Little’s flawed strategy

Richard Harman explain’s Labour’s and Andrew Little’s flawed strategy.

As the political fallout from the Panama papers begins to settle it is clear that the debate has become quite simply the Prime Minister against the Leader of the Opposition.

National politicians over the weekend at the party’s regional conference were all perplexed by Labour’s tactics and most concluded that the party appeared to have no organised strategy.

Instead, it had been left to Labour Leader Andrew Little to go head to head with Prime Minister John Key.

But that was Labour’s strategy.

Labour sources say they want  Mr Little focus on the Prime Minister and portray him as a rich foreign exchange dealer looking after his “mates” from the finance sector.

As part of this strategy it has been decided Mr Little will be the sole spokesperson the Panama papers.

It is a stupid strategy. It is the same strategy that Labour has used since since 2007 and failed.

Labour are busily leaking salted figures to the Press Gallery that the PM’s favourables are slipping, but I’m not seeing that with our exclusive polling from Curia that is released each month in INCITE: Politics.

They are also lying to their caucus by telling them that Labour is currently polling at 32% when the reality is probably some 6% below that.

By lying to themselves with internal polling they are developing a strategy based on those lies and are achieving predictably bad results.

Labour has argued for some time that the soft National vote flakes off because of concerns about the Prime Minister’s style and approach to politics.

But the problem for Labour is that when the voters do depart National, they tend to go to New Zealand First.

That was the trend that allowed Winston Peters to win the Northland by-election just over a year ago.

POLITIK understands that there is polling currently available which confirms that and shows a sizeable shift out of National and into NZ First.

A flawed strategy from Labour for sure.

The Panama Papers “scandal” has blown up in their face. There is simply no one of interest and the big reveal was that lawyers do trust work. Labour look nasty, vindictive and out of touch.


– Politik


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  • phronesis

    NZFirst do absolutely nothing and have essentially no media profile. If people are leaving National for NZF then they must rate Labour as worse than nothing.

  • shykiwibloke

    A strategy based on ego, doing what comes naturally for a unionist. Expect the party will strike next and claim to be ‘locked out of Parliament’ that ought to work!

  • Wasapilot

    When angry loses the nexr election, he will blame John Key for that too.

    • Blokeinauckland

      And on the note he will be right.

  • ploughboy007

    another mistake was only only getting tvnz and rnz as there special alienated the other members of the media party and they have not carried on as they would normally. so the attack as splinted and run out of air.

  • Isherman

    Maybey it’s worth remembering that the Labour Caucus is a house somewhat divided too, particularly on the leadership, so if a clearly daft strategy of letting Little go head to head with Key was proposed, and I was not a supporter of Andrews Little’s leadership, I would be actively encouraging it too.

  • Left Right Out

    After scanning the papers and online news the reds are really the only ones carrying on about the pan paps… sure the greens still bring it up, but only because they are offended their mates at greenwar… sorry greenpeace where in the database along with one of their MP’s.

    King was ripped apart by Hosking over Angry and his views on trusts this morning…. These guys just bounce around hoping and praying without thinking.

    Overseas buyers was a bust… so it’s now back to making more land available. I’m sure most of the absolute venom spouted on social media is not because of what the Nats are doing but how badly the reds are doing


  • Dog Breath

    So it’s Labour’s view that JK is unsuitable to be PM because he has wealth that he earned legitimately. So in their view anyone not just JK who have wealth earned through legitimate means that they deemedI inmoral is not fit for PM. Taking this further so really succesful people are not suitable to be PM that the position of PM should be from less succesful people. What a brillant strategy NOT.

    • Crowgirl

      If that’s the case then Little is well suited to the job – can’t win an election, has nothing to show for millions of dollars of earnings, can’t even legitimately win the leadership of his own party.

  • Positan

    The worst side of Little’s stupidity is that everything he’s tried to do with all his nebulous utterances has only sought to achieve one thing – his own attempted glorification and prominence. Little’s efforts have been so blatant and obvious that no part of them whatsoever can be viewed as even remotely rendered somehow in the supposed belief it would be of interest to the electorate or benefit to the country.

  • zanyzane

    It looks more like flowing from Labour to NZFirst rather than from National

  • Nebman

    No-one likes a bully and more than that, no-one likes to see a bully picking on their mates and regardless of anything else, Labour have made this a school fight between their Grub and the local popular kid.

    John Key may be many things but he understands that his persona is that of a very likable, Kiwi bloke, that the majority of folk would be quietly happy to sit down and have a beer with.

    The collective “we” are certainly not going to let a Bully get rid of him. He’ll go when we’re finished with him and not before thank you very much.

  • Blokeinauckland

    Breaking news – Emma Watson (Hermione) fingered in the Panama Papers. Says she wants her private life kept private. Another non drug running, non known rich prick going about their lawful business. Maybe she can put a hex on Hager and return him to his half sucked throatie roots.

  • Tom

    If they wanted to play the “leaders personality ” game they should have stuck with Shearer. Little ‘s personality is ” angry” and nobody likes that.

  • Positan

    The million dollar question – how much longer can Little pretend that he’s any sort of hope for Labour?

    • one for the road

      Million dollar answer – as long as he has the backing of the unions, no one else can become leader without their support!

      • Positan

        Even with all the union collective’s goodwill, just how long are the unions going to tolerate the visibly constant weakening of their political position?