Little: “Labour will defy the TPPA”

Andrew Little over the weekend spent some time at Labour’s Region 2 conference at Waihi.

During his stay he was filmed by a member talking about the TPPA and changing the government.

To rounds of applause he declared “We don’t have to defy the TPPA. But we will. Labour will defy the TPPA!” Then a bit more quietly amidst the claps he adds “…. If that is what we have to do.

What Andrew “8.9%” Little is saying is that he will threaten our trade relationships and economy because the TPPA doesn’t let him act in an arbitrary and discriminatory way towards foreigners [with chinky sounding names].  

The man is a nutcase.

We’ve already discussed his complete lack of understanding of the deal. We don’t need to go over all his silly claims again.

But this is a deal that has been signed. It will eventually be ratified by member nations.

What this shows is Andrew Little’s complete contempt for the legal process, for rule of law and established international order. This is a very dangerous path for a western politician to go down.

Neither does Andrew Little have the strength of character to make a bold decision and stick to it. Notice how he says “We don’t have to defy the TPPA. But we will. Labour will defy the TPPA”. This sounds scripted, rehearsed even. But then he follows up with a meeker, more instinctive “… if that is what we have to do.”

The good news?

This is entirely academic because Labour is not going to win in 2017 and New Zealander’s aren’t going to let them anywhere near the cabinet table.

But Andrew Little needs to come clean on which international treaties he will decide to defy, because if you will defy the TPPA then you can defy every other international obligation as well.

Labour are simply irresponsible. What is amazing is that Andrew Little thinks he can say things in private and it won’t get out on the internet.


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  • MaryLou

    Is he seriously trying to screw over the country the way they screwed over the asset sales? Even if they’re not within cooee of winning an election, foreigners are always looking at both the main party and the opposition for assessing risk with long term investments in a country. It’s “not a good look” having our second main party showing themselves to be such dangerous thinkers.

    • Wheninrome

      Our 3rd main party are a problem as well. They should all learn to relax and enjoy the fruits of others hard work, that should come naturally to the left party, especially the more left they go.

  • Korau

    Not an exciting, inspiring speaker. Just a guy with his hand in his pocket (I won’t .go there) talking to “his” people and getting a very luke warm reception. Why did I waste 2½ minutes of my life.

    That speech will have shed more of the few people who still see Labour as the answer.

    • Brian Dingwall

      He certainly has the “moving finger”, whether it has writ or not it is time for it to move on….

      I detest in anyone the hectoring, finger-pointing, accusing, style with which he presents.

  • shykiwibloke

    If he is prepared to admit Putting international treaties to one side without a mandate to do so – what NZ laws is he also prepared to ignore? In the eyes of the court they are one and the same.

  • Mighty1

    Does that mean he supports Donald Trump for POTUS? Trump says he will dump the TPPA.

    • shykiwibloke

      When Donald makes an outrageous statement, there is a carefully calculated strategy behind it. I believe Angry is trying to emulate the approach, but has skipped the strategy step.

      • herewego

        I thought the strategy was clear – “steal underpants”

    • Boondecker

      The inner conflict that particular fact must cause the Little’s and lefties of this country must be agonising. Mind you they usually attempt to weakly argue back that Bernie Sanders opposes it too, but Sanders, as everyone but Sanders and his sycophants know, is dead in the water (unless the FBI / DoJ move on Clinton before the Democrat convention, which itself is unlikely as of now).

      If anything, Little’s stance just exposes the the truth that he is diametrically opposed to anything John Key and the National Party supports purely on hopeful populistic political grounds. He’s not thinking for one moment about New Zealand short, medium or long term, or it’s improved trade earning potential when making these statements.

      Little’s just playing the part of the noisy opposition politician; pretending he will be able to do stuff the government can’t and hoping the voting public doesn’t have the where-with-all, understanding and intelligence to know he can’t and won’t. And it would extremely foolish and short-sighted if he tried. Only a fool plays others for fools.

  • Aucky

    So Labour is about to “go stormin’ round New Zealand tellin’ Kiwis what’s really goin’ on.” Sounds as though Andy is cranking up the Big Red Bus again. I’m not sure whether he can rely on David Shearer providing the guitar singalongs this time around.

