Labour to join Donald Trump in opposing free trade

Who would ever have thought that the Labour party would be on the same side as Donald Trump.

Well, they are, in announcing they will be going against their own history to vote against the TPP free trade agreement that will give access to millions of new customers to our exporters.

Labour has confirmed that it will vote against the TPP legislation the Government will introduce into Parliament next week.

Finance spokesperson, Grant Robertson, confirmed this to POLITIK last night.

However, the party may vote for some parts of the legislation when the original Omnibus Bill has to be split into parts during the Parliamentary process.

Nevertheless, the symbolism of the party voting against a trade agreement is huge.   

It has never done so in the past and two former leaders — Helen Clark and Phil Goff — have both said they supported the TPP.

Mr Goff has been given leave to not vote with the rest of the Caucus against the legislation.

The party has been reluctant up to now to say it would vote against the TPP.

Initially, it set out five bottom lines that it wanted to be satisfied before it would agree to support the trade agreement.

And those five bottom lines were all met, the last one being the Treaty of Waitangi provisions which have been found not to breach the Treaty.

We now know that Labour is against growth, and for protectionism.

Labour doesn’t want access to new markets, they want our economy to become a sidelined backwater.

John Key will be smiling from ear to ear that Labour are so dopey to oppose growing the economy via trade.

Who would ever have thought though that they would agree with Donald Trump.


– Politik



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  • Crowgirl

    Why only Phil Goff given leave again? Anyone who wants to support it should be allowed to do so!

    • Bartman

      You’d like to think the Labour caucus has a conscience (snigger)?

  • Old Man, Torbay.

    Labour so bent on destruction that they will bite off their nose to spite their face as well as that of New Zealand.

  • axeman

    So Goff, Dunne, Seymour, and now may be the Maori Party vote for it that enough to pass it isn’t it?

  • Radvad

    These muppets want to throw money at every perceived problem while denying exporters like myself the ability to earn it. Unbelievable.

  • Christie

    The 5 bottom lines are all met, and yet they still won’t vote for it? Just shows what destructive, negative, anti-growth muppets they are.

  • Jude

    This Labour party must be an absolute embarrassment to its former leader Helen Clark.
    They are basically making themselves unelectable.
    The only people who would vote for these idiots probably think North Korea would be a nice place to visit!
    How could Winston Peters possibly be linked to Labour and the Greens in a coalition next year?
    It defies belief.

    • Warren

      Trouble is Jude, is NZ First going to vote for the TPPA, I doubt it. So they will be backing Labour and the Greens. Even Winstone wants to see NZ stay in the back waters. It defies believe that he will hold all the cards at the next election at the current poll ratings. That really scares me. All the good work National have done could go down a great hole in 12 months.

      • Jude

        I thought Winston was hedging but when push came to shove he supported the TPPA?
        I must have read him wrong.

  • Pluto

    Jacinda, no TPPA means less trade, in fact worse cause we’ll be blocked out by these other countries, right ? How is that going to help your child poverty ? Where the hell do you think the money comes from ?

  • Aucky

    Who is really pulling Andy’s puppet strings? Surely not the unions as they and their members must surely be major beneficiaries of increased trade.

  • johnnyB

    They will be bitterly complaining pre election over National’s election funding which will be over flowing with donations from the the Wine industry and any other exporter who knows their industries will be compromised by Labour and Green policy.

  • ChrisM

    JK should get the first reading done….allow the stupid to be stupid which will/should grow the middle vote, then snap election. No money vs heaps for a full court press. Get the numbers to pass this through.

    • Left Right Out

      And run someone solid against Dunn…… he is dead weight

  • Oh Please

    Makes sense – Labour represents beneficiaries only. Not accepting the TPP will cause a loss of jobs. The jobless will be on a benefit. The problem of the missing million solved.

  • Kevin

    According to the hard Left the TPP is a “restraint of trade” agreement because it imposes obligations on those who have joined it.

    Kind of like every other free trade agreement in history…

  • Curly1952

    Anything to be anti. Clutching at straws forever.

  • Boondecker

    Labour. The epitome of failure and negativity.

    No wonder they will remain in opposition for years if not decades.

  • Brian Dingwall

    The real immorality here is that governments of many stripes cleave to themselves the utterly unjustified coercive power to prevent international trade between willing buyers and sellers simply because they can…when they so constrain trade (often to prop up at consumer cost inefficient industry at home) both producers and consumers in each country respectively are disadvantaged.

    Hesiod needed no government permission to trade all those centuries ago.

    All countries should be permitted to capture the benefits of their respective comparative advantages……without government intervention….