Little’s litany of lies

Reshuffle? Got to try something, I suppose

Facts?   Ermmmm….

The government is dismissing Labour’s criticism of it’s record in office as “just a pile of slogans”.

Party leader Andrew Little on Sunday used a pre-budget speech to accuse National of tilting the economy in favour of the rich.

“If working New Zealanders’ share of the economy hadn’t shrunk under National, the average family would now be $50 a week better off,” he said.

“Under the last Labour government, the share of economic growth going to wage and salary earners was over 50 per cent – today it’s 37 per cent.”

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says the data doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, and under National average wages have increased from $46,500 to $57,750 – more than twice the rate of inflation.

“He’s literally incorrect,” Mr Joyce told NZ Newswire.

Little’s a bald faced liar.

Ever since Labour has been dominated by the unions, the speeches have all been union speeches.  They work well when you are yelling at the choir, but they don’t stand any extended scrutiny.  Labour has a near-perfect record of making speeches in opposition that are riddled with lies, mistakes and mathematical errors.

Mr Little didn’t announce new policies in his speech choosing instead to list what he considered to be the government’s failures and explain what Labour would do.

“We will back the hopes and aspirations of middle New Zealand and have zero tolerance for poverty,” he said.

“That is what this government should do – and I will hold them to the challenge.”

Labour telling people what this government should do, not what it will do when it is in government.




– Peter Wilson, NZN via Yahoo!



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  • Christie

    Middle New Zealand is exactly where Labour should be looking to pick up votes. But instead, they alienate people trying to make a living by concentrating on the fringes. They will increase the number of jobs – but the oppose the TPPA. They want middle NZ to do better – and will increase taxes when they are in government. They will never eliminate poverty – because of the current OECD definition of poverty, based on average wages. All they are doing is appealing to their usual members – who are moving to NZ First in droves.

  • Keeping Stock

    When an entire generation is
    locked out of ever owning their own home, that is a crisis.

    That might indeed be a crisis, if “an entire generation” was ever locked out of owning their own home. But to claim that now is a bald-faced lie.

    My daughter is 25, and her partner is 26. They have just celebrated their first year of home ownership. What Little should have said was “An entire generation of entitled young
    people is locking itself out of the housing market because they aren’t
    prepared to start on the bottom rung of the property ladder like our
    generation did, and they want to live in the same suburb where they
    work, and not further out like our generation had to.”

    That would be a whole lot closer to the truth than the hyperbolic fiction spoken by Little yesterday. Making such a statement might have even earned him some grudging respect. But instead Little speaks in absolutes, and what he says is easily rebutted. If he is the best Labour has to articulate its position, they may as well not contest next year’s election and save themselves from humiliation.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I genuinely wonder if Labour will ever hold seat at the head table, ever again? There is simply nothing but static coming from them. The odd time something coherent does come through, it gets undone almost immediately by the recurring crackle of static that is so annoying and unpleasant to the ears, one must simply switch off.

    Labours policies are out of this world, in fact so far out they’re in a vacuum where there is no sound, no oxygen, nothing that can give them life.

    Quite simply…they are dead. Like a worm that’s lost its head, but what’s left keeps twitching spariodically not realising the brains gone.

    • Gazza

      They genuinely have no hope of sitting at the head of the table with the unions owning Labour , their rhetoric of banning ,forcing , riding rough shot , strong arming , and smearing will never see Mr 7% in government , Peters has warned he cant back them in the mid 20’s

    • Left Right Out

      I heard Angry briefly on the radio this morning… sadly I was busy making coffee and didn’t hear the whole conversation, but I did catch him saying he didn’t know how national would pay for that they would have to borrow from overseas…… wish I knew what it was…

      But, I honestly don’t know how the reds will pay for any of their madd hatter policies let alone one of them….. other than taxing the hell out of us all

  • Genevieve

    Andrew Little displays his socialist tendencies by using language that is too broad in its condemnation, hyperbolic, melodramatic and meant to arouse passion rather than to persuade the intellect. Herein lies his problem.

  • contractor

    Taken over 8 years the wage increase under National @ 2.75% compounding per annum against vastly lower inflation than under Labour is a huge improvement on that under Labour.

    Poverty was alive and well under Labour after 9 years to reduce it which they did not. Simply, with average wages moving from $46,500 to $57,750 against lower inflation the long tail of low to middle wage earners are earning much more.

    • Mike Webber

      Reserve Bank monetary inflation figure is 7.7%. Do not be fooled by the CPI bulldust. Our per capita income has dropped from 6th in 1950 to 40th now, as total tax as risen from 17% of GDP to over 45% now, that is the problem which ever socialist Government we elect.

      • arnietm

        6th to 40th,That is because we were $1-50 to the $US1 in 1950. Of course we have never been able to to develop our mineral resources which other countries have. We could have in a controlled sustainable way and be far better off.

  • benniedawg

    Andy keeps on keeping on in the embarrassment stakes. He is a bit like the punter that turns up to a party/gathering with nothing to contribute to the event except excuses. ‘The bullying National party stole my beers I was bringing’. ‘The food was needed for a poverty experiment’. By making a pre budget speech people have once again been drawn to his inadequacies and those of his party. On the plus side, better the voters see exactly what their choices are.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    So many holes in the rant from Captain YFront there is no need to crunch the numbers since they are fictitious to start with. Must be a poll due soon to illustrate how far he has slipped.

  • Beria

    Grant Robertson promising to increase taxes by an uncertain amount and for an uncertain purpose in 2017 is the best commentary on Little’s speech. There is no magic and the middle class will pay for everything his leader has promised and more. I hope Andy fronts up with a couple of pottles of Chris Hipkins’ oysters to show that he can hold a genuine concern about something.

    • zotaccore

      Cardigan Man hasn’t clue about the economy and how to finance it. He’s just another card carrying beltway loonie who professes to have substantive knowledge about how it should be run. How embarrassing it must be for him to get so much wrong, yet be completely oblivious to it.