Annette King tries to make a budget increase sound like a budget cut

New leaked documents show 10 district health boards face cuts in this year’s Budget.


Leaked by Labour, of course.  Who got it from their union flunkies.

Yet the whole budget will go up by 340 million.  Plus, those DHBs that need it less than others are having a little taken away.   Here are the details.

Funding difference by your region for 2016-2017:


Northland: 2.13 percent
Auckland City: 0.49 percent
Counties Manukau: 0.13 percent
Bay of Plenty: 1.49 percent
Waikato: 1.50 percent
Lakes District: 3.06 percent
Gisbourne/Tairawhiti: 2.70 percent
Whanganui: 0.60 percent
Palmerston North: 0.82 percent
Southern: 0.80 percent


Waitemata: -0.51 percent
Hakwes Bay: -0.01 percent
Wairarapa: -0.15 percent
Taranaki: -0.29 percent
Hutt: -0.15 percent
Capital and Coast: -1.54 percent
Nelson/Malborough: -0.75 percent
Christchurch: -0.98 percent
South Canterbury: -0.15 percent

But this is how Labour is selling it

Labour deputy leader and health spokesperson Annette King concedes some DHBs will be better off in the Budget, but says it all comes down to where you live.

She accuses the Government of “postcode surgery” and told The Nation “it depends where you live as to whether you will meet the financial threshold of that DHB and get an operation”.

Ms King says figures from Infometrics show health has been underfunded to the tune of $1.7 billion over the past five years.

Even TV3, usually keen to sell Labour’s spin, can’t stomach these contortions.

DHBs in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch all face cuts in real terms, although DHB funding in dollar terms will be going up $340 million overall. […]

Dr Coleman says in his time as minister, health funding has gone up by $4 billion.

“During the time that I’ve been Minister of Health, funding has been ahead of inflation.

“There’s no way you can say that health funding has been cut [in real terms].”

Nope.  But it’s the same old dead horse King has been whipping for months now.  Even the media done with it.


– Newshub



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  • Nige.

    It was a failed hit job by Owen on Coleman.

    Coleman has grown into the job and is showing that he can keep calm while being shrieked at by one of the least appealing “personalities” on NZ TV.

    • Aucky

      Owen is coming up short all too often these days.

      • LovetoTeach

        IMO this is because she is concentrating on trying to do a hit job instead of just doing her job and asking questions

  • rantykiwi

    The orchestrated litany of lies emanating from King at the moment really makes me wonder if she’s going to retire. Being branded a disingenuos purveyor of fiction won’t matter if she’s not going to stand again.

  • Mags

    Presumabably funding should change over time to reflect population fluctuations. Is this why there is a need for allocation?

  • one for the road

    Apparently she wasnt that good at maths at school, and hasnt been to night school in her latter years, so it no wonder that she cannt add and deduce the logic of simple maths plus/minus addition…. Sound familiar?

    • zotaccore

      But dental nurses are supposed to be able to count teeth right? Such a meteoric rise from pulling teeth to pulling out porkies.

  • Dog Breath

    I have respect for Annette however the harsh reality is her greatest achievement outside of Parliament was obtaing a BA and post grad dipoma in dental nursing rising to tutor at dentist school verse Johnathon Coleman, started as GP here in NZ and the UK. Did time as a doctor in the flying doctor service in Aussie and obtained a MBA in London, did time with PricewaterhouseCoopers as a consultant on health matters, another stint as GP before becoming an MP. This difference between National and Labour goes right through each parties list.