Labour’s pimping the poor backfired spectacularly, Little the fool yet again


Labour have been pushing out stories all week about the poor and housing. It was part of their plan after harvesting people willing to talk to media via their email drives.

Yesterday the Media party were busted pimping a complaint by a losing Labour candidate in Kaikoura and then Andrew Little was to front for a press conference outside of a supposedly over-crowed house.

There was a slight problem though…the house wasn’t over-crowded and the owner fronted the Media party and called bullshit on the pimping of the poor.

The Labour Party diverted a press conference that was to be held outside a supposedly overcrowded South Auckland house after its occupants denied they had housing problems.

Other media had reported there were 17 people living in the Bairds Road, Otara home including in a tent on the front lawn.  

But as media waited for Labour leader Andrew Little on Tuesday a man came out to say he was the owner of the house and the claims had been greatly exaggerated.

The tent had been erected because the family were renovating, said the man, who declined to give his name.

“They say there’s 17 people living here, it’s not true,” he said.

“It pisses me off. There’s people out there who are actually struggling.”

Labour staff then directed journalists to the nearby electorate office of Labour MPs Jenny Salesa and Peeni Henare where Little spoke.

Clearly they didn’t have the permission of the family to pimp them to media. This is shameful and has blown up in Andrew Little’s face.

The Bairds Road family were known to their local MP who had been helping them with their situation, Little said.

However the family had not wanted him to visit on Tuesday, he said.

A lack of suitable housing was a huge issue in the area, the Labour leader said.

“I’m told it’s pretty much expected if you go past a garage someone will be living in it.

“This is not the New Zealand that New Zealanders want.”

He’s told? Why did he investigate properly before grandstanding with the Media party?

Mind you the Media party have gratefully accepted their shilled stories from Labour…it helps their narrative that National are bastards.

You have to wonder at the stupidity of people who are breeding when they can’t afford a place to live. The solution is in their own hands actually. Contraception is basically free yet for some reason these people think it is their right to produce umpteen children and the state should provide them with housing of a standard that they desire.

The only people more stupid than them are the Labour party who have cocked this up massively.

Another Andrew Little stuff up. No wonder Labour can’t get any traction in the polls.


– Fairfax


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  • Sagacious Blonde

    A newspaper’s headline says it all, – “Little’s crowded house stunt backfires” – he’s clearly being set up for the axe by his team.

    • Cadwallader

      The headline is an insult to Neil Finn. I am sure he wouldn’t wish to be associated with Little.

  • R&BAvenger

    WOW – I didn’t think they could be any more stupid. I do accept that people are struggling with housing in Auckland. Some are genuine, many are self-inflicted problems as we are all the sum total of the choices we have made.
    Labour really are hopeless, arrogant and out of touch to think they can just grandstand on anyone’s front lawn as an example to try and flog the government with.
    Traction? They seem to be locked in ever decreasing circles, or permanent reverse.

  • Isherman

    He’s doing a live chat at 8.30am on one of the blogs on the dark side…I wonder if anyone will bring this Little stunt up? That’s an entirely tongue in cheek question of course.

    • Quinton Hogg

      A simple question along the lines of “…how did yesterday go mate?…” should be enough.

      • Isherman

        I’d ask who made the apology for needlessly embarrassing the family, himself in person or a spokesperson, that’s indeed if one was offered.

    • OT Richter

      It was organised by Stuff. The interview was a total disaster because they held it in a noisy cafe and you couldn’t hear what Little was saying. Total PR failure again.

      • Isherman

        Yes, so it seems. The other place had a simplistic “live chat with Andy” headline first thing this morning. Who thought a noisy Café was a good place to do it?

  • Mark156

    Please let there be a video of this somewhere

    • Keeping Stock

      There will be video, but it may never see the light of day. There is audio of the presser though, and it’s cringeworthy listening to Little ducking and diving. Start around the 2 minute mark Mark.

      • Also cringeworthy listening to the inane questions of the so-called journalists.

        • Keeping Stock

          Except there were a couple of women brassed off that the sting had blown up in Little’s face. I guess they had already written their poor-pimping stories, then had to spike them and start again. That may explain the vitriolic nature of the stories on Stuff and the Herald’s websites.

      • Alan Beresford B’Stard

        God he’s hopeless isn’t he, when he’s on the back foot. Stumbling and mumbling his answers. Couldn’t listen all the way through.

      • Keyser Soze

        Oh that’s awesome! People seriously believe that man can be Prime Minister?

      • Sid_Holland

        Was in Dunedin on the weekend watching Crusaders v Highlanders. Stayed at a student flat where the garage was a ‘sleep out’. Very common down that way (for years) and it’s a great way to lessen the cost for all students in the flat.

