Nige strikes back: The in-depth commenters quiz

See if you feel like mocking him for an “easy quiz” after this


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  • stephen2d

    2/10 aargh! :)

    • Nige.


  • kayaker

    6/10. Most of which were guess it and see.

  • Wasapilot

    Great quiz Nige ?

    • Nige.

      Well I did get some ideas from someone mwahh haw haw!

  • Oh Please

    Mentioned in a question :) Fame at last!!

    • Crowgirl

      Same here lol

    • Left Right Out

      Yes… even I got a mention….. I had to show all in the house I was now WO famous

    • Keyser Soze

      I too aspire to be Nige fodder.

  • Lux

    WhooHoo 6/10 ..

  • Simon P

    4/10 guessing

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Don’t feel so bad with my 5 now as guessed a few but actually knew a few. Hum maybe I shouldn’t be proud and get a life!!!

  • Crowgirl

    7/10 *geek*

  • kereru

    Pfft – 5/10 only achieved by a fair bit of guessing.

  • Greg M

    14 / 10 Massive cheating involved which gained an extra 10 points.

    • Nechtan

      If your going to cheat, cheat big :-)

  • Carl

    4/10, all 6 guesses were wrong.

    • hookerphil

      Same and one was a gimme – Need to read every story and every comment

  • Dave

    6 /10 I think a general knowledge quiz is easier Nige, but great initiative.

  • Left Right Out

    I guessed my way to 7/10…… only one I really knew (but was still a bit of a guess) was the biggest rugby rivalry

  • Cadwallader

    I only got 5. I have retreated to my other home in the People’s Republic of Western Australia for a week or so which is not living in a car. I shall miss the debates to a large extent but will keep an eye out for any further decline in Little Angry’s fortunes. Australian politics is bland despite an election in 5 weeks. Best wishes.

  • JEL51

    5/10 mumble, mumble …..

  • Bluemanning

    7/10 need a life as I indicated earlier….

    • Nige.

      Wow wow wow

  • Chris EM


  • Keyser Soze

    2/10 – clearly I had a busy week!

  • Isherman

    5/10…better than this weeks rugby picks so far…

  • LesleyNZ

    3/10 – but I have been away for over 2 weeks and only catching up properly now. It was mostly guess work.

  • Dan

    For those who deny there is a hell, think again. 3/10

  • Spiker

    All of you that got more than 3/10 are confirmed WO addicts and should seek treatment asap. :-)

    • WeaselKiss

      5/10 and yes I know I need help.

  • Woody


  • Les couilles de chien.


    • Nige.

      Someone’s been silently ticking away in the background eh?

  • Barnacles2

    Yes 2/10 at least it wasn’t a donut :)

  • Melissa


  • zotaccore

    2/10., and very very pleased with that result. It means I’m not blog-addicted. A great affirmation! :)

  • Nessie


  • pisces8284

    2/10 and all guesses

  • Grantavius


    clearly I read more than I comment.