And these muppets want to build a new dam?

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council isn’t fit for purpose and nor are their staff.

There seems to be something always dodgy with their dealings, especially when dealing with dams already built or in planning to be built.

A sluice gate at the dam, which belongs to Eastland Group, was damaged last September and not fixed until March, letting silt pour into three waterways for months.

It has cost Wairoa District Council more than $100,000 to clean up the drinking water, and locals say the dam’s failure “destroyed” their summer.

RNZ News revealed this week Eastland Group had been breaching its consent for years and the enforcer – the regional council – knew this since 2013, but no penalties were issued.   

The council is investigating the dam’s failure and regional councillors say officials have told them they have received legal advice, but will not give it to them.

Councillor Rex Graham said the relationship between the elected representatives and the council was tense.

He wrote to council chairman Fenton Wilson on Monday requesting that councillors would be able to speak to their lawyer, and had not heard back from him.

Another councillor, Rick Barker, had also contacted the Ombudsman.

Mr Graham said the councillors would do eveything they could to get hold of the report.

“We want to know what went wrong with the dam,” he said.

“We want to know why a commercial venture has polluted our rivers, and we want to know why it happened, how it happened, and what is our redress and what is the redress for the people of Wairoa.”

“We want answers on this issue and we’re not going to sit around on our backsides and wait for too long.”

Fenton Wilson is the Chairman, and Wairoa is his constituency (well not for much longer) so he should be the go to guy for answers.

This election is going to see a clean out, starting with Fenton ‘Jong-un’ Wilson. He doesn’t like dissent, plays petty dictator and is thoroughly disliked now in Wairoa.

These guys couldn’t run a bath much less run or build dams.


– RadioNZ



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  • Uncle Bully

    The first questions in my mind are who are the proprietors of Eastland Group, and what relationship, whether personal or financial, exists between them and the HBRC staff responsible for managing matters of this nature?

    There’s something a bit smelly here, and I bet it wouldn’t take too much time and effort for a competent, committed journalist who has time and resources to ferret out some interesting answers. Anyone know of any competent, committed journalists?

    • Uncle Bully

      Here’s a start. The Companies office shows a former shareholder as Brian Ivan WILSON. Coincidence perhaps? Maybe, maybe not…..