        • Hill16

          Yep, in Uni in Ireland, most of the houses round our place had the garage converted into a bedroom. I was in one for a year … a little bit cooler than the rest of the house … nothing an extra jumper and a small heater couldn’t fix in winter. It was bigger than the other bedrooms too !

    • one for the road

      Listened to the audio link below of Angrys press conference after the failed publicity stunt, he says (around 2:15) in answer to a question about whether it is wise to judge based on driving past a place where people a living rough family is well known to the local Labout MP and there is an issue – so he is saying the tenant who came out is lying (that there is no problem there) or is he saying his MP is lying?? Perhaps it is just typical Labour lying all round!

      • kiwiinamerica

        Just listened as well – what a clusterfark. Comedy gold was when Little said that the house with a tent was the subject of their local MP’s assistance re Housing NZ and one of the journos said she asked the occupant (the same one who said it wasn’t overcrowded and they were in a tent due to renovations) and he said he OWNED the house. Epic fail!

  • Bob Dazzler

    I have said it previously, just a bunch of muppets.

  • Tom

    But wait! there’s more, this week he has to decide if he gets sued or make a grovelling apology!

    • Quinton Hogg

      2 and a bit days to go on that one.
      Returning to this post, i cannot believe how inept Mr Little is or is being made to appear.
      It looks like he is being set up to show how utterly useless and lacking people skills he is.
      Where is Robbo?

      • Keeping Stock

        Tomorrow’s the day I think Quinton. Little won’t allow it to spill over to next week when Parliament resumes.

        Personally, I hope he tries to brazen it out, because getting done for defamation next year during the electoral cycle would be a hoot!

        • Quinton Hogg

          I don’t think that work.
          The Hagermans seem to be people who don’t issue empty threats.
          No apology, then proceedings are issued.
          then watch the fun.

          • Dave

            My hope would be the Hagermans win, part of the win is a public cheque payment, even if its only $20,000, and at the public apology and handing over of said cheque, the Hagermens announce they intend to donate the lot to the National Party.

            The look on Andy’s face, priceless.

    • Jayar

      Yes, I think Friday is the day. He’ll buckle pretty quickly – he’s realised the couple concerned will take it further if he doesn’t.

  • shykiwibloke

    Begining to believe there is a cunning plan based on ineptitude of an unpopular leader. Surely nobody continues to beat dead horses like Captian Y-front without some hidden agenda?

  • Seriously?

    What’s next? Will some of the Labour insiders provide him two gurnard to hold up in Parliament as he asks questions about MPI?

    This has the odour of white ants about it.

    • cows4me

      Two damp squid more like it.

  • EpochNZ

    To be honest, I was surprised to even see this on an MSM site. I would have put money on it being shot down by the editors.

  • sonovaMin

    Imagine what he would be like as primeminister – one train wreck after another. Enjoyable for cartoonists but a disaster for the country.

  • Old Kiwi

    Oh what fun if their email campaign to pimp everything has resulted in some false info being supplied. History says they won’t fact check – yesterday’s shambles will be the result. Go Andy.

  • metalnwood

    So, if they are known to labour and they didn’t want to be on the news, the least Little could have done is not said to the media that they are in that situation and they only backed out because they didn’t want the publicity. He was just trying to save his own face, not the people he put in an awkward position.

    At the end of the day, overcrowding is a hard one to tackle. Some people happily do what labour would say is overcrowd, like three kids in one room. Some people have a bedroom per person and then some put three families in one house because thats all they can afford or they do it on purpose to save money.

    We can’t be responsible for people that choose to do that when it’s an option they don’t have to do. For the rest, there is a root cause and overcrowding is part of the result.

    I would look at why he says Otara is full of overcrowding, the ethnicities that are mainly involved and find out the root cause.

    • Cracker1963

      In the 60’s I shared a bedroom with my 2 brothers- couldn’t swing a cat the room was so small. But it was fun- we do silly things like make shadow puppets with our genitals- juvenile I know, but read Spike Milligan’s books of his life in the British Army & they did the same things. We had a ball. Nothing to see here- move along.

      • yoyoyo

        i suspect you will be getting a call from Little’s press “people” soon for an exclusive story. better think up an angle on how its John Keys fault..

        EDIT: spelling

        • Cracker1963

          One mans overcrowding is another mans empty house. In our flat in London, we had at times, 15 people sleeping in our 2 bedroom flat. I would walk over snoring ‘flat mates’ getting dressed for work. Nudity everywhere (not a good thing when its a beer belly & the nude is burping & farting!) We used to moan at the lack of privacy, and then moaned how quiet it was after most of them moved out a month later. Again, it was fun, instant party every night, with no need to invite anyone. I miss those crowded flats on my OE as much as I miss sharing a bedroom with my Brothers- very happy memories. John Keys fault I’m too rich to do that now.

