Moko, Are the Maori Leaders and Politicians Part of the Problem?

Moko Rangitoheriri

Moko Rangitoheriri

by Gavin

The silence from Maori leaders and politicians on the death of Moko has been deafening. Are they part of the problem? I am reminded of the death of the Kahui twins and how the family gathered to protect the perpetrators in a wall of silence that enabled them to avoid prosecution. Are we seeing the same level of silence now?

To solve a problem, there has to be an admission that there is a problem that needs solving. Only then can solutions be sought and implemented. Until the leaders of Maori society admit there is a problem, I suspect Moko will not be the last child to die at the hands of caregivers. And, we will be just as outraged when the next child is killed by those closest to them as nothing changes.

I would have thought that leaders would want to lead, and take a stand against such evil behaviour. That they might publicly take a stand, and face the truth about this issue that infects their society in disproportionate numbers. Perhaps they might come out from their hiding places and speak to their people and the rest of New Zealand society.

Or, are we seeing the darker side of tribalism with allegiance to the tribe and family being stronger and more important than allegiance to the wider society of this nation, and protection for the most vulnerable? Are the leaders of Maori society doing what the family of the Kahui twins have done and condoning violence by their collective silence? Why is Alan Duff the only leader with enough guts to raise his head above the parapet?

I would like to challenge the collective Maori leadership of this country to be what they claim to be, and lead their people. I wonder if anything will happen.

A commenter the other day suggested a boycott by the NZRFU of the haka until change some change happens. Perhaps, that is what we should as do as symbolic gesture to say “enough is enough” and “child lives matter”.

But, time is running out, and quickly. The collective consciousness will move on quickly to the next topic of concern and Moko will be relegated to history like all the children before him. Until the next one comes along, and collective outrage is inflamed again, followed by marches, speeches and placards. Then the cycle repeats once more.




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  • R&BAvenger

    maori leaders and politicians are in denial about the problem and are enablers of violence against Maori children. No ifs, no buts no maybes.

    Also the welfare system rewards fools for their irresponsible decision making and choices which is a factor in this offending.

  • JeffW2

    What percentage of child killers are on welfare? If we need to subsidise anything, surely it should be jobs rather than indolence, drug-taking, drinking, burglary; the type of lifestyle which causes some to degenerate to pure evil. Get them out of the house, into jobs and enable them to build a degree of self-respect rather than living a life of bludging and no responsibility. Then we may see some drops in these awful statistics.

  • Kerry

    The facts are they simply don’t care its all a political game to them, much like the black lives matter in the states, they only worry about getting a hit on their political foes. They simply don’t give a toss about these kids. Until they take ownership no matter how much time/money they throw at the problem it will never be fixed.Read about it all again in another 10-20-30 years.

  • axeman

    No they are not!! the person /s that commit the offending are!! The politician or the Maori leaders don’t commit the offense. All it is that they who commit these heinous crimes have no concept that actually humans are incredibly fragile. There is no “re spawn” function or reset button like on xbox. When to punch or shake or kick you actually create damage, and in Moko’s case death. Why do we always weant to shift blame or spread responsibility??
    It is just pure wrong from right as simple as that.

  • The Needler

    Maybe if they reported which iwi or hapu the perpetrators came from I’m sure you would get some sort of response.

  • taxpayer

    They are far too busy crying to the HRC about a cartoon posted on WO.
    Along with taking nice wee trips to Aussie to champion the cause of total scumbags who deserve everything they get.
    Then of course there is the gravy train treaty industry to keep on track.
    Claiming radio waves, water, airspace above water and anything else that has a dollar in it is time consuming you know.
    Maybe the Govt and the rest of NZ should say “look, no more gravy, no more settlements, no more TPK funds until you sort this out”. Tui Ad.
    I hope Alan Duff goes in to politics, but I doubt he could restrain himself around all the self serving, pocket lining, do nothings.

  • JEL51

    Where are those voices? Maybe they just don’t know what to do.
    Well they can start asking questions!!
    Ask why that 15 yr old is pushing the pram.
    Ask why that 17 yr old lad is lying around watching TV all day.
    Ask how to parent if you have no idea.
    It is not OK to be pregnant at 15. So say so!!
    Speak out loud so even the friends all hear.
    In this day & age there is no reason for that to happen once, let alone a 2nd or 3rd time with little ones with no Dad around or with completely different Dads or Dads who are so immature they have no idea how to earn dollar to feed their off-spring.
    Dads are just as important in little kids life as much as mums and don’t believe the crap the experts like Family Planning espouse.
    Your boys become Dads before they become men. That’s not OK
    It maybe the story line on your favourite soap but life should not follow that coarse.
    It is not OK!!
    It is time to demand more from your kids. Let them know what is expected of them.
    That is love.
    Speak up, stand with Allan Duff and be heard.

  • Keyser Soze

    I find it somewhat telling that Maori are the first to claim special status when it comes to entitlements however as soon as anyone highlights the phenomenon of Maori child abuse they are either labelled racist or you can hear the tumble weeds. Hypocrisy much?

  • Joe Banana

    Let us go back to 1984 The incoming Labour Party then made the Treaty of Waitangi a LIVING DOCUMENT.
    This then gave all radical maori the right to call RACIST to any argument the” Right” may have levelled at the way the document was translated into a meaning that applied to the written word.
    We now have the principles of the treaty.
    After fifty years of studying this document I find NO PRINCIPLES.
    I do find a people who consider ENTITLEMENT by FRAUD predominant