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Most Valuable Export of African Countries

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  • cows4me

    Where’s the slaves?

    • James M

      They don’t export them anymore hence not on this map. Still in country though, mostly located in the pink , green, black, yellow and orange areas.

  • JohnO

    It is a sign of Africa’s economic backwardness that nearly all the most valuable products for the country are mined like gold and diamonds. There are a few agricultural products that are valuable such as coffee and grains. Bad government gives no incentive to risk capital on starting a business, and if it did succeed the succesfull person would culturally be bound to hand over what ever surplus of goods they had to who ever needs it most. Until they develop systems of private property, respect for hard work, and respect for women they are all going to remain in poverty. The best hope for bringing the people to a state where they can sustain a market economy and its wealth-generating energy is the widespread Christian evangelisation that is going on in most of sub-saharan africa.

    • Totara

      Africa us also burdened by decades of western aid. Rather than having helped people, western aid has distorted countries’ economies by taking away the incentive for any entrepreneurial people to produce their own goods and services. What aid has incentivised is government corruption.

      This has been well summarised in .

      • JohnO

        The west has thrown billions on aid without being responsible enough to check whether or not it was a help or a hindrance. It has been a hindrance.