  • one for the road

    Looks like Angry got dumped in it by his press secretarty (the ex womens weekly editor who just resigned her Labour role, whatershername) – what a wonderful gift to give your boss in your last few days!!

  • Keyser Soze

    And so it continues after Little’s big Otara reveal…
    Seriously, my head is all hurty at this palava. Chris and Dee. here’s some advice for you – get out of Auckland!

    • metalnwood

      Stuff calls their ride a ‘late model people mover’

      If you have got kids and looked at one of these then you know a late model one is not cheap. If they had the money to buy one they had the money to put towards rent.

      If they took finance out on it and they can’t afford rent…. well, some things cannot be taught it seems.

    • Crowgirl

      There is way more to this story that we are not hearing. HNZ staff feeling “unsafe”, landlords kicking them out for minor infractions, and even being moved on by police and AC for using “private” facilities. What does this even mean? Were they going into gyms and using showers etc when they weren’t supposed to have access?

      • Keyser Soze

        The problem has become that there is more to almost every story in the MSM and I no longer trust our journalists to report unbiased facts. Is this a modern problem? I’ve only become really interested in NZ politics in the past 7 years – did political journos of a past age demonstrate the same bias as they do today?

    • D-Rad

      Why are they in Auckland???? Fell behind on one weeks rent?Greedy landlord? Perhaps they fell behind on one weeks rent, that meant the landlord missed a mortgage payment? Or was short? I doubt the landlord was greedy,I suspect like most landlords, they are mum and dad investors who purchase a property as an investment. They can’t afford to have tenants who don’t pay rent. Thats a caveat of renting. Your #1 obligation is to pay rent. Arrrghh!
      Things are a bit tight for us at the moment, my number one bill I pay on time? Rent.

    • Steve kay

      Wowsers! That story is pure swiss cheese. So many holes I don’t know where to start. It’s almost satire!

      • Keyser Soze

        Its gotten to the point where I feel the need to google just about every aspect of a story that I read/hear on MSM to find out the backstory. And they believe they can paywall this paff?! Delusional.

        • Steve kay

          Tbh I’ve given up checking as I kept coming up with the same result. If it wasn’t for WO I wouldn’t even know these articles exist. I’m glad someone reads the msm still, I’d hate to miss out in the occasional bit of schadenfreude the editors miss

        • D-Rad

          I don’t really care if they paywall it. It means I will stop reading it….

  • niggly

    These housing issues (being pushed by Labour, Andrew Little and the MSM) then contradict Labour, Andrew Little and the MSM’s narrative that NZ should double the refugee intake quota, because that will simply exasperate the housing shortages for those families that aren’t well off urgently needing 3-4 bedroom state houses.

    I wish Labour, Andrew Little and the MSM could just be a little bit more consistent in what they want instead of floundering all over the place whenever issues are highlighted.

  • iera

    The overcrowded house stunt involving Little and supportive media entourage when called by another name, is straight Dirty Politics.

    And before someone glibly says “Not when the Left do it”, Hager defines Dirty Politics as “a deliberate but hidden strategy to avoid being held responsible for negative campaigning” and this is exactly what Little was attempting, before he was shot in the foot … again.
    “Underhand and deceptive politics [that] poisons the political environment for everyone” – Hager

  • Murray Pratt

    42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. Little does plenty to keep that a fact.

  • ReginaldWellingtonJnr

    I like overcrowding. I own my house and being able to invite extended family, nieces and nephews to live with me gives me social power and respect. It helps that most of them come from a hierarchical society and we are used to being very sociable and close knit.

  • Greg M

    One very important point has come out of this. Labour organised a presser on the front lawn of a private property…without speaking to the occupants first. If they were genuinely interested in fixing the perceived problem surely they would have been working with the family in the house already ?
    Labour couldn’t care less about overcrowding, this is just another cheap shot against the government.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Ah but when Captain YFront reviews this week it will be another good week for him or at least that’s what his mirror will tell him. Confidentially.
    Pity none of the WOBH ground crew get a call to see such “news” in the making.

  • Mav E Rick

    Goes to show that Little is just trying to grab headlines. To me, it shows he couldn’t give a big fat, rats backside about the overcrowding of this particular house. He just found a random house with a tent on it, made an assumption that the people living their didnt have enough room in the house ( just like he assumed that all people with Chinky sounding names must be all foreign house investors) set up for a press release outside the house only to find out that what he assumed wasnt in fact the case.
    When you make up policy on the hoof, make assumptions without checking facts and use innocent people to grab headlines, you trip over and are shown for the fool that you are. If he had a genuine need to help these people, the least he should do, would be to talk to them and find out something about their personal situation and what had brought them to this situation. As we now know, it wasnt overcrowding at all – so the big fool is shown for what he is – an absolute fool!

