Knock me down with a feather, Soper gets something right

More evidence has emerged that the Media party have had enough of Andrew Little.

Barry Soper, who lives in a world with pink skies and goes through life wearing red tinted glasses is the latest to “turn” on Little.

Being in political opposition isn’t where anyone wants to be. It has often been said that being the opposition leader in New Zealand politics is the toughest job on the block.

Certainly that was the view of Helen Clark, who on a trip back from the Big Apple a couple of years back, lamented she was on the outside looking in for six years before the Beehive’s ninth floor door opened to her.

By contrast, John Key had just two years banging his head against a brick wall before assuming the top political job. Andrew Little’s hoping to pull it off after three years of tyre kicking.

And that’s what being in opposition is, kicking tyres, hoping they’re attached to a vehicle that the public feels comfortable going along for the ride in. But if Little thinks there’ll be a warrant of fitness for the current housing woes in this Thursday’s Budget – which he believes there should be otherwise it’s a failure – then he’s on a road to nowhere.

Here’s Labour’s problem, in words even Barry can understand. The people in cars and bludgers and prisoners don’t vote, yet that is who they are pandering to. It is a fool’s errand chasing votes down that particular cul-de-sac.

While the salesmen for this year’s Budget, Key and Bill English, speak to swanky luncheons full of suits, Labour has to make do with breweries and polo fleeces on a bleak Sunday afternoon and Monday breakfasts in accountancy offices with a few dozen people who’d probably prefer to be elsewhere.

And proposing tax increases for those few people who do listen is going to make those audiences even smaller.

Labour’s carrot to the hungry electorate is to immediately establish a Tax Working Group to figure out who’s paying their fair share and who’s not – which is hardly a vote catcher.

It’s a bit like John Key’s jobs summit that he established on taking office and the nine-day working fortnight he said would be a priority. We’re still waiting and unemployment’s still with us.

Yeah but unemployment is amongst the lowest in the OECD and a rate at which Australia is envious…and certainly much lower than unemployment under his favourite Helen Clark.

The fact is, when you’ve got a growing job market you’re always going to have unemployment as business plays catch-up, and while you’ve got tax accountants you’ll always have avoidance.

There’s no easy answer, but being in Government at least gives you a greater opportunity to come up with one.

And Labour, by inference, doesn’t have any answers.



– NZ Herald


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  • Left Right Out

    “and while you’ve got tax accountants you’ll always have avoidance.”

    Where was this line when the panama rant/hit was on and how unethical it all is…. aye Barry??

    On a positive note, Barry can see the reds are a dead end currently

    • BigDogTalking

      Oh that;s right the Panama papers, whatever happened with that, I thought the world as we knew it was ending….. I had almost forgotten they existed and I pay attention, I be “joe average” could give a flying.

  • Simo

    There are so many good positive vibes in the country at the moment and for the foreseeable future. Everyone is just getting on with their business, jobs, health, education, and growing their futures for their children……….in spite of the negativity of the left which is the real clincher. I would be a disheartened leftie at the moment…ohhhh sorry they have no heart. Its been ripped out by 18th century. However they are lucky they are not like that lot from 500AD…….jeez… they are enabling them as well, must love the punishment cause it isn’t going to stop until the can persuade middle NZ to fall in love with them. Hell will freeze over before that happens.

  • Eiselmann

    …….Labour has to make do with breweries and polo fleeces on a bleak Sunday afternoon and Monday breakfasts in accountancy offices with a few dozen people who’d probably prefer to be elsewhere…..

    I have a solution Hipkins can host a meeting of the faithful in South Auckland, I’m sure the ‘nobodies’ there would love to hear all about tough times from an MP who spent as much on Bluff Oysters as many of them spend on food for the week…I’m sure they’ll laugh as he talks about forgetting the oysters at a motel….

  • shykiwibloke

    Labour sound like a depressed Eee Orr at an All Blacks RWC victory party. About as useful as yesterday’s oyster shells.

  • Cadwallader

    As a leader of a disloyal caucus, as an irritant to the normally acquiescent media, as a ranting unionist and as a person 93% of the electorate don’t wish to have as PM isn’t it time to disappear? If Labour wasn’t a manifestation of all the negatives of unions they’d have rid themselves of this one-man blight long since. Surely the knives are being sharpened by now? OK there’s nobody else to be Leader even as a locum, so Labour ought perhaps re-cycle Shearer if for no other reason than to despatch Little Angry.

    • Rick H

      No other Labour Politician, whether actually an MP (voted in by the public) or a list trougher; has any idea what to do.
      Union Angry Andy – no Labour Politician wanted him – Labour Caucus didn’t want him. He was going to slip off the Labour List.
      Without the Unions electing him, he would be out of a job.

      But, no current Labour MP has any ideas, so as they are all still being paid handsomely by us fools who live in this system; for the single purpose of “bringing down the government we actually want and voted in”
      Every Labour Politician is perfectly happy to remain where they are.
      Under the shelter of a Mr Bumble, who is taking all the hits, and not affecting themselves in any way.

      Little will be toast – but NOT before the next elections.
      None of the others are brave enough to “have a crack” when they have Little to Offer.