    • shykiwibloke

      I’m not sure they have the money for fuel in the kitty at present. Have to sell a few tea towels in each town to be able to make it to the next one.

  • axeman

    Plain and simple, the man’s a Muppet

    • Wayne Hodge

      cannot agree, you are being unkind to muppets

      • axeman

        That could well be true

  • Monty

    I just wonder what happened to the instruction from Helen Clark about the tppa? Did little angry andy not get the memo that Clark is a supporter?

    Is she no longer the leader of Labour ( in absentia).

    • Boondecker

      Going by how far left Labour have drifted since the old girl departed, I’m of the opinion Matt McCarten was brought in to wipe that particular slate clean.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Yes he’s a muppet, a muppet who can say say whatever he likes as he will never be in a position to actually lead NZ.

  • Doc45

    Joe Walding must be rolling in his grave. This is scraping the bottom of the gutter stuff.

    • Keeping Stock

      Ah yes, Joe the Catering King. Joe was very much a free-trader, at a time when Labour still purported to represent the working man. He would be aghast at Little’s comments, were he still with us.

  • Keeping Stock

    I’m looking forward to seeing this statement widely reported in the media.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting however; not when you have TV networks making excuses for the Labour as whoever manages The Nation’s Twitter feed was doing at the weekend.

  • Big_Al

    So this is what this idiot is doing. Instead of preaching to the Labour faithful about what they can do to assist with a brighter and better future for NZ, they are, instead, preaching how the will disrupt and destroy both our economy and our international reputation. Any New Zealander with even half a brain will now be running away from Labour as quick as they can.

  • Trev_A

    Labour have always kept their real goals out of the public eyes and often open up at conferences of the faithful. Vicky Buck got up and said “that the Labour Pary should put in writing that they stand for the socialization of the means of production,

  • Trev_A

    the means of distribution and the lending institutions. she got a 5 minute standing ovation Bill Rowling said NZ wasn’t ready for that maybe after we have been in power for a few terms. I hope they are no dinosaurs with ideas like that waiting for the levers of power

  • Cadwallader

    An old adage comes to mind:”There’s a fool born every minute and two to take him down!” This time the two are Robertson and Adern.

    • Zanyzane

      I think they should reconsider David Shearer as leader and David Cunliffe as finance. They just need to drop the Capital Gains Tax and tax everyone fetish which was their downfall in the very first place.

      • Cadwallader

        Based on your definition Robertson and Adern are perfect leaders of a dying party!

  • Zanyzane

    At this rate, the Greens are more responsible than Labour. Andrew Little is just an irresponsible idiot. Maybe the NZ law society should consider deregistering and ban him as a lawyer. A lawyer that wants to throw away the rule book is poor anarchy.

  • JEL51

    So have you got a plan Andrew, because the present reliance on The Dragon sponsored Australian economy/market place is not going to bring in extra $Tax for all your other plans? Where are you going to find other markets Andrew if not with the TPPA….?

  • Greenjacket

    What his shows is that
    (a) Andrew Little deep down is most comfortable with the hard-left/ex-Alliance that now control the Labour Party and he doesn’t really care if his statements might scare off middle NZ voters; and
    (b) he has no “message discipline” because his speech is contrary to Labour’s Parliamentary strategy (for the past few months Labour in Parliament have been trying to have the TPP Bill voted on clause by clause so they can have a position of “we’re only against certain sections of the TPP but we’re still pro free-trade”).

  • Julian Garrett

    Yes, it has been signed. By us. Not yet by the US. And with Trump, Sanders and now Crooked Hillary all coming out strongly in favour of protectionism – I’ll wager $1000 with anyone here that it will never get done.

    Politics aside – this has stopped being so much about politics and more about how the perception of these trade deals has cost jobs in the US.

    NZ stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the TPPA, but even by the governments estimates it will add only another 2.7 billion to our current 200 billion GDP. Hey that’s great – whatever helps to build our economy I am of course all for. But only 1%? And with ISDS clauses attached? And the chance that we’d have to adopt a US style of patent protection system (I own a tech company, and this frightens me more than any other part of it) And no backing out.

    I’d be careful what you wish for.

  • Jim460

    So Labour’s policy is that abiding by a treaty is optional. That is certainly an interesting perspective.