Newshub reporter blames Women’s Refuge, CYF, Tolley and Government for Moko’s death

Apparently it is everyone else’s problem except the ratbags who bashed him to death and his drop kick mother who was so hopeless she had her kids taken off her.

No, it is the fault of Women’s refuge, CYF, Anne Tolley and the government.

Baby Moko deserves accountability — and that means the Women’s Refuge and Child Youth and Family (CYF) need to take some blame for his death.

Moko was beaten behind closed doors and these agencies were basically on the front door step.

We all know that the callous and vicious abusers are truly at fault and deserve everything the justice system can throw at them. What they did is truly inexplicable.

But at the same time, ‘the system’ is there to protect our children — and the system failed.

The agencies involved owe Moko — and New Zealand — an explanation of why they failed him.

Funny how the culture that supposedly treats children as taonga isn’t at all to blame.

Nope it’s the fault of everyone else. If we want to ask who failed Moko it was his mother first up, then the scumbags who killed him.

The Government and Women’s Refuge were on the doorstep as Moko was killed behind closed doors.

“The system” is guilty of failing another of New Zealand’s children.

We owe it to Moko that the next time this happens those same agencies go inside — and stop it.

Yet again a maori taonga is killed and it is everyone else’s fault.

Liberal hand-wringers call this New Zealand’s shame, but it isn’t really. The same hand-wringers demand the government DO something, but there is nothing you can do about scumbag feral child killers. But the government did do something about it… didn’t they Sue? …and she declared that now that smacking was banned he kiddies were safe. I wonder what Moko thinks about that?

The real issue is this myth that Maori children are taonga, when the reality of some is they are treasured as small little punching bags.

Stop blaming other people. Take responsibility. And stop trying to make me feel guilty because some scumbag killed someone else’s kid.

 – Newshub


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  • sheppy

    The problem will never change until the culture of, its always someone else’s fault ends.
    it matters not what label it has. The media party as usual aren’t reporting the real problem

    • Judith Furlong

      Yes the culture, including the spirituality needs to change! Especially the “warrior” aspect!

  • Mav E Rick

    I’m waiting to be blamed for the poor young fellows death as well as I’m sure under white colonisation I somehow had some participation in his death. The murderous scumbags that meted out this prolonged physical abuse that eventually stole this young boys life can be thankful that they live in a country like NZ where first of all their charge is reduced from Murder to Manslaughter and then they can point fingers at various agencies and people apportioning fault to them and not themselves. I am waiting for the whanua of these scumbags to cry out “love you babe” when they make their next court appearance and where we can expect they will be slapped with a wet bus ticket.

    I’m thinking of blaming the minister of transport next time I get a speeding ticket for making such great roads that I can drive fast on and the barman at the pub for serving me booze if I ever was foolish enough to drive while boozed. Well, it cant be my fault eh!!

  • Edward M Blake

    Personally I blame welfare, handing out money generation after generation with no obligations. We. Are funding our downfall.

    • The Fat Man

      I have said it before and I will keep on saying it.

      This will all end very badly.

      • it already did for Moko, and numerous other children killed by their “care givers”.

  • kayaker

    Usually these types blame ‘society’ too. Whatever whomever ‘society’ is.

  • Day Day

    Take ’em out & shoot them. Should be the ‘society’ solution.

  • omlete

    In traditional Maori society the eldest child, the mokopuna, is the important one. The others are often disregarded and left to fend for themselves – and if they’re lucky cared for by older siblings. This still applies today in low-socio communities. Just ask any public health nurse/teacher/cop.

    • KGB

      I read that ‘traditionally’ the 1st child was given away. (Grandma, Aunty, etc)
      If so, that would explain a lot about a child’s cultural ‘value.’

      • Jayar

        I’m sure the child wouldn’t be listed as “given away”when it came to claiming the relevant benefit. Shame on the lot of them!

    • Catriona

      Well it’s about time Moari stopped peddling this bullshut and cherished each child no matter what order in which they are born.

