Labour planning two-stage referendum on Medicinal Cannabis




I hope the cost is less than $23 million for the flag referendum because otherwise they could be accused of wasting taxpayers money.  Eh!



Labour’s Referendum.pdf by Anonymous KdJ3SSbTZq


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  • rustyjohn58

    So to have a referendum on a flag is bad, but to have referendum on the use of illegal drugs for medicinal use, something 99% of the population have no expertise in, well that’s ok. Hmmm The hyporacy is strong in this one.

    • OneTrack

      Hypocrisy is a lefty trait – it’s ok when the left does it.

  • Dog Breath

    Another attempt to derail Pharmac and make medicine decisions political rather than be subject to the rigor of Pharmac processes.
    Surely it is better to look at the law and policies that Pharmac operate to if you want change rather than run rough shod over the very organisation setup to deal with medicine use in NZ.

    • On the upside, if “medicinal marijuana” is approved it will save pharmac a fortune as it can cure every ailment known to man.

  • Left Right Out

    I’m an anti drugs person and enjoy the fact people get fined, jailed or both for possessing or dealing for recreational use. I have my own reasons for feeling like this and accept others feel differently. But, I do feel there is a case for medical use…. I just wish they would give it a better name than medical Marijuana as there is a stigma that comes with the name.

    As for trying to put in place a 2 stage referendum…. are these guys that stupid. They were so outraged and opposed of the 2 stage flag referendum and process. In fact, I don’t believe it needs a referendum at all… it needs more studies to produce further evidence of the properties the extract has and what healing or pain relief it brings (there may already be plenty of proof out there) The removal of the waste of space Dunn would also be a step in the right direction.

    Labour are obsessed with petitions and the likes…. this is just further proof they can’t make decisions for themselves

    • OneTrack

      Maybe they now agree with Key that the 2 step referendum was the right way to go. They wouldn’t admit it though.

      But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • cows4me

    Where have the socialists found all this love for the voting public? These useless tits usually want to run every aspect of our lives now all of a sudden they think we might be able to make adult decisions. See it for what it is, a broken arse party trying to suck up to the peasants because if they get any lower in the polls they’ll be in the catacombs.

    • OneTrack

      This isn’t any attempt to find out “what the people want”. This is just another tactical battle to get what they want, since Plan A apparently failed. If this fails, then they will go on to Plan C.

  • venator

    Is this leaked or stolen material ? Not that I overly concerned. Just interested. Which way will the bow tie MP jump on this one or will he be pushed by Unknown parties during hours of darkness within his office.