Labour to tax MPs to fund by-election?

It seems that Labour MPs have been told that they are going to have to pony up for the likely by-election in Mt Roskill should Phil Goff win the Auckland Mayoralty.

Many of them are none too happy about it either.

There isn’t enough of an insurrection to mount a coup but the talk is of the next-to-useless fundraising abilities of the president Nigel Haworth, and Andrew Little’s constant turn-off to business.

Concern, expressed by several MPs, around Labour’s inability to fund a by-election is that they won’t even get enough money to then fund the general election campaign less than a year later.   

If there is a by-election in Mt Roskill it is still likely to be in the election year, meaning the pressure is even greater.

With Labour no longer able to pay for UMR polling the feeling is that they are flying blind and having to rely on the wonky assessments of Rob Salmond.

The chatter is open and derisive now….but not enough for a coup. It seems most MPs I talk to are resigned to the fact that Labour will get a kicking come the election and the time to remove Andrew Little will be immediately after the loss.

If new polls emerge, though, that show the situation worsening for Little and Labour then all bets are off as they look to implement the “Moore Plan” to arrest flagging fortunes. I’m not sure that even that will save them at the moment.

The thought of funding a by-election right now may just be a step too far.


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  • Pluto

    If it wasn’t apparent to the rank and file MP’s in Labour that their brand and leader are useless and unappealing, then reaching deep into their own pockets should give them a healthy dose of reality bites.

  • Time For Accountability

    Now would be a good time to alert Labour members to the false financial statements of the EPMU filed via the hand written method despite having an audited set and ask the questions what happened to the millions that went out of the union to the side company and the side trust.

    Perhaps some of that could be used instead.

    Also point out the EPMU has still not filed one annual set of Financial Statements.

    The hypocrisy of LIttle towards foreign trusts as structures to hide accountability is stunning.

    Where is Andrea, Nicky and co when you need them.

  • Time For Accountability

    Imagine how it going to hurt more to fund a general election out of shallower pockets.

    They would be more sensible to let the by election slide. The result will not achieve anything.

  • Keeping Stock

    I guess they’ll have to have more sausage sizzles and cake stalls. Obviously Little’s begging e-mails to the Labour Party’s most loyal supporters (like Spanish Bride) haven’t worked quite as well as anticipated.

    • Wheninrome

      They did ask me which teatowell I wanted, but when it came down to it they were the wrong colour and just didn’t foot it with the decor.

    • Tom

      Think of the obesity problem they all winge about!

  • Seriously?

    The “Moore Plan? Is that the idea of looking as fewer MPs come 2018 as being a “less is more” sort of thing?

    • Keeping Stock

      It’s their 1990 strategy. When it looked as though, under Palmer’s leadership, Labour would be annihilated, they dumped him and gave Moore the job. Moore was able to stem the bleeding enough for Labour to survive, but only just. Readers with long memories may recall that Annette King, Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard all lost safe Labour seats in 1990.

      • Dave

        Yes, but in those days, they had 2 things they do not have now.
        1) Another even semi suitable leadership contender, and…
        2) The funds to do anything except shout their MP’s KFC.

      • Seriously?

        Who might be their Moore?

        David Shearer is the only one who might steady the ship and I doubt the union zealots would stand for that (or that Shearer would be in any hurry to put up his hand to be a fall guy).

        Annette King? Parker? Robertson hardly seems like a blood stemmer, a clot maybe, but I suppose his ego might prevent him turning it down…

        If they have such a person, they ought to do it now, but I suspect they don’t and will just have to take their 2017 beating on the chin.

        • Keeping Stock

          It would have to be Annette King.

          • Seriously?

            I think you may be right. On her way out anyway, sufficiently party minded to be willing to do it, been getting plenty of airtime, may remind some voters of their granny…

            Hard to see it helping that much though. If that is their next best option then they should just stick with Little.

          • Miss Phit

            Would she really want to leave on that bad note? Taking hold of the poisoned chalice so the others can survive – yeah nah. Shes a survivor and wont go down without a fight, or an out clause to her liking.

        • Left Right Out

          I don’t think anyone would want the job to be honest….

        • Alan Beresford B’Stard

          The lefty blog commenters would love Cunliffe back, they see him as someone who has the wood over JK. Seriously.

        • Rob

          David Shearer falls asleep most days at Question Time. He looks very bored with everything.

          • Toby

            David shearer is prime for the picking, it would not surprise me if National are lining up a nice post for him somewhere as we speak ala shane jones.
            They will probably wait a bit longer till it really does look completely hopeless and then pounce with a cushy overseas posting offer.

  • Eiselmann

    Sue MORONey true believer that she is could always sell a house , that would fund more than one by election and would rid her of some of this painful wealth that stops her really being as one with ‘the people’.

    Or maybe David Shearer could locate another overseas bank account he forgot about.

    David Cunliffe could offload his middle class lifestyle and sell the do up in one of the most exclusive streets in the country.

