green tea, and suggestions that pay walls offer a lifeline. They won’t until the journos and media company owners realise the error of their ways and once again make the job a profession! Until then – enjoy the dole and being one of Labour’s missing million.

  • Catriona

    Yes loved that from Dr Jian Yang. Smart man. Obviously smarter than Little and Twyford.

  • Yellow Admiral

    Give that man a significant Cabinet post!

  • Totara

    The irony is that as recently as 2002′ Labour apologised to the Chinese community for their appalling treatment at the hands of the New Zealand government over the last 100 years.

    Helen Clark can’t be much pleased with this current crop of plonked.


    • one for the road

      Thanks for that Totara, it is pleasing to see that Labour has had some soul! Little and Clark are like chalk and cheese… I doubt that Angry couldnt (let alone wouldnt) be able to ever deliver a speech like that..

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Cheers WOBH for giving us a snap of some pointed debate delivered with passion and detail. Not everybody would have been aware their were Chinese Anzacs among the fallen.

  • Curly1952

    I wonder if the “other” blogs will put this on their site ?