The next public decency project for Paula Bennett: erotic Banana eating


Eating a banana in an “erotic” manner while being broadcast on live-streams has been banned in China as part of the government’s attempts to crack down on “inappropriate” content on the internet.

Hosts of the live-streaming sites are now required to monitor all their output every minute of the day, but it is not clear how they will be able to enforce the ban.

Wearing stockings and suspenders during a live-stream is also now prohibited.

Wow.  That’s severely going to effect China’s GDP.   Although I’m sure creative actresses will be moving to small cucumbers and other slightly elongated fruit.  

A recent survey revealed 30-40 percent of the subjects in live-streams are students, and 77 percent of the viewers were male users, CCTV News reported. According to the New Express Daily, 26 percent of the viewers are under 18, while 60 percent of those being broadcast are younger than 22.

The move has bemused many social media users, with some wondering how authorities decide what is “seductive”.

“How do they decide what’s provocative when eating a banana?” one person asked, according to the BBC. Another wondered: “Can male live-streamers still eat them?”

I doubt that works out the same.


Anyway, Paula, seductive banana eating on-line during live streams.  Time to get the NZ Censor’s Office onto it.


– The Telegraph


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  • RightofSingapore

    I would have thought the Chinese would be too pre-occupied with its ominous military buildup, belligerence over the South China Sea, and executing critics to bother with this sort of thing.

  • Grocersgirl

    What was the POINT of eating 30 bananas?

    • He didn’t. It’s just edited so you can’t see him spitting it out :)


      • Grocersgirl

        Well I wondered that, but then he has his kids wandering about in the picture, which provides continuity that would be broken if it was edited.

  • Nigel_F

    The human body is amazing, not talking about the guy eating bananas, it reminded me of when I was in hospital as a child and on IV nutrition for 2 weeks with nil by mouth due to several bowel surgeries.
    My Mum said she would get me whatever I wanted when I was allowed to eat again, I wanted a banana, something I rarely ate and not near the top of my favourite food list. I guess there was something missing in the IV bag that bananas provide.