Little deluded if he thinks things are improving for him


Andrew Little is deluded.

After a trough in the polls, Little believed Labour was bouncing back and said that was shown by the response to him out and about New Zealand. People were stopping him in the street, shaking hands and taking “selfies”.

“There is a mood shift, there’s a changing expectation.”

In our INCITE: Politics polling that will be released this afternoon that certainly isn’t the case. Whilst the increased numbers of people wanting selfies with him might be an indicator it isn’t reality.  

But Little admitted that some of the party’s problems stemmed from poor discipline.

“We’ve had difficulty getting cut through….I made the promise when I became leader we wouldn’t bark at every passing car. And I kind of got to the beginning of this year and looked back at the last year and lo and behold, we barked at every passing car.

That was a mistake and one he bore responsibility for, Little said.

“I’m happy to admit to that.”

And yet Labour continues to bark at every passing car. It’s nice to know Andrew reads Whaleoil as I have been saying that exact thing for months. He would do well to buy INCITE: Politics this afternoon too…and find out what I say about that exact situation.

The man is a tool and a fool. Voters just aren’t warming to him…and if they haven’t by now then they aren’t going to, if anything the more exposure he gets the worse it will get for him.


– Fairfax


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  • JustAnotherLurker

    But, but …. people are taking selfies ….

    • Woody

      They are rushing to get the selfies because they figure he won’t be around for much longer, so……collectors item.

      • Big_Al

        “Collectors Item” Mmmm! Maybe, but it will never be of any value so the selfies are another pointless exercise. Much like most of Labours policies.

    • sheppy

      For that matter… But,but… Twitter says I’m popular…. and then there’s Facebook, oh hang on they don’t talk about Facebook…

    • ploughboy007

      they are after the full set
      hope i havnt missed someone

  • Seriously?

    He is right about changing expectations. I expected him to be rubbish but that they would not dump him before the 2017 election… Now I’m thinking he might not last long.

  • Steve kay

    That quote is from an article that states they will “legalise medical cannabis when they take office”. He then begins to lament on the fact they barked at every passing car last year in an article where he’s barking at a passing car. Has he not done the same with every issue since January also?!

    He can’t even do epiphanies properly.

  • Woody

    Does he not have a 5 o’clock deadline today to meet? Haven’t heard anything yet.

    • Woody

      It seems that he has done something but whatever it is it was not with the fanfare of his original shot to the foot. Article on Stuff

      • Crowgirl

        So in effect, he’s still standing by his defamation. Sue away Mr and Mrs Hagaman.

        • Dumrse

          I wonder if the Hagamans need a couple of bob, it will be my first donate to a give a little page. To give a little to be rid of a little would be like winning a little.

    • SAM51

      He has not apologized so Hagamans have told him they will see him in court – it’s on one news site. Wonder who pays to defend it when they don’t have funds?

      • Usaywot

        Excellent news. What an idiot Little is.

      • Aucky

        A payday whipround in every unionised smoko room in the country for ‘voluntary donations’ is your answer.

      • kayaker

        If you sign up for his newsletters you are privileged to have the opportunity to donate a little. However, if you’re like me I’d rather buy pins/poke eyes.

  • zotaccore

    It’s coined the Little Popularism Effect… the more you hear and see of him the less popular he becomes. It’s a common virus found amongst the loonie left and those of the unionist ilk. Moroney is a classic victim of it, as is others like Septic Cupoloni. I’m afraid there is no cure for it. Not even a shift to the right will help.

  • Isherman

    A question if I might be permitted. Given the polling is released ‘this afternoon’ if a subscription was lodged say from any time right now, would it be for the May issue or would later on be the trick?

    • Greg M

      It’s in today’s edition. Get your wallet out.

      • Isherman

        Thanks Greg.

    • hookerphil

      You have an hour and a half to get the good oil in it, a win to the Crusaders.

  • Caprice

    The only reason Little is still buzzing around the Beehive, is distinct lack of replacements back in the trenches.
    If it was war, would you follow that man up over the parapet and into the charge?

    If I had to share a foxhole with him, I would probably be medivaced out with self inflicted gunshot wounds long before the fighting even started.

  • Nebman

    Ed Miliband – the now former leader of the UK Labour Party also thought selfies translated into popularity and thus votes.

    How did that last UK election work out for Ed again…. Let’s ask Jeremy Corbin!

    Is it possible Little just does no homework at all on this stuff?

  • Guess that confirms he is getting his polling from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • Crowgirl

    Selfies usually mean that you’re popular with the younger set – who usually can’t or don’t vote. Unless he’s being over run by people over the age of 30 for selfies, I remain unimpressed. And as for his upcoming defamation proceedings – well done Andy, *slow clap*

    • Tom

      I take a selfie with him just to post it here for a laugh!

  • geoff2112

    Angry being nailed by Hagamans…..

  • Ross15

    Now it looks like he off to Court –no apology to the Haggaman’s. Little is toast !

  • Cadwallader

    Having a photo with Little is the equivalent of being photo’d with a dodo.

  • Gazza

    Does he really think court action is going to improve his polling , I note the left biased Roy Morgan poll is meant to be out today left

    • shykiwibloke

      Nothing else has worked, so why not try martyrdom

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    I remember David Cunliffe saying the exact same thing, and we all know how that turned out.
    They equate people being nice to him as votes. But most people would be nice to his face, while muttering something else under their breaths as he moves onto the next nice person.

    • axeman

      Yeah Cunliffe gave him some advice “Don’t worry it is early days. Just wait until people get to know you. Hey it worked for me after all! ”

  • Beria

    Little thinks he has a constitutional right to defame anyone who directly or indirectly benefits from doing business with the government so will not apologise to the Hagermans. It’s an interesting defence, but may just be further evidence of his delusional state. Otherwise noone can feel safe from his spite.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    We need to ask Captain YFront is the rush of selfies push this week across to the to the “good week” column? More likely it would only be pencilled in as he is going to get his day in court to defend his defamation charges. Need a rubber to adjust the entry?

  • zotaccore

    I’m confused. Is Little saying that he won’t apologise until the Auditor-Generals report is out? Seems he is trying to address two separate issues in one hit. The Hagamans should seek an immediate court date for a defamation case – the auditor-generals investigation at this point has no bearing upon the act of Little’s defamatory remarks. Tosser.