You might not have a say in the matter Mike

Mike McRoberts, the other half of the poorly rating news readers at Newshub reckons he is committed to staying with Mediaworks.

Committed is an interesting turn of phrase.

MediaWorks’ star news presenter Mike McRoberts has committed to staying with the company.

McRoberts, who is grieving the resignation of his long-time co-presenter and friend Hilary Barry, said on Friday he would not be following suit.

“I have committed myself to stay,” he said following a speech he gave at an administrative professional’s luncheon in Invercargill. McRoberts told management and staff of his intention to stay with the company, where he has been for 15 years.

His public commitment to the company comes on the heels of chief executive Mark Weldon stepping down after a recent string of high-profile staff left the company, including popular broadcasters John Campbell, Barry and former TV3 head of news Mark Jennings.   

Speculation has also been rife that Barry may reconsider her decision to resign now Weldon is heading out the door.

McRoberts said there had been “talk” the management at MediaWorks would try and convince her to stay.

“But she said she has been there for 23 years, it might be time for a change. I say that with a heavy heart, I have enjoyed working with her for so long. Everyone has tried to convince her to stay.”

McRoberts said he and Barry jokingly called their relationship a TV marriage.

“It’s been really tough thinking that might be over. You are wandering around having to remind [yourself] she isn’t dead, she’s just leaving, but that’s the sort of grief you deal with when a [long] relationship ends.”

Mike McRoberts, who loves strapping on “Kepler” vests, is part of the problem. These luvvies all think they are vital cogs in the news wheel. They aren’t. They are just talking heads and there are plenty more out there.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth over news readers quitting or being axed after donkey’s years of poor ratings is amusing to say the least.

Mike McRoberts might think he is staying but reality is sure to bite soon. He’s committed because he knows there is nowhere else to go.




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  • Raibert

    The cult of personality has made these news readers believe they are more important than the news. Think they may be in for a rude awakening as no exec would like working with those who took part in a plot against their predecessor. Is like sports teams who blame the coach then when the coach is replaced still fail.

    • hookerphil

      So you know about the Warriors then?

  • Dog Breath

    Out of all this who ha about news readers all I can think about is Will Ferrell and Anchorman. Everything that was portrayed in that movie is coming to life here on NZ. The link is fascinating.

    • Cadwallader

      It grates me when these clowns open with “What do WE have for you tonight.” Sorry they do not have or hold anything, they are a pipeline between the world and their minimal number of viewers. Just because they like to inject their own leftie bias does not mean they HAVE anything or own the news. Let’s face it; they’re prize jerks!

      • Rick H

        And almost always, the very few times the TV news is on at home, everything shown was already viewed online a day or more prior.

  • Spiker

    Rather presumptuous to assume his job is secure I would say.

  • cows4me

    “I have committed myself to staying”, priceless, that’s big of him. I’m betting TV3 was sweating bricks over that one,not. These people must truly believe they are stars as everything else must rotate around them.

    • Cadwallader

      As with the Titanic he may well slide off the First Class Deck?

    • biscuit barrel

      It just means hes signed a contract. Thats was one of their problems with Weldon, he didnt have his talent on contract, Barrys had lapsed, likely this guy had too.
      While Im with most in that it doesnt matter who reads the news, but surprising numbers of viewers want to like their newsreaders.
      If one of the talent walks , you should be able just check whos a visitor in the building or reception , even the tradies, pick the best looking to do a sort of screen test, and then give them a trial. Ive heard this story so often it must be true. Those that love the camera have a knack for finding the bright lights and cameras without asking.
      But everything is ‘branded’ with a celebrity these days. Bear Gryls to Hilary Barry to Paul Henry. Ridiculous but it is what it is

      • OneTrack

        I do care who reads the news.

        I want someone who can tell me what happened, everything that happened ( not just what the news team wants me to know ) and I want to hear the news unblemished by what the newsreader thinks of it. Currently this means Eric Young on Prime is top of the bunch (and Rachel Smalley at the bottom). I don’t know if Eric votes National or Green, and I don’t care – he does the job efficiently. It does help that Prime offer a fairly even handed service, although they do seem to be falling down a bit lately.

        • Carl

          Did you know that prime news is made by media works so the same people who make 3 news.

          • hookerphil

            And that’s why it started downhill after that change.

      • pisces8284

        The main qualification is that they are blonde

        • biscuit barrel

          The model they use for newsreaders is budgies in a cage… a lot of preening, only awake about an hour a day,respond when called ‘pretty boy’ but do they scatter their seed if not happy.

  • Crowgirl

    I thought the same thing – it’s easy to commit to something when you have no other options.

    I also thought he might be hoping to exert some of that influence he thinks he has by committing to the network so they look bad if they get rid of him, or he knows he’s for the chop and is trying to prove his “commitment” to make them reconsider.

    • KatB

      Maybe he means he’s agreed to halve his salary and so they’ve agreed to keep him so he’s committed?

  • Sagacious Blonde

    Similarly deluded, Lizzie Marvely raves – “No other New Zealand anchor’s resignation would have the power to roll a network’s CEO.”
    They may well bring the whole house of cards down, but it will be nothing to do with the luvvies, we’ll all be to blame for not appreciating them enough.

    • Cadwallader

      You are spot on. By the way, who is this Lizzie Marvely (that her right name?) who has been the go-to person on a wide range of topics for the msm? Is she an expert on politics, art, media, Auckland, NZ, the flag, the trade agreement, JK’s foibles, income inequality, etc…If she knows all this lot surely she deserves accolades…MBE? Nobel Prize?

      • JohnO

        She is a classically trained (opera ?)singer who decided to re-invent herself by becoming a pop singer with the new name of Lizzie Marvelly. She does not seem to do much singing but is a “social commentator”.

        • Cadwallader

          Thanks. I first heard of her last year when she was gobbing off about the flag. I can’t recall which side she embraced other than pushing her own importance. She is clearly now, a self-preening expert on Everything! Is the surname of her own making?

          • Wayne Hodge

            I hope I do not stray into moderation territory here, but is she Gareth under another name. The motor car who shall not be named.

  • Woody

    When I watch any news programme on TV (Never 3), at the finish of it I would normally be hard pressed to name who the auto-cue reader was unless they have made some comment even more stupid or inane than normal. I simply don’t care who is filling the space between the bits I actually want to watch.

  • Gaynor

    If Hilary and Mike are such “power”people why aren’t their ratings sky high?

    • Woody

      They are sky high in their own air headed world view.

    • one for the road

      The definition of “power People” is old and the world has moved onto another defintion…. They just havent figured it out yet, bit like the dinosaurs slowly going extinct.

  • Jafarma

    He sounds like over the hill sportspeople who say similar statements to try to stretch out their careers and prolong their axing / non-selection which sure enough happens when the next season comes around.

  • waldopepper

    legends in their own minds. all of them lol.

  • Steve

    These people are deluded. Only in the media can we see absolute self promotion of people that 95% of New Zealand couldn’t give two hoots about. Reading the Herald is like reading an internal company magazine where the inmates have taken over the asylum and the internal news.
    None of them would last a month in my company and no one in my company would get $500k for being able to read a teleprompter

    • Jayar

      Can’t help but think nostalgically of the days when Philip Sherry and Dougal Stevenson read the news. Crisp and clear and, so far as I can recall, no endless articles in womens’ magazines. It still galls when I recall the enormous payout John Hawkesby received.