Lindsay Mitchell schools silly old Bernard Hickey

Lindsay Mitchell is wise to media commentators like Bernard Hickey making shit up.

She schools the man who sold out of the Auckland market years ago stating it was at its peak and he was moving to Wellington.

According to Bernard Hickey, writing in today’s HOS:

New Zealand created 120,000 new jobs in the past two years, but the number of unemployed and underemployed rose.
How did that happen?

Essentially New Zealand imported a net 123,900 people to do those jobs.


Hickey has added together the net migration gain for the two years to March 2016. From Stats NZ:

Unadjusted figures showed a record net gain of 67,600 migrants in the March 2016 year.

The balance, 56,300 was the net figure for the previous year   

What he omits to add is that in the March 2016 year:

1/ New Zealand citizens returning to live in New Zealand accounted for one-quarter of all migrant arrivals

2/ 27,700 arrivals were on student visas

3/ 36,000 arrivals had New Zealand or Australian visas

This idea of foreigners taking Kiwi jobs is another gaining currency (with a good flogging from the they’re-taking-our-houses NZ Herald.) There are certainly more immigrants coming to NZ to work and settle. But to talk about “importing” 123,900 workers when many of them are New Zealanders is misleading.

Hickey says that social, justice and educational policy settings are failing to turn out employable Kiwis, or that employers won’t pay them enough to make it worth their while.

We all know that welfare is to blame for the situation whereby some New Zealanders have gotten “lazy” (the word a refugee recently used to me to describe people who sit on benefits when he had managed to get himself work with virtually no English and no help from WINZ).

Hickey concludes,

“Simply opening up the doors for more migrants is not the answer in the long run.”

Actually it just might be. The kind of people who will make up NZ’s population in the future will not tolerate the sort of welfarism which was never a feature of their birth countries. They know how damaging it can be.

Lindsay Mitchell knows her stuff, and it is apparent Bernard Hickey doesn’t.

Driving down to Taupo on Friday afternoon I had the displeasure of listening to him talking with Duncan Garner. I almost poked pins in my eyes as a preference to continuing to listen to drivel.


-Lindsay Mitchell


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  • Wayne Hodge

    In my humble opinion Mr Hickey seems to have lost the plot.

    • Gollum

      Given he took his own advice and lost a plot in Auckland it’s none too suprising that he has reason to feel aggrieved with life.

    • Dr Wang

      In my professional opinion Mr Hickey seems to have lost the plot.

  • JustanObserver

    “Hickey says that social, justice and educational policy settings are failing to turn out employable Kiwis, or that employers won’t pay them enough to make it worth their while” . . .
    It seems to me, some may have an ‘over-inflated’ sense of Self-Worth, if it is not “worth their while”, they must be being receiving way too much by way of ‘Emergency Temporary Support’, therefore this article clearly advocates for lowering all State Benefits.

  • cows4me

    Depends on the type of migrants. If we bring in migrants so favored by the left the country will go down the toilet. Bring in the ones that believe the world does not owe them a living and all will be right.

    • localnews

      I wouldnt worry about that, we are going to be inundated with european professionals as they leave their own countries in droves. They will be great for our country.
      Bernard Hickey is the gloomiest man in New Zealand

      • OneTrack

        Can I suggest a bit of caution regarding your plan. These are the numpties who voted progressive left year after year and threw their countries and its citizens under the bus.

  • anniem

    Last year a car rental/valet company in the airport area advertised two positions for car valet/cleaners. The only pre-requisites for the jobs were the ability to stand up straight and a clean driving licence, all training would be given and minimum wage paid. Apparently no-one could be found in the southern area. The jobs went to two young immigrants who had little English and travelled from West Auckland by bus, train and another bus leaving home at 5am to make the 7am starting time. A telling story indeed.

    • contractor

      That sort of thing is hugely widespread, indeed it is virtually the norm.
      Sir Apirana Ngata said before the war that social welfare will be “the death of Maori.” He has proved to be correct because Maori had been quite self sufficient and industrious. However it is not just Maori that it has proven bad for but also many Pakeha and Islanders.

  • D.Dave

    Are none of the immigrants children, they aren’t entering the job market, they are creating jobs for teachers , and their ilk…

  • Cynical Guy

    Just ask the Fruit growers why they ship workers in from Vanuatu and Tonga when there are decent sized queues at WINZ. It’s because “real kiwis” can’t be relied upon to turn up on time, put in a hard day’s work and be sober/drug free in the work place.