Labour’s problem at Question Time is because they are playing the political equivalent of Kiwi Cricket

I was listening to Question Time yesterday while driving and was left with the distinct impression that Labour has no strategy when it comes to Question Time.

Have a look at this question from Stuart Nash to Judith Collins.

Why on earth is Labour targeting Judith Collins? She is just playing with Nash, like a cat plays with a mouse. He knows it, she knows it and the fools in Labour sit there and watch Nashy take one for the team.  

It is like Labour is treating Question Time like Kiwi Cricket and sharing around the batting and bowling evenly. Instead of targeting useless ministers and dead heads they are instead going after the best and brightest National has…and they are laughing at them. Yesterday Nashy took on Judith Collins, Andrew Little took on John Key, Grant Robertson took on Bill English and Kevin Hague tried but was ultimately defeated by Maggie Barry. About the only decent attempt to hold a fool minister to account was Phil Twyford and even he bombed that against Nick Smith, who is actually competent in the house.

Labour are just playing Kiwi Cricket for special kids. Even though the special kid is dreadfully hopeless he still gets to face four overs, no matter that he will get out hit wicket three times, bowled seven times and run out twice.

They should be targeting useless ministers not trying to score points against John Key, or Bill English or Judith Collins. They are just too good in the house to be playing those games.

Labour needs to stop playing Kiwi Cricket and start trying to get some of the dropkicks out instead of having their bowling bashed across the boundary ball after ball. Watching spastics play cricket against hardened professionals isn’t much fun for viewers or for the spastics.


– In the House


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  • Monty’smate

    I watched Question Time on tv yesterday and thought exactly the same thing. Judith Collins was indeed just toying with Nash- I particularly enjoyed the upward inflection she used when she answered his questions with a simple ‘Yes’ as though to say, ‘Well, what exactly are you getting at here, wee fellah? Where is this nonsense leading to?’ The House enjoyed it, too- well, maybe not the Labour Part benches…

    • Beria

      Nash’s question was doomed from the start because it was about the public perception of the adequacy of police funding. He might have had better luck with a real question.

  • sheppy

    Judith in particular made Stuart Nash look ridiculous, even though there could have been a relevant point he was making, as a tactic for Judith it was excellent. Kevin Hague probably put most of those watching to sleep with his Pedanticness.
    Some time ago i think it was suggested that Stuart Nash had potential inside Labour, if that’s the case either he can do better or they really are done

  • shykiwibloke

    You attack at the weakest point, not the strongest or randomly around the castle-walls. Would appear the team lacks leadership!

  • Vutekno

    Labours problem here is that it lacks sufficient skilled competent, intelligent and articulate MP’s who can take on Nationals best MP’s. Also those National MP’s are usually Ministers of the key portfolio’s that will always be in the firing line.

    In other words Labour is just plain incompetent!

    • Mick Ie

      Is it more likely that anyone sufficiently skilled, competent, intelligent and articulate wouldn’t actually choose to be in the Labour Party?

      • Vutekno

        Fair point, I guess you would need to be very optimistic and prepared to stick it out for the long term if you did. But then if you did and had such qualities you would shine like a new sun amongst that current bunch.
        Also, history has produced such figures in the Labour Party.

        • Mick Ie

          Potential new Suns are brought down and destroyed (remember Helen Clark)?
          Now they have the Unions to contend with. They are unlikely to support any possible leader that will not fit their union profile/agenda.
          I think ‘history’ within the Labour Party is definitely the applicable word and for many years to come.

  • EpochNZ

    Its a perception thing….Labour have to be seen to be going “one-on-one” with the Nats heavy hitters. Even if all the Media Party get is a 7 second soundbite with the respondent looking a bit “out of sorts” then thats enough to try and show that they are actively competing, even though for the other 4 minutes the person asking the question was seriously on the ropes. No one will vote for the guy going after the easy pickings….

  • Aucky

    The procession of the damned will doubtless continue today. Hipkins v Hekia and Auntie Annie v Coleman. I love the all too infrequent occasions when a hapless Greeny ends up facing Chris Findlayson.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Back in the day sitting in the gallery during question time was the best free entertainment on offer in the capital. The televised version has had it’s moments too until the elevation of Captain YFront. The only positive thing he has to offer is buttoning his jacket which we guess is a substitute for removing his cloth cap.
    They must be struggling to get enough to take a lashing and yesterday Winston First got to ask the same question twice. The Material Girl seems to have been muzzled after earning her Dumb Diploma so has to fire too many supplementary questions on the back of somebody else’s question.
    These days it is more funny than fun to watch this segment of valuable parliamentary time wasted mostly by pesky list MPs.

  • biscuit barrel

    600 extra police on the beat ? That was an labour initiative for 380 that carried over from their last year into nationals term.
    Since about 2012 nothing, especially after Collins gave up the police portfolio. be interesting tomorrow if she get a budget increase as its been flat for some years now.
    My guess is that she has used her charm with English to get more money.