LGBTQI charity pushes for all schools to have gender-neutral bathrooms



A charity supporting young gay, lesbian and gender-diverse people is pushing for a cohesive approach across the education system to gender-neutral bathrooms and uniforms.

More than 9000 school students nationwide identify as transgender (File photo) Photo: 123RF

Rainbow Youth executive director Duncan Matthews said support for young gender-diverse people in schools is “ad hoc”.

He told Morning Report two high schools in Wellington have made changes to their bathrooms and there were media reports of a primary school in Auckland providing a unisex toilet.

The Education Review Office needed to include monitoring policies and provisions for gender-diverse youth when it assessed schools, Mr Matthews said.

“1.2 percent of students identify as transgender so even if we just look at the Auckland region that’s 3000 students who would benefit from having unisex bathrooms in schools. And more widely across the country it’s over 9000.”

The Education Ministry said it supported any school that wanted to provide unisex toilets for students, and the standard design for all new schools included individual self-contained bathrooms.

The logic still fails.

If a transgender person doesn’t feel comfortable in either a male or a female bathroom, why would they feel comfortable in a unisex bathroom that they have to share with any other kind of gender?

This is nothing but pandering to labels.  There isn’t actually a practical solution here, other than to just call a bathroom a bathroom and remove any kind of gender labeling.  It’s happening everywhere, from new council facilities, to long drops, and even…

…in your home. In anyone’s home. I’ve never heard of anyone insisting on gender divisions on home bathrooms.

Man, am I sick of pandering to these precious little petals. You watch; it’s bathrooms in schools now. They’ll find something else next. Waaah waaah waaah!!!




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  • contractor

    Almost miss the long drop, including the door-less models as in pic above which afford a nice outlook across the farm while awaiting the business, but not popular in town!

    • JEL51

      Nothing more awakening than 50 mtr dash across a lawn covered in heavy frost, in bare feet first thing in the morning.

      • jcpry

        Yep one certainly didn’t dally in the dunny. Ours at least had a light but the door had a six inch gap top and bottom which helped the ventilation no end. No mould there.

  • Woody

    As a boy I was told about gender diversity, there were mostly two genders, people with dangly bits and those without, on the farm I did see a rare lamb with both so I learned about them too.

    I also learned that as much as I might be interested in being diverse and checking out the no dangly bits models, they where pretty much out of bounds, as were their toilets and changing rooms.

  • Papillon

    Gender neutral uniforms? So my daughter can’t wear a skirt in case someone precious gets their feelings hurt? What next, mandatory buzz cuts for all? What rot.

    This is why I took a keen interest in the recent Board if Trustee elections. Anyone who spoke of prosperity and success for the kids got a tick and I dumped anyone who had long flowery statements about diversity.

  • Greg M

    This rubbish has to stop. How many fathers out there want teenage boys sharing a bathroom with their daughter ? I sure as hell don’t.

    • CoNZervative

      Greg you’re just a sexist racist homophobic bigot who is not feeling the Kumbaya Utopian embrace

      • Oh Please

        Yep, me too. Do I get my own toilet for that?

  • Union Jack

    Proponents of this nonsense are no better than subversives and more often than not they disguise their evil intentions in the form of a “charity”.

  • Dave

    I have a solution, Toilets for the next school camp.

    M = male
    F = Female
    G = Gay
    L = Lesbian
    GD= Gender Diverse
    U = Undecided / Other

    • InnerCityDweller

      Or for those of us who don’t want to carry a handbook around, trying to ID what’s what, go colour!

  • CoNZervative

    Can we have ‘genderless’ Gay groups charities and bars then please? Remove “gay” altogether because that is discrimination; life would be altogether less queer

  • CoNZervative

    If there is now no “gender” (just “identity associations”) why are there so many letters to explain “sexuality” LGBTiQtransXYX?

  • Christie

    9000 school students nationwide? You have got to be kidding me. First of all, how can a 6 year old know that they are transgender? They have no issues with hormones as yet. Secondly – Whaleoil contributors – seriously – how many transgender people have you come across as yet? I can think of two – both supposedly women with long blond hair and a 5 o’clock shadow. This is a very minor issue for a very few people being blown out of all proportion. And unisex toilets – which means anyone can go in there. How is this solving a supposed problem of abuse? It isn’t.

  • Monty’smate

    We should all be angry as hell that this group qualifies as a charity when it is clearly a self-interested lobby group promoting the abnormal as being normal. Write to the Charities Commission to protest!

  • Sailor Sam

    I see a group of primary age girls standing in front of a gender neutral toilet at school, giving another kid a hard time because she is neither Martha or Artha.
    I also see a group of primary age boys standing in front of another gender neutral toilet at school, giving another kid a hard time because he is neither Artha or Martha.
    Poor kids that go into these gender neutral toilets for a pee.
    They will be asked – do you sit down or stand up?
    Poor gender neutral kids, they are now the next battle field for trendoid lefties, to the detriment of those same kids, their lives will be ruined because of these trendoids.

  • Oh Please

    This could work out great – I once got a detention for going into the girls’ changing rooms. I think the emotional scars should be worth a couple of million dollars now. Where do I apply?

    • Andy

      Oh, Ernie.

  • Jman

    The only people this does anything for are perverts who want to get into the opposite sex’s bathroom. It does bugger all for the gender confused kid who doesn’t want to be stigmatized.

  • WBC

    While having all bathrooms gender neutral would make sense as far as removing all bias is concerned it is actually simply the removal of convenience for the 50% of the population who can effectively use urinals.

    So what the solution actually looks like then is gender neutral bathrooms but with a space set aside for urinals. This would mean two separate rooms essentially, which could be labelled as sit down and stand up (or males and everybody). Therefore, genetic males could use all bathrooms while genetic females plus their own separate one while genetic females plus reassigned males share theirs with the males also.

    I’m not sure this helps anybody.