Just bloody hopeless

Victoria Crone Vic Auckland Mayor

Vic Crone and her useful idiot side-kick Denise Krum are running around making grand promises but with no actual policy.

The National Party-aligned Auckland Future ticket, and the independent mayoral candidate Vic Crone’s joint Fiscal Responsibility Pledge, sells the message of lower rate rises and smaller council budgets.

The average residential rate rise would be capped at 2 percent in each of the three years next term, $500 million extra would be cut from council budgets over eight years, and staff numbers would be frozen.

In an interview with Ms Crone and Auckland Future’s candidate and sitting councillor Denise Krum, the pair couldn’t say much more about what the pledge will mean.

Then why did they sign something they can’t explain or understand enough about to put their signatures to it?

Take the 2 percent residential rates cap, how much less revenue would that bring in than the currently proposed 4 percent averages?

Ms Crone couldn’t give a figure, it “would depend”, it would “not be significant”, and “would not impede the ability to invest”.

The real answer, based on council data, is that about $20m less would flow into council coffers each year.

Why can’t she give a figure? She’s been at this for 6 months now with less than 5 months to go until the election and she can’t give specific answer on pledges she is making? Is she being advised by drop-kicks and muppets?

The pair repeatedly talked about the certainty the pledge would give residents.

So what about the other components of household’s rates bills, such as the $114 flat Transport Levy introduced last year, would that remain?

They would “review it”, and “not in the first two years”. In fact the levy has only two more years to run, having been introduced as an interim measure ahead of new transport funding sources still to be discussed with the government.

What about the contentious Uniform Annual Charge?

The UAGC makes up a portion of household’s total rates set as a flat fee of $397. Some centre-right councillors want a higher flat charge, which would lower the proportion of rates determined by property value, and bump up rates for lower-value properties.

Ms Crone and Auckland Future are waiting to see what people say on the issue in consultation for this year’s annual budget. So would they be bound by the outcome of that consultation? “No.”

Vic Crone

It’s all just corporate weasel words with no specifics. Bumper sticker slogans, weasel words…if someone who wants to run for mayor can’t provide facts and figures five¬†months out from the election they don’t deserve to even be in the race.

The other key headline pledge is a commitment over eight years to trim the council group budget by $500m, over and above a savings programme being currently driven by the council.

Where would the savings come from? “Back office,” said Ms Crone. No services would be cut. The half billion dollars would be cut from how the council runs itself.

Again no specifics. This is just bloody hopeless.

This probably the reason why Vic Crone is sending out the heavies to try and shut down debates with other candidates. She knows she will flop about like a snapper on the wharf.

If you go to a public meeting of Crone’s she just mouths platitudes and corporate speak. It’s all about “having a conversation” about this or “having a conversation” about that…my favourite was that she was “in listening mode”.

People will increasingly swipe left on the Tinder candidate. The more they find out about Vic Crone and her predilection for helping the Labour party the more they will wonder why she pretends to be a “National” candidate.


– Radio NZ



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  • Cadwallader

    I suspect that her only policy is not a policy at all but a banal pose. The pose being:”I am a woman therefore I am different and therefore I shall be better for Auckland than other candidates.” I do not discern any substance in any of her utterances nor her alleged achievements to date.

  • Bob Dazzler

    The word “muppet” comes to mind.

  • dennis

    Apparently Crone held a senior position in one of the divisions of Telecom and then a senior position in Zero. She must be better than she appears.

    • More likely due to her ability to “build relationships”.

    • biscuit barrel

      Marketing. Would have run a mile if it was an operational role.

      Spending a lot of marketing money, is a dream job for ‘certain type of woman’, no need for details, plenty of long lunches funded by advertsing agencies and market research.
      So did telecoms market share increase while she was there. Xero has a similar financial profile to kiwrail- accumulated losses as far as the eye can see.
      Xero is a sort of scam, whereby they will ( eventually) sell access to you via the profile they create from your private financial details. Yet the belief of their customers is that they ‘secure’ your financial data in the cloud.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Easy to hide incompetence for some time in large corporates.

  • Mick Ie

    Perhaps she appears not to have a clue, because she really doesn’t have a clue.
    Is she just another mouth piece for a different set of puppet masters?
    There seem to be a lot of them around at the moment, although unlike AL, her strings are being pulled by the right.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Unfortunately it’s looking like Goff with a landslide. Very disappointing the right can’t get their act together. I’ve seen Crone a couple of times on Paul Henry, and she is hopeless. Don’t know who I’m going to vote for.

    • GoingRight

      We are going with John Palino

    • johngault3

      I think you’re right – unfortunately. Such a pedant – he should never have been let out of the school gates.

  • Oh Please

    Once again I feel very strongly that National has let down the Auckland ratepayers. We need a decent right of centre candidate – Crone isn’t it.

  • Wayne Hodge

    Based on reported items it is hard to imagine how Vic, a name used ( I would imagine) in a desperate attempt to appear hip, held down senior management roles. Then I see Telecom, followed by Xero where Xero quietly exited her quickly, I suspect.

    Somebody needs to tell her that silly selfies and platitudes do not cut it in the real world; nor does management speak. Working for corporates is not a school for politics.

  • Abjv

    A Baldrick still looking for a Blackadder methinks.

  • Ravan

    ‘At the End Times–the feeble-minded will lead them.’ The Trolls and Troggs of Local and Central Goofernment!!!