Labour to join Donald Trump in opposing free trade

Who would ever have thought that the Labour party would be on the same side as Donald Trump.

Well, they are, in announcing they will be going against their own history to vote against the TPP free trade agreement that will give access to millions of new customers to our exporters.

Labour has confirmed that it will vote against the TPP legislation the Government will introduce into Parliament next week.

Finance spokesperson, Grant Robertson, confirmed this to POLITIK last night.

However, the party may vote for some parts of the legislation when the original Omnibus Bill has to be split into parts during the Parliamentary process.

Nevertheless, the symbolism of the party voting against a trade agreement is huge. ??

It has never done so in the past and two former leaders — Helen Clark and Phil Goff — have both said they supported the TPP.

Mr Goff has been given leave to not vote with the rest of the Caucus against the legislation.

The party has been reluctant up to now to say it would vote against the TPP.

Initially, it set out five bottom lines that it wanted to be satisfied before it would agree to support the trade agreement.

And those five bottom lines were all met, the last one being the Treaty of Waitangi provisions which have been found not to breach the?Treaty.

We now know that Labour is against growth, and for protectionism.

Labour doesn’t want access to new markets, they want our economy to become a sidelined backwater.

John Key will be smiling from ear to ear that Labour are so dopey to oppose growing the economy via trade.

Who would ever have thought though that they would agree with Donald Trump.


– Politik