  • SFB

    Duncan Garner had been plugging the upcoming interview with the mother last week and I sat down with an open mind to watch….until I saw her. I switched off immediately as I knew the twaddle she was going to come out with. Seems that has been the case. I refuse to be shamed by the “Its our problem” line. Any mention of Moko’s father in all this?

    • Kitschinsync

      I read somewhere that Moko’s father is a gang member currently residing in prison, headhunter or black power?..not sure which but it was one of them.

      • KGB

        Wouldn’t it be terrible if they were in the same prison. Regardless of which prison Moko’s killer is in, I would assume he is in danger from all members.
        I am sure they have a better picture of who’s fault it is.

        • Kitschinsync

          Since Moko’s killer had only just come out of prison I assume he will know what to expect.

      • SFB

        I’m sorry, because that’s probably my fault as well.

        • Kitschinsync

          You can leave the apologising to the Cunliffe, and its not your fault..its JK’s.

    • Jdogg

      All TV3 commentators had been plugging the interview, I passed having read that the Mother hadn’t been in charge of her children since June.
      As a parent I can’t even fathom having my children taken, let alone taken and then tortured and “manslaughtered”
      Things must be pretty dire when the Mother even now, could somehow be a worse threat to care for her own (other) children than torturers were?
      “However, Child, Youth and Family do not believe that it is in the best interests of her other children to be living with Nicola at this time because we do not have confidence she will keep them safe. For the time being the Family Court has agreed with that.”

    • Judith Furlong

      Any mention of a few fathers!

  • Intrigued

    Alan Duff has a different take on this and calls it out for what is it.
    The message has to be to stop blaming institutions and do something to stop this evil sickness that pervades our society that enables people to think it’s ok to give “the bash”, torture, maime and kill innocent children.

  • rua kenana

    Different ethnicities may have different cultures and tend to behave somewhat differently from each other in various ways including treatment of their children.
    However, they’re all supposed to be treated in the same way in NZ, except when some of them ask for more money, and more money, because, er … because …??
    In the meantime the child abuse goes on and on, and everyone’s “solution” seems to be to blame someone else.

  • JEL51

    Whoever wrote that piece should be next down the road. No one in CYFS, Women’s Refuge nor Anne Tolly or JK touched that child.

    • rua kenana

      … or stopped them from being touched?

      • JEL51

        A report has appeared on this blog posted by one of the regulars already. There was little evidence in that to justify stepping in. Had either organization done so, they would have been ridiculed equally as much for doing so… no matter what, the blame game has to stop.
        The whole point of this discussion is to confront the ‘Truth’ so there is no other like the last 13 little lives, ever. My point was, those directly connected, the child’s mother, father. grandparents and the two accused should be the ones on the receiving end of this outpouring of disgust,anger & frustration. We here seem to care more for those little kids than their own relations. How can that be?
        Edit:missing word

  • JC

    I don’t think Maori leaders have much if anything to do with these ferals. They shack up with a solo mum in a rented house, are shunned by neighbors and only get together with other ferals and family when the benefit comes in. They are semi animalistic, thick and isolated to all but the police and the welfare agencies and of course to other likeminded types.

    Because they have no minds or any sense of discipline booze hits them incredibly hard.. within an hour or three any vestige of fear of authority or consequences is gone and you are left with an increasingly unstable and dangerous beast. Any child who looks fearful or needs attention at that stage is in big trouble.

    Remember, this group is isolated.. nobody comes near them and nobody interferes.. they can do whatever they want on the property and near vicinity and the cries of a kid are drowned by the shrieks of female laughter or anger or music.

    Thats what we’re dealing with.


  • cows4me

    “Children as taonga”, just more cultural garbage, not dissimilar to the myth Maori are some noble protectors of the environment, it’s all horse poo. Of course Maori, like every other race love their children and of course many Maori care about the environment but this cultural narrative is pure crap fed by white liberal two bobs on guilt trips. You can’t blame Maori for playing it up, it’s what the enablers want. There’s no easy answer to any of this but the main problem has been decades of sickly liberal nonsense that promotes the notion self responsibility is dead.

