A Muslim London mayor, and why this is worrying some people


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  • JEL51

    ….and our dear cousins across the ditch are slowly making changes.


    This must not become common-place.How do we open the eyes of the Left?

  • Roy Kumo

    He’s right. Islam is a political system. It’s not just a personal religious choice that each citizen can freely make. Muslims want to control each and every country they are in. That is why there is peace in muslim countries that have only one sect, i.e. a Sunni only country, and terror/war in countries where there is a divided population Sunni/Shia/Alawhite etc.

  • SaggyNaggy

    Anybody would have made a better mayor than that horrible wet toff Zac Goldsmith.

  • Charley jones

    If this is correct then we have just witnessed the fall of London. The fox has been put in charge of the hen house and the following carnage will be inevitable. Sadly our politicians will follow this example and NZ will go down the same destructive path unless the Kiwis and British wake up and do something to prevent their democratic process being deliberately used to destroy them. Rampant immigration is clearly not the answer.

  • andrewo

    How to ruin a country:
    1/ Invent a socialist welfare system that hands out money based on the number of children you have
    2/ Open the doors to the riff-raff of the world
    3/ Shake & bake for a few decades
    The appointment of the new mayor simply reflects the demographic of today’s London. The ‘white flight’ into the ‘home counties’ has already started.

  • Repator

    Britain and the EU dived down the path of self destruction years ago. While many Muslims simply want to get on with life, they are locked into an ideological system which is systemically dedicated to wiping out and enslaving all non Muslims – particularly weterners. Europe has little hope of combating this because of its effete liberality, and Australia is belatedly endeavoring to avoid a similar fate. Lets hope NZ can do better – but I am not holding my breath. One thing though – realisation of the problem must not result in a descent into racist fascism, we must respect and protect the individual in our midst, otherwise we won’t deserve to survive.