Kelvin doesn’t mind the cost because they’re all Labour voters


New details are emerging about the re-offending committed by people deported from Australia on poor character grounds.

Documents obtained under the Official Information Act show 26 out of 47 deportees who arrived back in New Zealand between 2013 and 2014 re-offended.

Between them, the 26 were charged with 243 offences which included, robbery, assault, kidnapping, burglary and sexual assaults.

Officials put the cost of their offending at about $3 million since their arrival – that’s $115,000 for each offender.

Meanwhile, between 2014 and 2015, 173 deportees arrived from Australia, 34 of whom have been charged with 150 offences since their arrival.

You can’t blame Australia for exporting the Kiwi crime wave back to New Zealand.  But what I can’t understand is why Labour died in a ditch for these criminals’ rights.

Labour, the party that supports crime, criminals and the destructions of jobs.


– NZN via Yahoo!


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  • Pluto

    Wrong – 26 out of 47 deportees were CAUGHT re-offending.
    With the pitiful clearance rate for robberies this has to be higher.

  • one for the road

    They shouldve just cancelled their passports at the border and told to bugger off and go line up as refugees somewhere else…

    • RobT

      Agree with your thoughts…maybe they could go to Singapore. Try there hand there and they would wish they’d never been born. Too soft and PC here just encourages them to keep there career criminal ways.

    • Wheninrome

      Some are being converted to muslim in jail, lets send them off to be front row
      jihardists, canon fodder, promise them something, a virgi, anything and they will be off, like a shot, give them the plane ride, they will be gone by lunchtime, Putin will sort them out.

  • Keyser Soze

    $115K per vote from the criminals must be somewhere close to Labour’s cost per vote in the 2014 general election!?!

  • shykiwibloke

    I bet this makes his family proud – having his name forever associated with crim-hugging rather than making a positive change for decent citizens. Is there no low this lot won’t go in attempting to tar a popular government? Would he not rather be associated with honest people?

    • The Fat Man

      Yes they will be proud standing up for the Whanau.

  • BR

    The vast majority of criminals vote for socialism.


    • shykiwibloke

      So no point preaching to the converted. Should be focussing on the harder, but more valuable conversions. Like an undertaker hoping for repeat business from his customers it won’t end well.

  • Jp

    Cant vote if you are in jail

    • Ruahine

      No but guess which of the Parliamentary Parties want the in jail criminals be given the vote.

  • The Fat Man

    Note the longer they are here the higher the crime rate.

    My guess is that the majority are maori, but we wont here that, state secret and of course it wold be racist.

    Why are we not doing something with the Polynesians.

    With modern DNA can we not deport some of our Maori friends to.

  • Tony

    I was pleased when he rolled Hone but now I think I would prefer Hone!

  • Seriously?

    Okay, okay, I’ll say it anyway. I’m not sure if the costs we face are Kelvin’s fault. He was advocating for them to have the right to stay in Aussie.

    Sure he was advocating on behalf of people he said where not all as bad as they had been depicted (and we all rightly doubted that and these figures would indicate we were right), but if he got his way then this would not be our problem it would still be Australia’s.

    • OneTrack

      Why is the New Sealand taxpayer paying him to advocate on behalf of people living in Australia and who want to live in Australia?

  • Rick H

    Only 26 re-offended?
    Pull the other one.
    Only 26 of them have been caught
    With an average 9 crimes each.
    So, if they averaged 9 crimes each before being caught (if they were caught after 1 crime – surely they would be in jail and unable to offend again) the other 21 of them who as yet have not been caught, are probably on an average of only their 8th crime so far.

  • Dumrse

    Labour has to support them they are after all the missing million so that dollar figure is destined to grow and grow. Time to think about about building more lockups or get serious about double bunking.

  • WBC

    It’s awful that the mongrels are here. But big respect to Australia, they are standing up for human rights, those of decent citizens.