  • Catriona

    Disagree. disagree, disagree. The blame sits fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the feral mother and the feral drug addled caregivers. Nobody else is to blame. So here we have a dim-witted reporter trying to blame everyone else but the people responsible for this child. The mother is not a fit and proper person to ever be responsible for any child so all the stupid tattoos she has now gone out and spent big bucks on is all for what exactly? These people live like pigs thanks very much to Mr & Mrs Taxpayer. They shower their mongrel pit bulls with more love and affection. Time to cap benefits I’m afraid. The feral underclass will soon takeover NZ. It is not John Key’s fault either.

    • The Fat Man

      Agree with you.

      Watch the likes of Police 10/7 to hear the garbage coming out of their mouths.

      These people are so stupid that they actually think that they are smart.

      So the Childs Father is a criminal and in Jail the caregiver had just come out of jail and is on the way back.

      The stupid mother wants her 15 minutes of shame on National TV.

      If it was me I would be to embarrassed and would probably leave the Country. Although my guess is that she would not meet the good character test for Australia.

      What she will be doing now is looking for another feral to replace the income flow she has lost.

      Meanwhile the real victim is still dead.

      • Catriona

        And there will be many more victims as well next week and the week after that and so on and so forth. Forget about the ”March for Moko’. He and many more just like him never stood a chance from the minute they were conceived. I can remember as a little girl living next door to a family who’s Nanny had adopted a girl from up the coast. Nanny was a big, fat, stinking hulk of a woman who was violent to the core and who used to beat the crap out of Lizzie all the time. I’d go home crying asking my parents why that was so and why the other kids didn’t get hiding a like Lizzie. As soon as Lizzie left school she left home and went nursing and made a much better life for herself. She was made to work hard at home and cook and clean while the adults were in the booze. Our family had shifted by then and Lizzie maintained regular contact with us all. Once were Warriors was alive and kicking in my home town in the late 50’s I can assure you.

      • SlightlyStrange

        Wait, the caregiver is just out of jail? I thought I had read that she was an ECE teacher? I’ve purposely not followed the story – its too harrowing from what I have seen, especially with my little one being the same age, so maybe I mis-read / misinterpreted something…

        • Catriona

          Yes it was reported on the news the other night that the caregiver was an ECE which begs the question – are applicants ni longer screened as to their suitability? One would have thought that a police check is mandatory fit any applicant, no matter the choice of profession. I would most certainly not have felt comfortable/safe with this feral going within 20yds of my child. How many more low life ECE people lie her are out there. Standards have slipped into the gutter if she’s anything to go by.

  • Plantagenet

    The media has to run with the ‘it’s everyone’s fault’ or the ‘it’s the Govt’s fault’ approach because that saves them from having to talk about the real issue: the high numbers of Maori kids who die at the hands of parents/mum’s boyfriend/caregiver etc. The media doesn’t want to touch that issue with a thousand foot barge pole for obvious reasons. Much easier, and safer, to blame the Govt or the general public. Until that changes, and the chances are slim, there will be many more cases like Moko’s and many more pointless media circuses surrounding them.

  • George Carter

    So will the left wing media be pushing for CYF’s to have open access to children at any time of the day or night (even without reason) or will that be infringing on peoples rights! Can’t have a dollar each way i’m afraid!

  • taxpayer

    Excuse making, blame shifting, enabling, if I could reach the levers of power I would make it a crime. Much like being a holocaust denier is a crime in Germany. Yes it goes against freedom of speech but the situation would warrant it. Then Mr newshub would spend a few months having breakfast with the child murderers and they can blame everyone else together, in private.

  • Dave

    Again, i come back to several points.

