Key wants Brownlee to tackle him – finally a fit for Front-Row-Gerry’s natural assets

Gerry and Amy

Gerry Brownlee has just been appointed perhaps his important job yet — keeping the wise-cracking Prime Minister out of trouble.

John Key was thrown out of Parliament last week after talking over Speaker David Carter, who had stood up.

“I was actually thinking I was being so amusing and so engrossed in my own answer, I didn’t see the Speaker,” Mr Key told Paul Henry this morning. “It wasn’t deliberate.”

It was the first time in his seven-and-a-half years as Prime Minister he’s been asked to leave. To stop it happening again, Mr Key has enlisted Mr Brownlee’s help.

“I’ve told him to dive-tackle me next time David Carter gets to his feet.”

He has a long way to go to catch with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, who has been kicked out more than 30 times. He was kicked out two days in a row in April, and again on May 3.

“Winston does it every couple of weeks. He’s the Usain Bolt of being thrown out,” says Mr Key.

Just as well Key is mocking the media over this.  The fact Paul Henry thinks it is topical to bring up 5 days later goes to show how soft even the PM’s media appearances are becoming.

– Paul Henry, TV3


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  • Woody

    A photo which can’t be unseen, rather distracting from the point of the article.

    • Brian Smaller

      I know it is a long bow but the post title has the word ‘tackle’ in it. Not sure Key would want Gerry’s help that much.

  • F T Bear

    It could be worse, at least he’s got some on, and they appear to be clean

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Thanks for that mental image NOT!!

  • Christie

    I definitely didn’t want to know what he had on under his kilt…..

  • Orange

    I do wish you would stop posting that highly photoshopped (shadows lifted) picture. You wouldn’t do it of a woman. Indeed, the woman next to him is left unphotoshopped. Really rather creepy of the photographer.

  • Rodney_Hide

    Amazing. Gerry’s Calvin Klein’s new model!

    Rodney Hide