Labour and Andrew Little dead set useless at fundraising

Yesterday we wrote about the donations for the past year, today I had a close look at the donations returns for those over $30,000 and over $15,000.

Labour hasn’t a single donation in either category.

There are two things certain in political life. The first is that you need a path to victory. If you don’t have that then the second, which is the ability to garner donations will never happen.

This is what we are seeing with Labour’s donations returns.

Sure they raised $279,134¬†selling sausages, cakes, t-shirts and tea towels. But that would barely cover Fraser House expenses. I’m sure the General Secretary earns over a hundy, I sure as hell wouldn’t do that job unless it was more than that.

So Labour are broke and they are broke because they lack a path to victory.  

Andrew Little has dreadful negatives as our regular INCITE/Curia polling shows, and people simply don’t trust him or Labour. There is currently no path to victory for Labour.

Consequently donors are keeping their wallets shut, or they are donating to individual MP’s who have a decent story to tell. But mostly the wallets are closed.

If Labour isn’t raising plenty of cash this year then they are screwed for next year.

Money doesn’t buy you elections, we know that because of Colin Craig, Kim Dotcom and also the Act party, but it sure keeps the hungry wolves from the door.

From the looks of it National is winning the donations game, and is likely to have enough cash to fight two elections.

Word is that Labour’s finances are so parlous that they’ve even asked Mike Williams to have a go at strong arming donors like he used to. I heard he had politely refused.

Watch now for calls for state funding of political parties.


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  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    But, but, I heard Little on Paul Henry this morning saying what a good couple of weeks he’s had, what with him going to Iraq and his housing bill passing the first reading. he’s on a roll don’t you know. The polls will be heading up and the cash will start to roll in. Henry even hinted that Little was looking a bit “presidential”. It was at that point that the cornflakes came up.

    • Keeping Stock

      The only possible explanation for that is that Paul Henry is doing God’s work to ensure that Andrew Little is not rolled as Labour leader before next year’s General Election.

  • cows4me

    When Labour talk about the missing million they aren’t kidding are they.

  • Isherman

    State funding of parties…bad idea IMO. Where State funding goes, calls for regulation are bound to follow and the parties end up being organs of the state, devoid of true independence. They should should operate in the same way as a business, survive by your own means or rightfully wither away, nobody should be forced to contribute to a party they would never support. (This is also why corporate welfare is a sin.) And while the smaller parties may think its a great idea, I would urge caution, because depending on how funding is allocated it could theoretically make life more difficult for smaller parties with few MP’s, and artificially constrain growth that private funding may allow for. Besides, where exactly would this funding come from…existing budgets? If so, what gets cut? Or do we want yet more taxes to cover it?

  • Left Right Out

    I hear that Labour are leading in the $2 donation count though….. well done guys

  • Totara

    What can you expect from a party secretary who can’t even write his own name!

    • Totara

  • EpochNZ

    Labour seem to have a past record at laundering donations through private trusts, so I’m wondering if this is the reason for the lack of “big” donations? It was the first thing that I thought when presented with those numbers.

  • R&BAvenger

    Calls for state funding of political parties should be resisted across the political spectrum. If what you are selling is rubbish you get no money. Business works in the same way. No subsidies for political parties, they get enough state funding as it is.

  • one for the road

    They will looking to have a GiveALittle page soon (pun intended)