Kelvin Davis visits more criminals in prison than any other MP

Kelvin Davis is the Labour spokesperson for Corrections, but it seems that his interest in Corrections is restricted to visits with criminals and promoting the interests of those same criminals.

Since the 2014 election Kelvin Davis has visited Corrections facilities on average once per month and almost always to visit a prisoner.

Corrections advised WOBH in an Official Information Act response that Kelvin Davis visits prisoners with convictions for murder, manslaughter, violence, dishonesty, drug supply, kidnapping and escape.

The figures released also show that Kelvin Davis visits Corrections facilities more often than any other MP. With 44 visits from MPs in total since the 2014 general elections Kelvin Davis tops the list with 17 visits, often with a single prisoner. The next highest number of visits by an MP are from Mahesh Bindra of NZ First with 7 visits, two of which were with the Law and Order Select Committee of which he is a member.

Kelvin Davis (Labour) 17 visits
Mahesh Bindra (NZ First) 7 visits*
David Clendon (Green) 4 visits*
Paula Bennett (National) 3 visits
Jacinda Ardern (Labour) 2 visits
Steven Joyce (National) 2 visits

* includes two visits with the Law and Order Select Committee.   

Other MPs to visits Corrections facilities are: Andrew Little (L), Kris Faafoi (L), Jo Goodhew (N), Alfred Ngaro (N), Jacqui Dean (N), Ian MCKelvie (N), Joanne Hayes (N), Chester Borrows (N), Stuart Nash (L), Phil Goff (L), Adrian Rurawhe (L), Poto Williams (L), Chris Bishop (N), Todd Barclay (N) and Louisa Wall (L).

The list of visits shows a preponderance of visits from Labour MPs. Of the 44 visits Labour MPs make up more than half of the visits.

What the list doesn’t show is any visits by ACT MP David Seymour who made a song and dance grandstanding over his right to make visits to prisons at any time. He has failed to make a single visit to any prison at any time since the election.

What is clear, though, is that Kelvin Davis has developed a reputation for being the Opposition spokesperson for Prison Visits and reinforced the belief that Labour are criminal friendly.

Almost all visits by Labour MPs are labelled as visits with a prisoner. Other MPs generally visit for ceremonies or organised tours. Mahesh Bindra, David Clendon and Louisa Wall also visited individual prisoners.

Since becoming Labour spokesperson on Corrections Kelvin Davis has made many headlines attacking Serco-operated prisons but also advocating and representing on behalf of known thugs like Arthur Taylor and Australian-based criminals who are awaiting deportation back to New Zealand.

These figures, released under the Official Information Act, clearly show Labour MPs taking an interest in individual prisoners and seemingly promoting a reputation of Labour being on the side of criminals and not victims.



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  • Brian Smaller

    What the list doesn’t show is any visits by ACT MP David Seymour who
    made a song and dance grandstanding over his right to make visits to
    prisons at any time. He has failed to make a single visits to any prison
    at any time since the election.

    To be fair he was making a song and dance over his right to make prison visits at any time. Whether he does or not is irrelevant. Kind of like the right to free speech. You can have it and decide not say something.

    • Keyser Soze

      To be fair, to be fair… Seymour was making a song and dance over nothing. His right to visit was never threatened, Collins was simply requesting that all MP visits be coordinated centrally through Corrections due to security concerns etc. I understand this was a long standing protocol which had been sliding and Collins was reminding MPs of it. I like David Seymour, he punches well above his weight in Parliament but this episode was opportunist grandstanding.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    You sure Kelvins not going in to visit one of his relly’s doing time?

  • Keeping Stock

    It also explains why Davis is one of the biggest-spending MP’s in Parliament. Visits to Invercargill, Otago and Christchurch make for a long and expensive trip from Te Tai Tokerau.

  • Wheninrome

    Well Kelvin’s constituents would not be able to make a visit to the constituency office, they do get the opportunity to get out for the odd tangi or whanau funeral if it is a close rellie, but the constituency office would be a step too far, so he has to go and see them to serve them properly as their elected MP.
    He is just doing is job (we could say tongue in cheek).
    As far as Act’s lack of visitation, not much there for them, the white colour criminals probably don’t vote Act, I know Act is about helping yourself, but does that mean helping yourself to other people’s money?

  • localnews

    I am delighted to discover another MP who I had never previously heard of.
    I look forward to hearing many more stories of Mahesh Bindra’s work!

    • InnerCityDweller

      There’s at least another 40-odd of them out there, if not more.