    Or maybe Angry Andrew could self fund the by-election since he does not actually seem to buy anything.

    • STAG

      That’s not entirely true, he just hasn’t finished paying for it yet.

  • cows4me

    Wait, I want to run on the Labour ticket, yes they’ll be lining up now, hahaha what a joke. Socialists spending their own money, oh humanity, I foresee the immanent demise of the once useless Labour Party.

  • Cadwallader

    Don’t they have any money in Panama?

    • Wheninrome

      Now you know that is a secret, so secret no one knows.

  • Greg M

    National needs to stand a top candidate and campaign hard. With the changing demographic in Roskill and Labours lack of funds and complete ineptitude the seat is definitely winnable.

    • Keeping Stock

      Dr Parmjeet Parmar will almost certainly be the candidate for National. And how better could National ask to be represented in New Zealand’s most multi-cultural electorate than by an intelligent and articulate female of Indian descent, with experience as a scientist, businesswoman, broadcaster and community advocate.

      Dr Parmar would have been a Labour Party candidate fifteen years ago or even more recently. But now it is National which is the most representative party in the Parliament. She will give Michael Wood a major run for his money.

  • Usaywot

    Heard Mike Williams on the radio today and had to laugh out loud. He claimed Labour’s Internal polling shows JK has taken a huge hit over the Panama papers farce (farce is my word not his) and that Labour has benefited by several points. How idiotic are they. Dream on, Mike, you couldn’t find dirt in Australia and face facts, Labour is a laughing stock. I am always puzzled when seemingly intelligent people can be so ideologically blinded.

    • People are being lied to inside of Labour.

      They are being told Labour is polling around 32, when in reality they are about 26*

      *(Oops, that’s unofficial… if you know what I mean). Heard it somewhere.

      • Seriously?

        That sounds like script for Yes Minister… I could never say, but you say a number if you want and you might want to start with a guess between 25 and 27…

        They do live in their own Little bubble.

    • Miss Phit

      Internal poling? Do they just ask the others in the labour smoko room?

    • That would be Rob Salmond’s focus groups, not polling. They have failed to pay UMR and they no longer poll for Labour.

  • F T Bear

    All they need to do is go back to their traditional support, the blue collar, factory workers and public servants, teachers, enemployed, rank in-file Joe public. Sorry, that’s right they have been bleeding them for years and are now sick and tired of the nonsense

    • Keeping Stock

      Their traditional support base, personified by Chris Trotter as “Waitakere Man”, left Labour a long time ago, and isn’t coming back.

      • BG

        Waitakare man has a mortgage and is laughing all the way to the bank! Labour isn’t ever getting him back

    • They just made 30 of those redundant with their campaign against Serco.

      • Effluent

        and, thanks to globalisation and automation, there aren’t many factory workers left anyway. NZ’s manufacturing industry has been decimated

    • Toby

      the problem for labour is that those people are arguably doing the best under national that they have for years. its pretty hard to convince blue collar workers that they should join the union and vote labour when they just bought a new car and put in a new kitchen.

  • localnews

    Given that they have unlimited free media, if they had the ideas and personality, they really wouldn’t need any money for a by-election.

  • Steve kay

    When are the next lot of polls. I’ll be stunned if the latest series of clusterf*ucks hasn’t sent them further down the downward spiral.

  • Sailor Sam

    They should be happy to get taxed that way, after all that is what thy believe in, taxing people because they know best in how to spend it?

  • I am really hoping they won’t need to fund a by-election but unless a couple of groups get their act together and start looking at the greater good it is likely it will happen.

  • kayaker

    Other people’s money…

  • XCIA

    If the Salmond here is of the same ilk as the Salmond in Scotland, you can almost guarantee that everything he touches will have that fishy smell. Since Mr Angry is going to ban trusts, perhaps he can have an early amnesty within the Labour ranks so they can be emptied into the communal coffers for the common good.

  • shykiwibloke

    Seems like ‘business donations’ are dry in a sort of karma for all the times the unions strong-armed then, or Andy bad-mouthed them in public during some dispute or other.

  • Stuarts.burgers

    If the Andy and Nigel Show can not rise the readies then my big fear will be that there will be a big push for State Funding to Political Party’s, even more than is available via Parliamentary Services and the ̂ Leaders Funds ̂.
    We need to level the playing field will be the cry, those rich Torys keep on giving far to much money to National we need a Taxpayers hand out to compete will be the narrative used.
    If that were to happen there would be a complete is connect between the man in the street and the Political Parties of the Left, ̂We do not need those smelly little men who do not have a double degree in Political Science and Anthropology will be the mantra we who have dined at the taxpayers trough for so long know better than anyone else, so go way you smelly little man.̂

  • Effluent

    I’ll give them a dollar, if they promise to change their leader again – each successive one is more useless than the last!

  • Toby

    I like this one, they should keep him.
    Labour are completely unelectable with Andy at the helm.