Must have been the fairies

My old man, when lining us kids up to find out who had done some dastardly deed that needed punishment, would exclaim after we had all denied any involvement in the nefarious activities, “Oh, so was it the fucken fairies then?”

Labour leader Andrew Little says he wasn’t aware of a tweet sent from his official account which said his “kindness quota” was all gone in relation to the plight of refugees.

The tweet was a response to Labour staffer Reed Fleming’s tweet this afternoon which said: “That a ‘quota’ system for providing a safe place to live for fellow humans fleeing war even exists is absurd”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.36.24 PM

In response, Mr Little’s account replied: “soz daily kindness quota all gone. Either lobby the govt for more, or piss off with your compassionate tweets [sic]”.

It was deleted shortly afterward, but not before a screenshot was taken.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.36.29 PM

When asked about it, Mr Little had no knowledge it had been sent and wanted to see the screenshot.

“No, it wouldn’t have been sent by me or anyone associated with my account.”

All of Mr Little’s press secretaries have access to Mr Little’s Twitter account.

The tweet could be seen as especially embarrassing as it comes shortly after Labour committed to doubling New Zealand’s refugee quota following Mr Little’s visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

Yep, looks like it was the fucken fairies.

Andrew Little doing an impression of Sgt. Schultz isn’t really going to work either. It’s his account, it’s his name, it’s his insult.

Blaming the staff is a union bosses’ trick. Any good work he thought he may have achieved in trying to smear John key and his lawyer is now undone by some fool in his office.

 – NewsHub


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  • sheppy

    If JK’s account sent this it’d be on the front page of the Horrid. Needless to say as ts sent from Angry Andy’s account it will be swept quietly away….

  • Cadwallader

    I’d like a dollar for every time I have heard the following expressed at WO. “MPs ought avoid social media.” (Or words to that effect.) I am not a tweeter but assume tweeting falls into the social media category. Sure Little doesn’t think he can lie/obfuscate himself out of this mess?

  • Crowgirl

    He’s got to be being white anted here if he didn’t send it.

    • Mrs_R

      That tweet showed way too much personality to have been written by Andrew. Someones had some fun at Andy’s expense. The real crack-up is that they made such a public display of trying to embarrass him. I say ‘trying’ because the fact is if he did send it, he actually just went up in my estimation.

      • Urbanviper

        I’d agree with the comment above that someone most likely operates more than one account and selected the wrong one when sending that tweet. I’ve done it before.

        • Mrs_R

          Agree. Once I read metalnwood’s comment I thought yep that’s whats happened. It brought back memories of Karen Price’s disaster when she tried to play with twitter (@TarnBabe67)

  • Sagacious Blonde

    His personal lawyer maybe?

  • Seriously?

    Strangely, it might do Andrew some good if it was him that sent it. I think we’d like him more if he was to say “Quit tweeting about it and try to do something that might actually change it”. That is essentially what the reply said, and it might be good for him to confront the left’s belief that the twitter reflects real life.

  • Muffin

    Should have left it up… Might get a jump in the polls to say 22%

  • metalnwood

    Poor Andrew, he can’t nail it down by figuring out who he has annoyed.

    Whats probably happened is that he or someone that uses two accounts didn’t realise which account was active at the time they responded. Which would make me very curious about which account they thought they were on and what the tweet history of that one is.

  • ploughboy007

    so andy says reed can lobby the govt but key cant tell whitney to do the same

  • Hard1

    This man speak with forked mouth. Did Goff spit on Andy when he got home from Iraq. After all, it appears that he was working with serving soldiers. That would qualify for a big gob from Phil.

    • johcar

      Either that soldier is standing on a box, or Angry Andy is as small as his intellect suggests….

  • kayaker

    This Labour lot is so out of control. No comms strategy, no ANYTHING strategy! Coming on the back of Andy’s attempt at superciliousness in the House yesterday, this is just too much. He doesn’t even know who uses his Twitter account, wasn’t even aware of the tweet – so careless! And he has the gall to throw mud at JK… spare us!

  • andrewo

    If he did send it, it’s the first time I have ever agreed with something he’s said

  • Sally

    Maybe Little’s twitter accounts has been hacked. Little needs to call for an inquiry.

    • Isherman

      Oh I’m sure there is some enquiring going on alright…I don’t buy that being Andrew Littles own words for one minute. Trouble here….

  • phronesis

    For those who, like me, wondered what “soz” was the urban dictionary has enlightened me

    “Nonsensical internet slang term for “sorry”, used by illiterate morons who for some reason substitute a “z” for “rry”, the latter of which would take an entire quarter of a second to type out.”

    • Red

      Thanks – I thought I was the only one

    • Nige.

      Now…. to confuse you further, the word “tomorrow” can be abbreviated to “tomoz”.. apparently.

  • Keeping Stock

    My spies in Wellington are telling me that the phone is being forensically examined for fingerprints, DNA or any signs of snapper residue…

  • slade

    That’s the second time in three days that this blog has published language that it prohibits its commenters from using. The same blog that claims hypocrisy is a left-wing trait.

    • Urbanviper

      Question: is it the same when quoting someone for a story? I mean NZME et al. have very high standards (*cough*) but they will still use objectionable language in quotations in a controlled manner. The problem often isn’t the words but the context and the pointlessness of them.

    • Nige.

      [Mod] Please read the rules. It may explain why things are done the way they are here.

    • Uncle Bully

      I think you’ll find that WOHB runs on something akin to the golden rule. You know the one: he with the gold makes the rules.

      In this case, it’s the blog owner who makes the rules, and he can do or say whatever he likes (or thinks he can get away with). After all, he’s the one who has to answer to the OMSA or the courts, and I guess he’s prepared to accept responsibility for what he says on his blog, but not prepared to accept responsibility for what you or anyone else may say.

      It’s a harsh reality, but there are several alternatives available to anyone who takes issue with these “rules of engagement”:
      1. You can simply choose to not read this blog.
      2. You can visit the other blogs where anything goes, and foul and insulting language appear to be the norm.
      3. You can start your own blog and say anything you please.

  • Red

    If Key’s account had said anything like this, there’d be live broadcast trucks up the wazoo. Has Lil’ called for an inquiry yet?

  • Doug

    I do hope Angry didn’t send this… I absolutely hate the idea of agreeing with him