Little deluded if he thinks things are improving for him


Andrew Little is deluded.

After a trough in the polls, Little believed Labour was bouncing back and said that was shown by the response to him out and about New Zealand. People were stopping him in the street, shaking hands and taking “selfies”.

“There is a mood shift, there’s a changing expectation.”

In our INCITE: Politics polling that will be released this afternoon that certainly isn’t the case. Whilst the increased numbers of people wanting selfies with him might be an indicator it isn’t reality. ?

But Little admitted that some of the party’s problems stemmed from?poor?discipline.

“We’ve had difficulty getting cut through….I made the promise when I?became leader we wouldn’t bark at every passing car. And I?kind of got to the beginning of this year and looked back at the last year and lo and behold,?we barked at every passing car.

That was a mistake and one he bore responsibility for, Little said.

“I’m happy to admit to that.”

And yet Labour continues to bark at every passing car. It’s nice to know Andrew reads Whaleoil as I have been saying that exact thing for months. He would do well to buy INCITE: Politics this afternoon too…and find out what I say about that exact situation.

The man is a tool and a fool. Voters just aren’t warming to him…and if they haven’t by now then they aren’t going to, if anything the more exposure he gets the worse it will get for him.


– Fairfax