No matter what we do, no matter what we say…

Back during the 2014 election campaign Katie Bradford revealed her frustration with the polls and with voters by stating to cameras that, “No matter what we do, no matter what we say, the polls still favour National.”

It showed her complete and utter bias for all to see.

This morning on Radio NZ there was another reveal, this time from Guyon Espiner when talking to an academic about housing affordability.

Espiner was astounded that the claims of Nick Smith about housing affordability were actually true and the academic was busily explaining that although what Nick Smith said was true he was still wrong.

There we have it…Guyon Espiner doesn’t like Nick Smith, and on Radio NZ revealed it all for us saying he hates to say it but Nick Smith was right.

The full audio of the interview provide the full context, but it is clear that Guyon Espiner doesn’t like to admit that Nick Smith was right…it doesn’t fit his narrative that Nick Smith was out of touch.

So, despite the claims of other media, and left-wing blogs, that Nick Smith was wrong it appears that using the Massey University Housing Affordability Index he is actually right. Housing is more affordable now under National than prior to 2008, and that has come about mainly because interest rates are so much lower now.

At least we know now where Guyon Espiner’s sympathies lie.


– RadioNZ


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  • Poppa

    It’s always been obvious where Guyon sits – I need to change radio channels frequently in the car in the morning which is very distracting. Mind you evening’s no better with JC swooning on about some crisis.

    • STAG

      JC has ruined my evening commute, I simply refuse to pollute my ears with us faux deep voice and blatant political bias.

  • Si1970

    There’s an RNZ billboard of Espiner and Ferguson on the Auckland motorway. I started screaming at it yesterday as I drove past it, and that kicked off my wife yelling at me about apparently yelling at the radio (again)… The sign said ‘News, not Views’…. Tui should crane someone up there and slap ‘Yeah Right’ to the side of it.

    • Dave

      And your comment, as a follow on to the main article above, is precisely why Mark Weldon needs to continue the work weeding out the bias and opinions of the newsreaders. Just give us the facts – as they are – add an opinion if they want, but leave the facts to speak the truth.

      • MaryLou

        That’s the line I’ve been holding as well. But my father pointed out that wee fallacy this morning – I haven’t tuned in, but I don’t doubt his observations, apparently since losing Campbell, instead of getting better, that timeslot has gotten worse, not better, and is basically a uninformative chatshow.

        Edit to add; so not an improvement at all, just more of a lurch towards social commentary!

        • Dave

          Dont disagree at all, but as part of shedding, they also NEED the right mix of programs and presenters, I encourage them to look at a multi host format such as The Project. Three regular presenters (relatively balanced) and a fourth guest.Its about a popular as a news show can get.

          • MaryLou

            Tried to have a look, but not allowed, since I’m not in Aus :( . I guess the key word is “balanced” – lets hope that’s actually what he is aiming for!

    • Dan

      How about a “Yeah Right Of the Week” post?

      Not sure if Tui would like it but a weekly Yeah Right meme would be fun. Things like this billbord would be a good candidate this week, along with bypassing water meters, secret visits to friendly countries, etc.

  • R&BAvenger

    Love it when lefties get a stinging slap around the chops by facts and reality.

  • Wayne Hodge

    I realise that as an older person I am supposed to be both stupid and right wing, but in my delusions I thought that RNZ, as a taxpayer funded entity was supposed to provide an objective take on the world and not a platform for any one party’s view. Obviously as a pensioner I have lost the plot? Or perhaps it is RNZ that has! Please put me out of my misery so I can doze off.

    • Chris M

      They aren’t known as Red Radio for nothing.

      Go enjoy that snooze.

  • pisces8284

    Left trolls complain bitterly about Mike Hosking but there wouldn’t be too many right leaning journalists/newsreaders/commentators/interviewers/talking heads

  • SAM51

    He sounds so gutted that she dare back Nick Smith up and no matter how much he protests the facts remain the same – houses are provably more affordable now then when Labour was in power. The woman squirms around trying to put a negative spin but makes herself sound stupid – explaining is loosing.

  • kiwisnab

    Nick Smith had a good interview on Morning Report about water. At etc end of the interview he was asked to comment on Labour’s and Peter’s comments on water, he replied “yesterday’s Leaders with yesterday’s lines”

    I quite liked that.

  • Fuglybud

    State broadcasting appears to be the entry/training point into the Labour Party. Time to get the state out of the broadcasting business.

  • lyall

    I used to have a very lefty view of the world, I grew out of it in my late teens though, as comforting as lukewarm utopian ideology is – the real world got in the way!

  • JC

    Well that was entertaining.. two lefties desperately trying to deny or obfuscate a crucial fact about AK house affordability.

    The takeaway is that a lefty govt would increase housing affordability if it came back into power.. just as in did during the noughties.


  • Effluent

    I listened to this interview, and was absolutely flabbergasted to hear Guyon forcing the lefty academic yo admit that her study WAS consistent with Nick Smiths statement. It seems he does have tiny wisp of journalistic integrity left in his makeup, but we don’t often get to see it.

  • Kiwikea

    It’s so true. With interest rates at 4.5% – 5% instead of the historical bank average of 6.2%, instead of paying $701 a week for a $500k mortgage you can get $600k for $706 based on 4.5%.
    Most loans won’t be that big but the point is housing prices have gone up but it’s actually easy to afford them with low rates.

  • Steely Man

    I had to laugh at the academic trying desperately to explain why her index doesn’t really mean what it shows and Guyon just not getting it and insisting on saying that it means exactly what it shows!.

  • Semantics. Interest rates will go up again sooner or later. Another GFC isn’t far away and we’ll see who can afford the stupid mortgages they are currently sitting on and who can’t.

    • Uncle Bully

      and even if they can still afford them, will they want a $600k mortgage on a $500k house?