White Britons now the minority in London



The Labour Party’s push to increase immigration has changed London’s population. The National census which looked at change over a decade has revealed that London’s racial and religious mix has changed significantly. Christians used to make up 58 percent of the population but now they have dropped to 48 percent. In only ten years Muslims have increased from 8 percent to 12 percent. In contrast Hindus only make up 5 percent, Jews 2 percent and Buddhists 1 percent.

Only days ago London has voted in its first ever Muslim Mayor and now the census has revealed that White Britons have dropped from 58 percent of London’s population to 45 percent, an astounding drop of 13 percent in only ten years. Is this White flight or have migrants simply outnumbered them thanks to the Labour Party’s immigration policies?

Half of London’s foreign born residents arrived between 2001 and 2011, reflecting the surge in immigration under Labour and the first years of David Cameron’s premiership.

For those who may think that it is racist to comment on the changing face of London consider this. What if it was the capital city of China or Japan and ethnic Chinese and Japanese had become the minority? That is a big deal. Japan and China are Asian countries just as England is a European country. Imagine if an African country’s capital city now had ethnic black Africans in the minority? When the native population becomes the minority then a country has been colonised and it will never be the same again. This is history being made.


White Britons are a minority for the first time after a rise in the number of residents from other ethnic groups.

Statistics from last year’s census show that 45 per cent of the capital’s 8.2 million population class themselves as white Britons. That compares with a figure of 58 per cent when the last census was compiled in 2001.

One of the key reasons for the change is a sharp increase in the number of foreign born people living in London. They now account for 37 per cent of the capital’s population, compared with only a quarter a decade earlier.

The largest number of such residents come from India, who account for three per cent of the London population, followed by Poles, who make up two per cent. But there has also been a big increase in ethnic minority Britons with the numbers of black, Asian and mixed race Londoners born in this country all rising significantly.

Statisticians said the census figures showed that London was the most diverse part of the country and was leading the way as the number of ethnic  minority and foreign born residents rose nationwide.

…The most eye-catching findings for London are those on the changing ethnic mix in the capital.

There are now 3.7 million white Britons in London, down from 4.3 million in 2001 despite an overall increase in the capital’s population of nearly one million inhabitants over the decade.

The next largest ethnic group is Asian, including both those who have arrived from abroad and those who were born in this country. They now account for 18 per cent of the capital’s population with a total of 1.5 million residents.

Black Londoners, of whom there are 1.1 million, represent another 13 per cent of the population. They include Africans, black Britons and those from the Caribbean.

The capital’s 405,000 mixed race residents make up another five per cent of the population. Arabs represent 1.3 per cent, while “other” ethnic groups make up two per cent.

A further 13 per cent of Londoners are “white other” – such as Europeans — meaning that the capital still has an overall majority of white residents despite white Britons becoming a minority.

…On country of birth, today’s figures show that three million Londoners were born abroad.

More than half of the residents in Brent, Newham, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster were born outside the UK.


Of course it is not only London that is affected. The Sun newspaper reported that there are now four towns and cities in Britain where White Britons are now in the minority.

Changing face of modern Britain ... white Brits are falling in Slough

Changing face of modern Britain … white Brits are falling in Slough



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  • Miguel

    Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, and white countries for everyone it seems….

  • Don O’Brien

    “When the native population becomes the minority then a country has been colonised and it will never be the same again. This is history being made.” As an example, Britain colonised Australia back in the 1800’s. The Aboriginies became the minority after a while. Perhaps the Aboriginies of today could give some advice to the white britons. How many white britons have emigrated to the likes of NZ over the past 10 years?

    • Observer

      The thing is that Aborigines and other indigenous cultures actually embrace their ethnicity and culture. The Dalai Lama is quite open about being concerned about demographic change marginalising Tibetan culture. White Britons are demonised as evil r8cists if they do the same. As they become a minority they’ll probably need their own advocacy groups.

  • Recently in the London streets ..we did not hear English being spoken for at least a hour lol (when we had lunch in a pub) and despite the myriad of people about us. Just how it is now.
    Can sort of understand how Maori felt following colonization of NZ. Aliens in their own land.
    London is very colorful and it’s quite nice to be part of it but the real downside is the spread of political Islam… which almost certainly will destroy Britain and Europe if it isn’t shackled soon. It’s ruining Sweden.
    Took Britons hundreds of years to get power off the church and now history is going to repeat. So sad.

  • Tiger

    The discussion should also include the subject of culture. When the Romans ruled Britain for ages, their culture dominated, arguably adding value to what would become the culture we know today. I recall reading Gibbons, the Decline and Fall of Rome when at one stage the number of foreigners (slaves) outnumbered the ethnic Romans. The Roman culture ceased to dominate. There were even foreign born Caesars if I’m not mistaken. Where I am going with this is perhaps we should be talking about the virtues of dominant cultures and what value it adds to a civilised society.

    • Seriously?

