Labour did really well getting to a quarter mil selling sausages

The National Party collected $1.4 million in donations last year while the Labour Party was languishing with just $279,134.

The donation returns for 2015 have just been released and show National’s donors included milk powder manufacturer GMP Dairy which focuses on exports to China.

The dairy company donated $25,338 in five separate donations. Parties must disclose all donations of money, goods or services worth more than $15,000.

Stonyridge Vineyard on Waiheke Island also donated a total of $21,720. Other donors included Auckland real estate giant Garth Barfoot ($25,000), property developer Adrian Burr ($27,350) and National Party member Kit Parkinson ($17,044) all of whom are known National supporters. Mr Barfoot and Mr Burr have donated in the past. Christine Che donated $15,800 and Brijesh and Nivedita Sethi, the owners of private training establishment the NZ School of Education, donated $21,900 through their company, Sethi Business Group.

National’s tally also includes the previously disclosed $60,000 donation from the Gallagher Group. The party also took in about $1.19 in smaller donations.

National’s total is a relatively large amount for a non-election year but about one quarter of the $4 million National collected in 2015.

The returns show Labour is still struggling to fundraise, despite a fundraising drive after the Herald revealed it had run in deficit for the past two years and its cash reserves were eroding.

Labour declared no donations of more than $15,000 and its total of $279,134 came from 50 smaller donations.

$1.19m in smaller donations go to National in a non-election year, while Labour get just $279k in total.

This is all good news. It shows where the country’s support really lies. Voting is one thing, but handing over hard earned cash is something else.

Labour have been hurting, attacking and ignoring their donor base ever since Mike Williams stopped shaking them down. Owen Glenn used to cough up amounts that could easily have doubled Labour’s take for the year, but stupid politics have put an end to that and Labour is unlikely to recover from it.

The one thing you can bet your Auckland house on is that as soon as the left take to the treasury benches, publicly funded elections will be introduced in the first term. It’s the only way left for them to fund their campaigns.


– Claire Trevett, NZ Herald


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  • Ruahine

    Bludging taxpayer funded Political parties is really the best reason not to let the Greens or Labour near the Treasury benches next year. If the voters do allow these Political Parties near the Treasury Benches it will complete the circle of life long bludging to which so many of our Politicians aspire to and some have already managed.
    We will be paying for a type of person who knows best about everything to be telling us how to run our lives.
    We already have taxpayer funded News Media Organisations that know best about everything and how we should think.

  • JohnO

    If the left ever get into Government and fund political parties they can be just as easily defunded as soon as the Nats get back into power.

  • biscuit barrel

    Once any party becomes government, then every one wants to be BBF. No one will running cabinet clubs then, so there goes a big chunk. Trust lawyers will have other things to spend on

  • sandalwood789

    “…it had run in deficit for the past two years and its cash reserves were eroding.”

    Good! Hopefully the next election will force them even closer to bankruptcy.

  • localnews

    Do Labour still tithe their MPs 10% of their salaries?
    If so it accounts for almost all the donations

    • Barnacles2

      Hmm what is the leader of the opposition on? Around $200k? so if they tithe 10% then why hasn’t Little’s $20k been declared?

    • Sailor Sam

      So do the greenies.

  • Kevin

    Politics is war and Labour have had their supply bases bombed out from under them.