Media party in lockstep with Labour as they continue the Key smear

You know when John Key pastes Andrew Little in the house, the story is well down the hour and they lead with something else…like Leicester City winning the Premier League wogball.

They still rolled out Patrick Gower to try to shock-horror his way though a pretty lame attempt by Little and James Shaw to continue the smear.

Prime Minister John Key has denied in parliament that he had anything to do with IRD’s decision not to review foreign trust rules.

Mr Key faced a grilling at question time today over an issue that’s been festering since early last week when it was revealed his personal lawyer, Ken Whitney, used his name when he lobbied against tightening the rules.

Mr Little asked Mr Key about people close to him receiving “special treatment” and Mr Key denied that.

He said Mr Whitney and a group of trust lawyers met Mr McClay to discuss their concerns, which was standard procedure.

“They didn’t get special treatment. They were entitled to raise their concerns,” he said.  

Opposition MPs have been saying IRD had intended reviewing the rules but decided not to after Mr Whitney spoke to Mr Key and then led a delegation of trust lawyers at a meeting with the then revenue minister, Todd McClay.

In parliament today Labour’s Grant Robertson questioned Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse about the IRD’s reasons for not reviewing the rules.

“The view at the time was that this would have required the Inland Revenue Department to dedicate significant resources to an area that did not affect New Zealand’s revenue base,” Mr Woodhouse said.

“Other issues on the tax work programme were deemed more important by both IRD officials and the then minister.”

Labour leader Andrew Little says the IRD had started work on the review, which was in an action plan given to ministers in November 2014.

“After the December meeting between Todd McClay and Ken Whitney the minister ordered a halt to the review,” Mr Little said in a statement.

“It’s remarkable how quick this review was scrapped.

“There’s no way Todd McClay – a new minister – would not have felt pressure from above.”

Shows what Andrew Little knows about Todd McClay. Andrew Little is digging a deep hole for himself and now, after his Twitter cock-up, no one is even listening to him anymore.

Still, you know the hit was a failure when some Pommy town winning wogball leads the news.




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  • Seriously?

    I love this stuff. The political machinations. But politicians need to remember that it is not, for the most part, our votes they are after. Most of us have pretty set ideas about how we will vote.

    Politicians need to seek the votes of the mass of voters. Those who don’t follow this type of stiff. My wife is one of them.

    Last night we watched some of the TV3 news, and Gower gave a cross from parliament where he spoke breathlessly about the trust / lawyer / lobbying issue. My wife just laughed at him and said “that is just silly”, and walked of to do something that mattered to her.

    One day they might come up with something that matters to the mass of voters. A problem they now face is that if they do, the voters may have been deafened by the cries of wolf.

    • Cadwallader

      I suppose there is a sort of co-dependence between politicians and their reporters ie Mr Gower. The politicians need mindless repeaters like Gower to spread their messages no matter how weak and/or irrelevant, while Gower and co would be unemployed were it not for the odd bit of rubbish dressed-up as a story being passed their way. The good thing for the rest of us is that both sides are easy enough to ignore given that their “stories” are petty and designed to foment feelings where otherwise there’d be nothing.

    • pisces8284

      Two minutes into Mike Hosking ‘Politics Wednesday’ with Joyce and King the radio off button comes into play. I agree with your wife

  • Mike Houlding

    Opposition parties are no longer a distraction to most voters, they have become so pathetic as to be irrelevant. Sneers from Paddy Gower are great for Key’s ratings.

  • Toby

    Every reasonable person in NZ can see there is absolutely nothing to this story. But the left and media party continue to faff on about it like they finally have one over key.

    In reality they just sound like the proverbial playground child who says “I’m gonna tell on you” which everyone hates.

    Carry on Mr Little and continue to make yourself look like a git.

  • Aucky

    If Shaw’s efforts at QT yesterday were downright incompetent then Little’s questioning under #Q3 was just pathetic. Memo to the Speaker: please stop kowtowing to Annette King and call her out on her continuous heckling. Name her, shame her and if necessary throw her out.

    • Both of them were inept.

      Little was trying ( and failing ) to queer the pitch with his narrative. It didn’t work. Key played a straight bat to all of the grubby little remarks and insinuations. Well played that man. It wasn’t even close. When will they all learn you need to play the ball and not the man?? – actually don’t answer that, playing the man is straight out of the left’s playbook. it appears to be their only play.

      Shaw had basically shown his hand even before the QT questions were asked. I can only assume he was being advised to “build some momentum” with all of his calls for an inquiry and the like before parliament sat??. Another fail. The look at the end as someone posted earlier was priceless. Completely destroyed. although i’m not sure the bewildered look would be what he thought he’d achieved with his line of questioning….he probably thinks he’d won the day. Ahhhhh, no James. No you didn’t.

      And then on the way home last night, Grunter Robertson was still attempting to shill the “public demand an inquiry” line to the ever so vaccuous Ms Smalley- who unsurprisingly was lapping it up…I caught enough of it before i realised that Larry was away and quickly changed the station to something that wasn’t so painful to my ears.

      • Wayne Hodge

        ZB is a poor shadow of what it used to be. The proportion of bias rises daily.

  • R&BAvenger

    The view at the time was that this would have required the Inland Revenue Department to dedicate significant resources to an area that did not affect New Zealand’s revenue base,” Mr Woodhouse said.

    “Other issues on the tax work programme were deemed more important by both IRD officials and the then minister.”

    Good answer – and so obvious. Why would you divert significant resources to an area that does not affect NZ’s revenue base? Is Labour suggesting that as government, they would have taken a different action? hardly.
    More proof of their unsuitability to govern.

    • Wheninrome

      That is actually the crux of it. No effect on any revenue gathered for the government or the people of NZ. Why waste time or money on it.
      There is sharing of tax information between countries (I am led to believe) so let other countries whose tax revenue is being effected do all the hardwork,. publicise the results and we can piggyback on that.
      Do not waste our money on something that does not effect us. We have so much locally that needs addressing in the tax situation, gang money, etc.,

  • Effluent

    Top of front page in the Uk Daily Telegraph today -‘Labour Party suspends 50 for racism ‘. Here, the equivalent should read ‘Labour party suspends 5 for blithering incompetence and wilful stupidity…’ , except that I doubt whether they have even 50 paid up members.
    Anyway, the parallels are striking,: both here and in the uk, labour parties have abandoned their raison d’etre, anfd fallen victim to entryism. In the uk, by the hard left; hete by the dullard activists.
    the results will be the same for both – oblivion. But the interesting question is, who will inherit the disenfranchised left-leaning voters?

    • Wayne Hodge

      you are so right. Yet Corbyn in UK refuses to acknowledge the problem. Here I doubt Little even realises there is a problem, after all we just have to find the missing million who really, really want hard left policies. Yeah, cue Tui ad

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Captain YFront says “the IRD had started work on the review, which was in an action plan given to ministers in November 2014.”
    This again highlights the continuing levels of incompetence displayed by so many good union card holding bureaucrats who in so many situations are working against the Government of the day. Leaks and high levels of stirring seem more of a priority than their deficiencies of competence left unchecked when if they occurred in the private sector would be dealt with.
    This is no new development but has been building to alarming levels with bigger cases of the PC virus. It is easy to get numerous examples of endless time being wasted on totally non-productive tasks and the Captain’s statement helps illustrate this.