      I think religion is the worry, not the colour of a person’s skin, the language that complete chance sees them speaking, or the cultural practices that were born into. Take the challenge set by John Lennon: “Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky.” I think the world would be a far better place.

      Time will see the religions of today fade and die, they have only been in existence for a small dot on the history of our species, but I fear there will always be new ones to replace them. We can however strive to limit their influence on how we organise and run our society.

  • Keeping Stock

    When we were in London last year, my wife wanted to visit Harrods. The nearest to the Middle East I have ever visited is Dubai, but in Harrods, I have never seen so many burqa-clad women in such a small space.

    Suffice to say, we didn’t linger there long. It was an “interesting” experience!

    • Rebecca

      Go to the make up section – they are unlikely to be there

    • spanishbride

      During my recent visit to Melbourne I encountered the full range of Islamic attire for women within 5 minutes of leaving the airplane. It was jaw dropping. One woman was all in white with only her eyes showing. She looked like she was draped in a bedsheet. Another at least had some colour and was mainly in red with only her face showing.

      • sonovaMin

        Go for a walk around Lynn Mall.

        • Mark

          Or St Lukes, I swear some days I get the feeling they are bussed in.

      • Aucky

        Melbourne is very similar to London with its variety of ethnicities living in their own communities – Italians in Carlton, Jews in Brighton………

        Auckland is already developing the same model.

      • Ginny

        What I want to know is how they manage on a squat toilet, do they throw everything up over their head?

    • KatB

      Should you have taken that photo and posted it publicly? All their friends will recognise them now.

    • rexabus

      Bit like that at the mt Roskill shops today. 3 or 4 different groups of burka clad females. The same stuff that’s happened in England is starting to happen here. Relatively not many of them here yet but the population steadily growing. Marked increase over the last 5 years where I live, Id say ,for sure

  • Rebecca

    Maybe – just Maybe this will be a wake up call for New Zealand’s policy
    We can only but hope
    The takeover strategy by stealth seems to be working in London at least – please don’t let it happen in our piece of paradise

    • MaryLou

      The bonus is they can’t just turn up here by sneaking across a ditch, or in a lorry. If we let it happen, we’ll damned well deserve it, because we have to approve every single person that arrives.

      Oh. Just realised that’s not as encouraging as it was supposed to be.

  • rexabus

    Even if nz can resist some of the rampant immigration europe has experienced this takeover of the west will have serious ramifications in the next few decades for the balance of the power internationally and in turn affect us here. Muslim mayor today, muslim ruling party or british pm tomorrow? The world I grew up in had givens like that somehow Brit, America and the free world would cover our back in times of trouble. In the new world order establishing itself? I’m not half as sure anymore

    • rua kenana

      NZ currently isn’t being very successful at resisting the rampant European-style immigration. The current politicians are instead encouraging it.
      Some immigration can be good, too much can be very bad.

  • cows4me

    I would assume the vast proportion of people living in London do so because they share the ideals of that city. Free speech, capitalism, arts, culture and jobs. They may have a Muslim mayor but I would say God help him if he tries to turn it into an Islamic crap hole. You don’t have to be white to want those things I highlighted, all humans of all colours basically want freedom and if Muslims think that they will impose their warped ideology on those who live in London then indeed the streets will run red with blood.

  • Andy

    I’m a born and bred Londoner, and the picture may be a bit more complex.
    When I was a kid in South London, about 50% of the kids at my primary school were black West Indians, and quite a lot of Pakistani and Indians too (this was 45 years ago). My school friends were French, Italian, Jewish, and German (I am first born son of a German war refugee)

    The areas I went to school in are now expensive trendy suburbs, mostly white (Balham and Wandsworth)

    Other areas like Tooting are very Muslim now.

    Many of the jobs that were previously done by Pakistani and Indians are now being done by Eastern Europeans.

    So, London is a bit special in that regard. It has always been a melting pot.
    it is places like Luton and Bradford that give me most concern as they become Islamified

    • Aucky

      My mother’s family hails from Greenwich & Deptford Andy and I recall very clearly as a child the cosmopolitan make up of the populace in the 1950s. London has always been an everchanging ethnic mix – nothing has changed.

      Good grief, there are about 50,000 Kiwis permanently residing in London. Shock, horror!

    • R&BAvenger

      My grandparents immigrated from the Bradford area in 1986. My grandfather felt there were too many Pakistanis coming into the area. Bigoted, but in the long term it seems his gut feeling may end up being the correct one.

    • Mikex

      Like you Andy I was brought up in London, but of an earlier generation and in the West. I can vividly remember, as about a seven year old, seeing a black face for the first time. It was such a rarity I followed the poor guy along the road because I was so intrigued. I went back to the same area in recent years and I thought I had arrived by mistake in the Middle East. They were selling newspapers but even they were all in Arabic.
      Multiculturalism is a complete and utter failure, incredibly still being touted and promoted by the idiotic left.
      Multi ethnicity can work fine and to use your analogy, melting pots of different ethnicity can make a pretty good brew. However to invite a different backward cultural group into your community that refuses to assimilate is social suicide.
      The shear number of Muslims in many European and Scandinavian cities that are there now, spells an inevitable end to their western culture and society as they have known it. Let’s hope we learn from their mistake.

