Mike King does what Chris Hipkins won’t

I love Mike King and I was thrilled to see yesterday that he is prepared to do what Chris Hipkins so far has refused to do. He has visited a charter school. Unlike Chris Hipkins both Mike and I have accepted invitations to visit South Auckland Middle school. I was very impressed by what I saw and experienced and it looks like Mike was impressed too. The school is very lucky to have an opportunity to experience “ Cool to Korero. ” with Mike.

PHOTO-Facebook Mike King visits South Auckland Middle School

Mike King visits South Auckland Middle School






Mike is involved with The Key to Life Charitable Trust?which was founded in 2012.

It is a registered charitable trust aiming to affect positive change surrounding suicide prevention and suicide awareness.

The Key to Life Charitable Trust (originally created as The Nutters Club Charitable Trust in 2010 and since renamed) is a community peer support group, aiming to forever change the way New Zealanders think, act and feel about mental health and suicide. By working seamlessly with mental health professionals, service providers, astute business leaders, and our communities we believe it is possible to reverse the population trends of depression and suicide by effecting a positive social change.


The Key to Life Charitable Trust is committed to our long term goal of a zero suicide rate in New Zealand. While many will say this is not achievable, we acknowledge the magnitude of this task and believe in the benefits of an outstanding goal rather than a continued satisfaction with mediocrity. We believe zero suicide can be achieved through the provision of life-saving and life-affirming resources and services based on the success of The Nutters Club. We will conduct nationwide digital communities, regular meetings/clinics, advocacy and educational programs with the aim to create safe and supportive environments which foster positivity for all those involved whether they are service providers or receiving help through our programs. Our short-term goal is to achieve a significant downward trend in the suicide statistics starting immediately.


A New Zealand where the rising prevalence of suicide is curbed and to create an open dialogue surrounding suicide and mental health awareness to diminish stigmas through a societal attitudinal change which affects perceptions of these issues.


The work of the Key to Life Charitable Trust is undertaken with respect, dignity and acceptance for all those seeking guidance, advice and support from the organisation. We respect the wishes of all who interact with, and this will extend to confidentiality of circumstance, privacy of information shared and other reasonable requests made by these individuals.

The Key to Life Charitable Trust maintains respect for Te Titriti o Waitangi, The Privacy Act of 1993 (New Zealand Privacy Commission), the New Zealand Human Rights Commission and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.