    Mum CHOSE the feral to look after her kids whilst she went to Starship with yet another child, who has as yet unidentified injuries / medical condition. She says she was in Starship for 2 months, I remain unconvinced she was there the entire time.

    The feral caregiver ACCEPTED a known child abuser as a partner, and into the home with her kids and moko etc.

    Mum KNEW something was amiss, but didn’t act on her suspicions, no call, no quick trip home to get her kids, no asking whanau to pop round.

    Now, the Maori Woman’s Refuge worker has decided to CHANGE her story, that Stuff recorded, and in the words of a Stuff editor, it is concerning after her unprompted remarks….. (Protecting herself and other maori??) This Maori Woman’s Welfare worker, even had a meeting with CYFS and didn’t raise ANY concerns – WHY. The point raised was that the Feral Caregiver was concerned the Mum would get the kids back.

    CYFS has the kids in foster care, and the Family Court agrees, CYFS has stated that the Kids are better not living with mum at the moment. WHY

    Not one mention of the fathers, the extended whanau or anyone else, WHY?

    Perhaps it is John KEys fault, i mean, the kids were born whilst he was prime minister, and he hadnt decided to put a 24/ 7 nanny / caregiver in all homes where a feral lives.

    When will we get the entire truth from mum and the whanau, or are some of the key facts being suppressed or kept from us to protect someone?

    • Judith Furlong

      Agree. There would be more to the story that we may never know!

  • The Fat Man

    And the silence from Maoridom is again deafening.

    • The silence of Shame and Indifference can not be told apart

  • ex-JAFA

    I hope Newshub is giving credit to these same people and organisations for every child who does NOT end up a victim of its parents/caregivers. Or is maybe good parenting responsible for kids who turn out well, and bad government responsible for kids who don’t – or who don’t even live long enough to find out?

  • Dave

    The plain fact is also ignored, Moko death was due to 2 caregivers who were looking after: It keeps happening – as has been raised over and over on this blog.

    “Some Other Chaps Kids”

  • Keanne Lawrence

    While it was true that Woman’s Refuge was in the picture untill they changed their story but there was no contact made with CYF regarding the plight of this poor child. So the Media party are now demanding why they didn’t do something about something they were not informed of.
    It is the same response we see every-time the native population is again reduced as they kill off another of their precious children. The blame game is intentionally or not a mere smoke screen for the notable natives who could bring about change. They are content to overreact by screaming racism if the facts and statistics are added in to highlight their sad failure of their people. They are in an uproar over a poignant political cartoon more so than their peoples treatment of their children who continue to doe from too much rough love.
    Then we get to see the weepy Mother giving a little insight into how being neglectful distanced her from the killers. Delayed it would seem until after the new facial art had dried.

  • lyall

    Sadly if Anne Tolley and John Key had rocked up the day before Moko was killed and said ‘hand over that baby, its not safe here’ – the cries of institutional racism, out of touchness, human rights abuse, colonialism would reverberate for weeks. But they didn’t do that and now Moko is dead and it is ‘their fault’ !!!

  • Michelle

    More generations removed from the Maori who worked
    They have never known any other life but being on a benefit and have no purpose in life and no one has taught them how to bring up children, feed them and clean a house

    There are plenty of good Maori who work hard and look after their families

    • Rebecca

      According to my read of the stats, the Polynesian unemployment rate usually is higher than the Maori rate. Yet the rate of Polynesian child bashing hasn’t seen the same huge increase. Unless there’s more assistance available for Polynesians than Maori, there must be more to it.

  • Chris Bell

    Only Maori can truly understand what being Maori is truly like – I get that. What I don’t get is that they don’t do anything to stop the abuse of their tamariki except blame ‘the system’ – only Maori can solve this problem. Not John Key, Anne Tolley, CYFS, the Salvation Army etc – Maori must stand up and a Maori leader must attribute the blame where it lies – it’s not the fault of ‘the system’ – it’s the failing of Maori to address the issue – so do something about it before you have more of your tamarikis blood on your hands