    • kiwisnab

      I lived in Tooting from ’87 – 91. The local video shop had a sign in window – 1000 English titles, 10,000 Hindu titles…. Every second shop was a sari shop.

  • rua kenana

    Auckland is going the same way, seemingly with fairly widespread approval from at least some quarters.
    So surely no problem?

  • spanishbride

    I agree. I love New Zealand culture but my race is whatever half I choose to identify with. Race should be irrelevant and hopefully will be one day. I do value civilised cultures however and do not want to see them taken over by barbaric ones that allow stoning and public whipping for being raped.

    • Seriously?

      I don’t think you need to hope SB, it is an inevitability. Might take a few thousand years mind you, but there is no doubt it will happen and the faster the better.

      Completely agree with you on the other aspect. I do wonder about the degree to which such barbaric practices persist due to culture, or do they linger when others have evolved past them due to religion. I suspect it is some combination of the two, with one reinforcing the other.

      • Observer

        On demographic projections Africa is going to at least double before 2050. Given that continent is significantly dependent on western aid money that will be a disaster.
        In a few thousand years robots/AI will have taken over.

  • Plantagenet

    Read the book ‘This is London: Life and Death in the World City’ by Ben Judah to get a full picture of this situation. White Britons are finished in that city as they are in other places in the UK. It’s all happened by design and has taken place not with a bang, but with a whimper.

  • KatB

    I agree too. I always tick other and also call myself New Zealander, as my culture and ethnicity comes from what I have grown up surrounded by in NZ. I am not European. I too, think people should celebrate their own cultures and uniqueness but that alone should not define them or our country.

  • Just me

    Once the number of Muslims reaches a tipping point Sharia is inevitably introduced. There isn’t one country in the world where this hasn’t happened. One exception might’ve been Turkey, but the radical pendulum is most definitely swinging towards maniacal extremism. The Brits, at the behest of ill-informed ignorant, self satisfied leftie w**kers, have invited stone-aged tribalism into their country, their cities, their communities and it will impact their homes and lives. I hope the requisite notifications have been sent to every woman in the UK – “You may wish to consider your personal safety as your chances of sexual assault increase with the rising Muslim population” – no wonder the bone fide Brits are fleeing to the country side… it’s the last bastion of their civilisation.

  • Union Jack

    Sorry but I don’t really buy into all the multicultural thing.
    Have no problem with foreigners coming here if they are civilized and want to fit in to our way of life.
    However a lot of the ones we have coming here just like London are from uncivilized poor third world countries and unfortunately they bring their dirty habits and feuds with them and then start doing it here.
    I don’t want NZ to turn into another third world hole because we allowed the wrong kinds of people the privilege of coming here.

  • waldopepper

    unfortunately this is what it takes before the world wakes up and does something. i see those in the know saying sweden is already lost and london a close second. perhaps as these countries and cities descend into chaos and ultimately bloodshed and civil war, we along with the rest of western culture, will get a first hand look at whats coming our way if we continue along the same path of importing this stone age and frankly barbaric religion. that said, i see reports here and there that membership numbers in right wing nationalists groups in sweden are literally through the roof, so wouldnt be surprised if something happens there soonish. that saying comes to mind, “the anglo saxon is a nice and kind person …. until he isnt”. i feel sorry for innocents that will be caught up on both sides of the equation.

    • Observer

      I think Swedes and the English will become minority groups later this century if they don’t reduce the flow of people from non-western countries. Frank Salter had an excellent series in Quadrant on how the media and universities have basically demonised any opposition to the process.

      “The subordination and steady replacement of Anglo Australia is not due to high principle but an unholy Left-minority alliance. The cosmopolitan Left has abandoned the shrinking white blue-collar working class for new constituencies, including minority ethnics who can be relied upon to vote for parties that keep the immigration door open to ethnic kin. Australia’s cosmopolitan elites are, in effect, electing a new people to replace reactionary Anglo Australia. The fact that the new people are more ethnically motivated than Anglo Australians has not bothered ideologues who are on hair-trigger alert for any hint of Anglo ethnic sentiment.”


  • Mark

    Agreed,but as a genuine WASP,I suspect I should be checking my White Privilege?
    The people I chose to have in my life are a wide variety of races,they earnt their place because of their work ethics & the other values they hold.

  • Johnno

    With the election of Khan as the new mayor of London I fear they now have the fox in the henhouse. The following quote is also scary stuff for Britain:

  • Oh Please

    We would have been better off losing the war. Socialism, PC and multiculturalism have ruined the world. BTW, it’s only MULTI culturalism until the other cultures have been driven away.