So many promises, but no way of paying for them

Andrew Little has made so many promises, but hasn’t told us how he intends paying for them.

Labour leader Andrew Little has used a pre-Budget speech to accuse National of neglecting ‘middle New Zealand’ and promised a Labour government would do more for housing affordability and health.

There were no new policy announcements in Mr Little’s speech, which focused mainly on criticising National’s record and accused it of favouring “the few at the very top.”

Mr Little said if Labour was in charge of this year’s Budget it would invest heavily in new infrastructure to kick kickstart the economy.

“And to help everyone succeed, the Government I lead will address the real causes of the housing crisis.” He said Housing Minister Nick Smith was “flailing round with gimmicks” such as special housing areas and releasing Crown land for housing.

“We can’t keep going like this. If we do, we’re going to be left with a country where home ownership becomes the privilege of just a very lucky few rather than a birth right for most Kiwis.” He said restoring widespread homeownership should be a priority and listed Labour’s plans to ban overseas buyers buying a house unless it was a new build.  

“It’s a commonsense solution that our current government has opposed for far too long.”

He also promised to ensure more houses were built, both by replacing Auckland’s urban limit and “a mass home building programme to deliver new, affordable homes in Auckland and round the country.”

I can’t wait for him to say this in a debate. John Key will simply bark “Show me the money”…again and again and again.

Take the promise of building affordable homes. It’s a joke. The home will be affordable for only the first person to buy it, after that it is on the open market and unless they will be covenanted to stop prices rising on them it won’t be any more affordable than any other house 5 minutes after it is sold to the lucky first buyer who stands to make a tidy sum almost immediately.

What is the infrastructure he is planning on investing heavily in? More weasel words.

What should alarm most though is it appears Labour has plans to increases taxes to fund their lolly scramble, but the only people they can do that to is the “rich”. Labour will start bashing the “top end” as Little did yesterday.

In order to pull it all off they need to create an us and them division. It’s a typical union strategy but it isn’t a political one.

Promising to build billions in new housing, billions in new infrastructure and billions more in health is going to mean Labour will campaign on tax increases while John Key campaigns on tax cuts.

That won’t go well for Labour, and Bill English will probably get the monkey off his back of the lowest result for a major political party.

 – NZ Herald


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  • Wayne Hodge

    Home ownership is not a birthright. Where on earth does this fantasy come from?

    Little has clearly lost the plot, or he is deliberately stoking a particularly nasty fire of envy and hatred of success which smoulders away in parts of NZ society.If the latter I detect the hand of McCarten.

    • Cadwallader

      Of course it isn’t a birthright. Who builds mud-huts in Africa or igloos in the Arctic? The government? I think not. Little/McCarten are a sick combo it ever there was one.

  • Wheninrome

    Tax the rich, an oldie but a goodie from the cloth cap brigade. Worked in the past they think, will work again they think.
    The problem for Little is that the majority of the tax paying public would fall under his umbella of tax the rich. He needs to keep up most in NZ are doing okay, this is middle NZ, these are the people he is trying to preach to, these are the people who have voted National in, life is pretty good for them, why would they change.

    • Simo

      Exactly, as usually Andy is sleepwalking backwards into the next election

  • Big_Al

    Was watching the TV1 news last night and when the Angry little man started to criticise the National Govt. i changed channels. He just does’nt learn, does he. This tactic has’nt worked for him so far and has actually cost him votes.
    As for how he would pay for all his “pie in the sky” policies, he would just put his hand into the Govt. purse and go mad. God help us all if he ever got that chance as the country would be bankrupt in no time.

  • Eiselmann

    Tax the wealthy, print more money, tax the wealthy., set up a department run by committees to investigate where savings can be made, tax the wealthy. Encourage people to leave NZ thereby reducing the pressure on house prices, tax the wealthy.

    Its simple really ,I’ve no doubt Grant ‘Trust me ‘ Robertson has read a book that says just that. He might even copy and paste it and call it Labour Party Policy, its not like they haven’t done that before.

    • Big_Al

      That is the “wealthy” that have worked damn hard to get there, and who also pay the major portion of taxes that fund all this countries bludgers, and that includes the current Labour party. The same wealthy that employ the many thousands of workers, without whom we would’nt have employment. Yes! Great idea Grant Robertson, you have no idea and have always been a trougher.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Angry Andy, a talking muppet!

  • Gladwin

    Andy is out of his depth and now has no credibility.

  • Graeme

    If they ever get in power the first thing said will be “the previous Government has left things in such a dire situation that we can’t afford to carry out our promises until after the next election.”

    • OneTrack

      But they will still put up tax rates anyway – to get the rich pricks.

  • Christie

    If Andy is trying to appeal to ‘middle New Zealand’, he needs to appeal to people like me, who might consider voting for him at the next election. You have got to be kidding.

  • BR

    Andrew Little seems to be clueless about anything that does not involve union blackmail and thuggery.


  • Mav E Rick

    Little has been open about “stiff arming” the banks.You wait and he see – he will soon want to be “stiff arming” the taxpayer. This is how union thugs work.

  • R&BAvenger

    Labour – inept and unable to learn anything from past mistakes. Tax and spend is only a vote winner to those who seem to think the rest of us ‘owe’ them a living. It’s too hard to think, plan, make an effort and do it off of your own bat, for some.

    “Middle’ NZers are made of better stuff than that imho.

  • JustanObserver

    I didn’t realise that NZ’s economy was in such despair that it needed “Kickstarting” ?
    Considering that we rate in the top few percentages globally for economies which are performing well, and whose people are enjoying a happy & comfortable way of life …
    I now know where Labour’s “Missing Millions” are,
    They reside quite happily with the rest of “Middle NZ” and have no need for the ‘red-sweater’ they used to wear on cold wintery nights, they are comfortable with their blu-ish skies above each day.

  • Catriona

    Crickey, if Andy’s out of his depth, then there’s absolutely no hope ever of Robbo or Jacinda taking on the reigns of power. Labour is well and truly stuffed!!!!!

  • pirate vs ninja

    Housing affordability in NZ is a joke. Even if a smart man, let’s call him Andy, were to earn $800k over a couple of years, he still couldn’t afford to pay off his mortgage or make any investments. Clearly there is something wrong in this country. Luckily Labour will be able to find lots of pricks with considerably higher salaries than Andy to tax the bejeezus out of.

  • Christie

    I see on Stuff that Grant Robertson has admitted that Labour will increase taxes as soon as they are in Government. That will appeal to middle New Zealand, eh?

  • Abjv

    Build the houses through Housing NZ. That make it part of their state hoping policy. Sell some of these properties at discounted rates to a select set of individuals. That makes it part of the affordable housing policy. Mandate it that the only agency the house can be sold to is Housing NZ, which ensures the first owner doesn’t bank the difference between “affordable” price and market price. Let it bed in for two years, the spin this off as a new agency and mandate that it is responsible for all housing sales in the country and be the final determinant of price. Matches a state control policy and stops the wealthy making money off housing investments.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Dreams and now pie from Captain YFront. Rhubarb naturally and not cherry. Then he attempts to venture into unknown territory known as middle NZ. As might be expected he seems to think it is like Middle World where you make stuff up as you go. Instead giving us his last stuff-up for the week capping off yet another bad week.
    Then as if he couldn’t seem to get any worse he claims this morning that “his Government” would fix the perceived housing crisis in one (1) term. What a truly amazing character? Reah right.

  • Left Right Out

    I was not aware the NZ economy was in any trouble and therefore needed to be kick started…. perhaps he is getting his information from the same place they get their polling figures from

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Labour are doing just fine. Ssshhhhh