Kristen Dunne-Powell’s father calls out Veitch for his sanitised faux contrition

This follows on from the NZ Herald article yesterday

In the 10 years since Tony Veitch broke my daughter’s back, she has rebuilt her life completely.

We are immensely proud of her resilience and the person she is.

We do not dwell in the past and we have followed her lead in moving past this.

However, I wish she was not forever more connected to this man.

I have witnessed her pain again today, on what should be a special day for her and our family.

The constant reminders of this public case also haunt her as she attempts to go happily about her daily life.

So, as Tony puts our case back into the public arena, our family question what do we do?

Stay silent, and just let it go … say nothing. Is that the best way I can protect my daughter and other women in abusive relationships?

New Zealand Herald’s own editorial tells us not to do this.

“Silence can too easily be misinterpreted as condoning the act. More often, silence will be hiding the hearer’s utter disgust”. So the New Zealand Herald allowing Mr Veitch’s self serving propaganda (again) astounds us.

And positioning him as part of the solution is an insult to all true victims of this tragic issue.

If this “apology” showed genuine remorse, it would have been given privately to our daughter.

She has never received one. So who gains from this public “apology”? And actually is it an apology at all? Tony, to atone for your actions, you must stand in the complete truth.

This was no one-off, as you still attempt to mislead the New Zealand public to believe.

The other charges were never presented to the court, but they remain evidence of your systematic abusive pattern. In those files lies a very inconvenient truth for you.

Through Kristin’s charitable work we have met many former perpetrators of violence who are now White Ribbon ambassadors and I encourage you Tony to seek their help and support, so you may genuinely and deeply face your abusive actions, with integrity. And truth.

I feel people should have a chance to rebuild themselves.   But as readers have pointed out, and now Mr Dunne, the Herald piece was revised history, self serving and showed no true contrition other than how it had ruined his own life.

Veitch has a lot of growing up to do, and I for one doubt he’s got it in him.


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  • Union Jack

    Tony Veitch seems to keep focusing on the fact he only admitted guilt to one charge so it was just a one off incident.
    If he is truely sorry he needs to come clean about how many other incidents there were as well because if he can’t or won’t then I suggest he is just trying to rewrite history or whitewash things so people don’t see him in a negative light.

  • Christie

    It DID ruin his life though – and while in no way do I condone his behaviour, he paid a higher price than most, because he was in the public eye. Veitch and Dunne-Powell agreed between themselves to a settlement that compensated her for her suffering. Again, I’m not saying it was OK for him to behave as he did – but no one can undo what is done. All you can do is to try to right the wrongs you are guilty of. I think he should be allowed to move on now. But he made this public statement, so he could have expected some rebuttal.

    • Trucks R Us

      He has NEVER apologised to her personally. That’s all you need to know to understand where his motives lie.

      • Union Jack

        I suspect he has never apologised personally to her because deep down inside he still thinks it was partly her fault because she provoked him and drove him to it and then tried to ruin his life and career.
        Same sorts of justifications people like Clayton Weatherston harbour.

        • Trucks R Us

          Well said.

    • Dave

      If you think it ruined his life, think a bit on the effect on her life, just the small matter of a Broken Back, the lack of trust issues and all that goes with it.

      He deserves nothing but condemnation. Had he have simply stated, i apologize unreservedly for my violence towards her, and from this day forward, will donate 10% of my LARGE salary to the Auckland Woman’s Refuge, and will publish the receipt to ………..

  • Doc45

    He’s a ‘celeb’ so he does no wrong. I was uncomfortable reading his apology.

    • gerard

      He is no celeb to me,just a scumbag.

    • Catriona

      These so-called ‘celebs’ who seem to grace the pages of the magazines are nauseating. Since when does one become ‘famous’ simply because they are a host/co-host of an insignificant Tv/radio show in a country as small as ours?

  • hookerphil

    You would have to wonder what his motives to put this back in the public arena were? Think he would have been better not to lift the carpet, lot of dirt under there.

  • Catriona

    Interesting stuff indeed. Veitch’s ego is out of control and the only person fooling himself is Veitch. He’s just damned lucky wasn’t facing a murder charge. I’m more inclined to pay credence to Mr Dunne and certainly not the sanitised version Veitch has fed to the media. Veitch is a violent thug – end of.

  • venator

    i certainly agree with your conclusions. His problem is his mouth and lack of respect for women. I used to cringe when he interviewed the female tennis stars at the ASB Classic. He was a total fool then and remains so now.

    • Catriona

      I call guys like him ‘figjams’ – they’re so ego driven.

  • Just me

    Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut… the memory of it was slowly starting to fade. I’m guessing that any attention is better than no attention when you’re a narcissist.

    • Jax

      Totally agree.. I dont like the guy, dont like what he did and didnt buy his self pity then – so turn off the radio if he is on it generally. But even I was willing to accept it was a while ago so let them all move on.

      What possessed him to dredge it all up and re victimise his victim and basically re open the case on himself is beyond me. The only conclusion you can come to is some sort of mentality he has around him being the victim or something for having to live with it so long and deserving our sympathy or something .. its sure crazy whatever possessed him.

      • Damon Mudgway

        Bad publicity is better than none at all maybe? More than a few tools missing out of Veitch’s shed.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Veitch is nothing more than a woman beater. A tiny insignificant man who believes his public apologies make him a better person. You don’t fool me you spineless coward.

  • Edward Ellis

    His carefully-crafted “apology” seeks to promote the apparent falsehood that there was one offence. Published evidence suggests there were plenty more, but they were plea-bargained away. If this is correct, he has had the temerity to apologise for the single offence that the court got to deal with, rather than behave like a man and apologise for what he actually did.
    Everything he says suggests that his real concern is for his own welfare.
    Contemptible behaviour, with no apparent feelings for his victim.

  • taxpayer

    If this “apology” showed genuine remorse, it would have been given privately to our daughter. She has never received one. So who gains from this public “apology”
    And there we have it, it’s all about Tony Tony Tony, just as his original comments were when this story was news, it was all me me me.
    The guy is a bully with a bad case of short mans syndrome.
    Never liked him, never will, I was not happy that he got another job in the media, just seems to send the wrong message, he should have been gone and stayed gone.
    I am sure there are plenty of other jobs suited to short mouthy bully boys, maybe he should join the Labour Party, they might make him leader.

  • GT

    Just wait this is a PR snow job. He will be aiming to get back on the TV in some role his ego demands it. He is as has been said “a small person with grandiose opinions of himself”

    • Dumrse

      and, he sets himself amazingly high standards and constantly fails to achieve them.

    • Catriona

      Could well be. He’ll want to get back on TV so bad, that he’ll do anything, including a pathetic public apology. Reminds me of a pathetic 2 line apology written to a victim of crime I know – wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

    • Lux

      He has always been a bully, and always will be..

  • Moj Kljuc

    Tony Vetch has stated that they are looking at bringing back Game of Two Halves – this is the PR people testing the waters to see if the general public will accept him back on TV – I think that they have their answer loud and clear!!!!!

  • Cynical Guy

    It was a really well written letter by the victim’s father and hits the heart of the issue. This was really poor PR advice, or he received good advice and chose not to take it. Either way all this has done is remind New Zealand of how badly he offended and has highlighted a lack of contrition and responsibility. This has not had the intended or desired effect and I for one am thankful for that.

  • Big fella

    Veitch, can’t stand the guy and refuse to listen to his programs. I just change the station every time. Has he changed? I seriously doubt it.

  • anniem

    Why is Veitch getting oxygen and why oh why did Mr Dunne-Powell feel the need to respond? Surely ignoring Veitch would be better? Just my opinion though.