Looks like Dotcom admitted he is a crook

Kim Dotcom thought he was being funny yesterday, but appears to have shot himself in the foot again, and Pete helpfully assisted the fool aim at his feet:

2016-05-15So it appears that Kim Dotcom has admitted he is a crook.  

Chris Keall also has a crack at the fool at NBR:

A Panama Papers tweet by Kim Dotcom has gone viral:

Dotcom posted:

John Key’s tax haven defense sounds much like Megaupload: “We are just a service provider. Not responsible for unlawful conduct by users.”

NewsTalk ZB’s Andrew Dickens responded, “I’m afraid he does have a point.”

He doesn’t.

Dotcom’s US attorney, Ira Rothken, has argued that Megaupload was just like Dropbox or YouTube or any other service that stores and shares files online – that is, file sharing a neutral technology that can be used for good, or bad.

It’s a variation on the old argument that if thieves rob a bank, then escape by car along State Highway One, the police wouldn’t prosecute NZTA on the basis it manages the road.

But here’s the thing: the US Department of Justice isn’t arguing that file lockers are bad per se.

On the basis of intercepted Skype conversations, it’s alleging that Dotcom and his co-accused paid cash incentives to people who uploaded infringing files and that (despite statements to the contrary), the Megaupload crew worked with third-parties to make pirated content easily discoverable. Dotcom also faces money laundering and racketeering charges. Now, who knows – the DOJ might be over-reaching, but it is not simply saying Dotcom should be extradited simply because he operated a cloud storage service that was at times (like rivals) used for piracy.

I can’t wait for the day Dotcom is extradited. It is going to happen, there is nothing he can do to stop it.





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  • Tracy

    Is he ever going to be extradited though? This farce has gone on for years and he is still here.

    • stephen2d

      I would not be surprised he has his greasy hands over the Panama “leak” and as the “leaker” (hacker) asked for “immunity in order to cooperate with authorities”. Immunity for what, this job or even things in the past?

      • Dave

        I have no doubt he was the puppet master, financed and organised it all, but did not dirty his fingers doing the work. It is also said, there was no actual hack of the panama papers, it was more likely to be an internal job, which is possible if enough $$$$$$ was offered. No proof, but the past form fits the theory.

    • zotaccore

      Everyone is hoping that, but hope doesn’t always bring reality. I don’t think the system in NZ has the guts to extradite him and expeditiously at that. It’s difficult to work out if the NZ justice system has any sense all. I could be criticized for blaming the wrong system… that would be a fair call I guess, but someone, anyone has to be responsible for allowing this buffoon to stay here.

  • venator

    Nah. He is a gamer. Something lost in translation there.

  • Kevin

    Also the FBI is alleging that Megaupload’s employees with the knowledge of Dotcom actually uploaded copyrighted files, in effect “seeding” the site.


    “MegaUpload, a YouTube competitor, was faced with the late-mover problem. Most content producers were already active on YouTube, and there was no incentive for them to participate in a new platform with a smaller market of viewers. MegaUpload couldn’t succeed with the same ‘get-producers-on-board’ strategy. Consequently, it focused exclusively on consumers (viewers) by seeding the platform with content internally and specifically seeding content which was increasingly being policed on YouTube (Copyrighted, pirated videos and porn). MegaUpload got significant traction trying to solve an ‘under-served’ need but in the process, ended up exposing itself to lawsuits and the like.

    It’s interesting, though, to note that as the second mover, MegaUpload had very little room to compete in and couldn’t compete head-on following the same user acquisition strategy. This is often the case with a late-mover competitor and, as in the case of MegaUpload, the competitor tried an alternative seeding strategy (in-house seeding of videos).”

  • Ross15

    The interesting thing with the NBR piece are the comments below. They reflect the fact that NBR has just about let itself be taken over by the lefties –anything that is on the NBR site now that can be twisted into having a go at John Key , they in there like sheep one after the other.

    • Keal himself is a ranging leftie. It’s absurd for a business paper/site

    • Anthony

      And given a lot of NBR content is behind a paywall I wonder whether most of those lefties are government employees making anti-government comments as they themselves are getting paid by the government and their access paid by the government?? Not sure why NBR don’t do a better job at moderation of their comments.

  • Keeping Stock

    Let’s not forget with regard to Dotcom’s extradition that the facts of the case have already been established. Dotcom is only able to appeal against the Judge having made an error IN LAW, and legal friends of mine who have read the judgment have described it as watertight on matters of law.

  • James M

    “It’s a variation on the old argument that if thieves rob a bank, then escape by car along State Highway One, the police wouldn’t prosecute NZTA on the basis it manages the road.”

    Thats not quite Dotcon’s argument. His is closer to “If a bank is robbed at knife point, don’t blame the retailer for selling the knife”.

    Though this argument doesn’t work so well for him because most retailers that I know of don’t pay their customers incentives for robbing banks with their wares. Unlike his business model.

  • The Fat Man

    He has a point.

    Except that Mega Upload was a public road open to anybody.

    Off shore trusts are the domain of the very Wealthy.

    So would you prosecute the NZTA if they built the road for private purposes and charged a very high Toll to exclude the plebs and it was used primarily for criminal purposes and others who could afford the price. The Police were excluded and not able to enforce traffic laws.

    For legal purposes this road was like Customs and Immigration point of entry, a Nation less no mans land. Where you were not subject to the local laws, because you were not conducting business with the borders.

    Where can I sign up.