    • JustanObserver

      Little Angry looks in the mirror … “Doh !, must … try … harder”

  • JustanObserver

    New Zealand is overcrowded so I suggest if you are from an island nation you go back there and enjoy your paradise, I can only afford to visit your paradise every second year or so.
    That should free a few garages up for others and reduce my tax-burden.

    • jcpry

      I’d make the NZ Pension portable back their homeland. This would be a cash injection into their economies, reduce some of the demand for houses, reduce overcrowding and ease the burden on our health system.

  • Greg M

    One other point Andy would have picked up if he had bothered talking to the family in the house first, the tent is there fur furniture while they are renovating. Which means:
    1: They own the house, and
    2: They have enough disposable income to be able to afford that.

    As far as epic fails go, this one is a good solid 9/10.

    • Isherman

      A failure some time in the making too. In the twitter feeds of John Campbell, Kirsty Johnson and Jenny Salesa, they have all been patting each other on the back and heaping accolades on each other for days about how wonderful a job of it they have all ben doing on this issue and it’s ‘reporting’.

      • Momo

        They should’ve let him do the story. Then rebut it publicly.

      • Dave

        Kirsty Johnson is proving to be over qualified for Angry Andy’s Press Sec, she seems so far left she might more suited to the Communists.

        • Isherman

          Yep, they don’t even attempt to hide it anymore.

  • Chris EM

    Another memorable quote from Bradford presenting media bias.

  • Genevieve

    Little continues to make a fool of himself.
    He should hang a sign on both ears saying ‘Space to Rent’.

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      Unfortunately we already rented it for him to be in parliament. However, it does not seem to have been a productive investment.

  • Momo

    I’m surprised the MSM reported this? Usually would ignore. Was this leaked by Labour people?

  • NX

    Labour are in search of the holy grail – a couple with two children who are in poverty but meet the following criteria: mum is Maori & works part time at Woolworths.. & dad is pakeha & works at Caltex. Both aren’t obsess or have any addictions such as gambling or alcohol abuse. They don’t have student loans and previously voted National.
    The reason why Labour can’t find a family like this in poverty is because they don’t exist!

  • WBC

    Apart from the fact that this is obviously incredibly funny on most levels, it is also sickening on others.

    Little really thought that he could go in and destroy a family’s privacy without their permission. This indicates how he actually thinks of the New Zealanders he is trying to show support for, they are not people to him, not worthy of respect.

    Snowball is showing his colours before he even starts his bid for leadership of Animal Farm.

    Edit – Spelling.

    • NX

      The mind-set of a socialist is that they don’t need to ask for permission.

  • Usaywot

    What Labour needs to get into their thick skulls is that 90% of people couldn’t give a toss about people living in cars. I’m sorry if I sound harsh but that’s the truth. Everyone who pays rent or owns a house thinks “We organised our lives properly. Why can’t you”

    • STAG

      You dont sound harsh, you sound rational.

  • Left Right Out

    So the chinky names hit ifailed…. overseas buyers hit failed….. now they are having a go at people living in cars…….

    • Wheninrome

      Possibly foreign made cars as well.

      • John Phillips

        Cars are ALL foreign made

        • Wheninrome

          I was being very very careful not to offend in a racist kind of way, you have to be so very careful today.

  • Isherman

    The following has been posted as a mods note on another blog…supposedly from Labour. Funny thing is it isn’t posted on either Little’s or Labours social media pages at the time of writing…just on one blog, and in response to a commenter. Someone making stuff up?
    [From Labour: Note: Some media have reported that Andrew was intending to visit an overcrowded house that turned out not to be overcrowded. This is incorrect. There was never any intention to visit the house in question, no claims were made about that house, and media were never advised of any visit to the house. The assumption was made by media after they were accosted by a local who was angry at some of their earlier coverage.
    Well, that seems to raise more questions than it answers then.

  • anniem

    Halleluja on the free contraception issue. You are almost right when you say it is basically free. Actually it is absolutely free. Free contraceptive pill prescriptions are available from many South Auckland GP,s and the surgery I attend has a box of free condoms on the front desk for help yourself. No excuse there.

  • Valid Point

    Perhaps a side issue, but it looks like Little’s been set up on this one. If not, then let’s just accept it as proof the guy is a shambles and not fit to lead a minority party (which Labour is increasingly becoming) let alone NZ