Nobody is forced to live in a car; they have clearly chosen to do it

The Media party, and Newshub in particular, are still pimping the housing crisis.

On Saturday morning The Nation (yes them) pimped a couple living in their car.

They are called the hidden homeless.

They’re a growing number of working families being forced to live in vehicles due to being unable to afford Auckland’s soaring rent prices.

According to figures collated by the Salvation Army, rent for three-bedroom homes increased in Auckland by 25 percent from 2010 to 2015.

For Marie and her two young children, her car has been her home for two months.

“It’s like they’re shut away from society, really like I’ve hidden them away for society. They have nothing we’re just here 24/7.”

Her partner’s not here — he’s busy at his fulltime job. However his take home pay of $600 a week can’t match south Auckland rentals demanding $500 and more.  

It’s left Marie feeling totally detached and alone.

“I wouldn’t even tell my own family that I am living in a car.”

The family left a state home in the South Island because there was no work.

So they are living in their late model Holden…with leather seats.

Marie says Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) told her they’d have to wait 18 months to get social housing here.

They’re not alone either, up to 50 people a night can gather in Bruce Pullman Park in south Auckland.

Coincidentally it was a Labour MP pimping the story, which goes hand in glove with their campaign online to identify people prepared to speak to media about the “housing crisis”.

This is just manufactured news on behalf of the Labour party…but all they can offer people is a box of tissues.

The desperate sight of working families being forced to live in cars is increasingly common to Otara’s MP Jenny Salesa.

“One of the things that we provide in our office is a box of tissues because there are so many families that come here with their kids. And they come in the minivans that they live in and when you see that on a weekly basis it breaks your heart.”

And a box of tissues helps that?

But what is the big deal? Thousands of tourists come here and travel around living in people movers…some of them with really offensive slogans on the side. They do it for fun.




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  • Richard

    It seems to me an oxymoron that a family would choose to leave the comfort of a state supplied house, because there is no work in the area.

    • KatB

      Yeah always good how they put those bits in but never explain fully. Why would you move from that state house in the South Island to Auckland before you know you can secure a job that can fund an Auckland lifestyle? Why would you bypass several cheaper living areas between Auckland and the South Island, where there would be the option of work as well? Another story full of holes.

      • johnandali

        You’re not meant to ask those questions. Just like the unanswered questions about the murder of the woman and her daughter buried in a shallow grave in Takapuna all those years ago, and the fact that the ex was able to access the bank account of the vicitim (for how long, we don’t know), and that their disappearance wasn’t reported for 9 years or so. I wonder what on earth happened to “investigative journalism” in this country?

    • johnandali

      It’s funny that it’s an oxymoron. Moron would be a better description. The oxy would be superfluous.

  • If his take home pay is $600 per week then they could by a nice size caravan and live in a caravan park.

    • johnandali

      That wouldn’t be possible. They would have to trade in the fancy Holden and buy a caravan and an old bomb. Their self-esteem would be damaged. Couldn’t do that.

  • Huia

    The housing “crisis” has jumped onto the front page because the Panama Papers crisis, the Hotel crisis in Vanuatu, the Trade Deal crisis, the Chinese flooding the housing market crisis, the Charter schools crisis, the self manufactured dirty politic crisis, the PM’s children causing embarrassment to the country crisis, the Gender confused toilet crisis, then there was the flag fiasco which could have been straight forward and democratic, instead of that it was turned into a circus and yet another crisis by Labour and Angry Little Andy.
    Every manufactured ‘crisis’ and outrage by the Left wing parties have failed.
    So, the housing crisis (an oldie but apparently a goodie) is being rolled out yet again.
    Sometimes you have to shift towns to follow the work and the affordable accommodation, it simply cannot be given to you right in your personal comfort zone.
    There is a housing shortage in Auckland, why arrive there expecting to move straight into a house.

    • KGB

      Who funded their move to CC?
      Who then funded their move to Auckland?
      If WINZ isnt the answer to either question I’ll eat my hat.

    • Crowgirl

      At the very least get your accommodation sorted before you move, especially if you’ve got kids.

  • JC

    Along with their $600 per week (say $32000pa) income they would qualify for about another $20,000 in family support and accommodation subsidy.. say $50,000 all up. and with their flash car with the leather seats they can afford to go somewhere to rent for up to about $400 a week.

    Better still if the partner is drug free they can head down country for work and cheaper digs.


  • jason

    Why is it noteworthy that they have leather seats in their new Holden?

    • KatB

      I think that’s part of the usual backstabbing way some of the media chose to present these stories. All compassion and understanding to the faces of these people they’re pimping, then they put a little gem in the story like the leather seats bit and that gives Joe Public, reading the article, something to hit these people over the head with, (metaphorically speaking of course). Then the media sit back and watch the people they’re “helping” get ripped to shreds by all the holes in the story. Just like being at the Roman Coliseum.

    • KGB

      I think ‘new holden’ with leather seats says it all.
      One does not qualify for a SH with enough in the bank for that car. So the car was likely purchased after they qualified, and on tick. It is those type of payments that are usually behind peoples financial woes.
      Leaving a safe SH in CC was a poor decision. Who jepodises their children’s safety this way? Moving their children into a car in Auckland without heating and cooking facilities, amongst the mentally ill and drug addled, is at the very least Child Neglete.
      We know SH tenants can transfer homes, why didn’t they follow that process?
      At $600 a week he is unskilled labour and I don’t believe there is no equivalent work available in CC. Especially over the last 5 years!
      The poverty of responsibility here is foremost. Yet I am a bad person to judge it.

  • Cadwallader

    If the Labour caucus continues to shrink, they’ll be able to hold their meetings in a car.

    • one for the road

      In fact they should buythat leather seated Holden right now, kill two birds with one stone!

    • johnandali

      They probably already do.

  • kiwinev

    No work in the South Island ? Yeah right !

    • Michelle

      My thoughts and the amount of towns and cities they passed through to get to Auckland didn’t have jobs either?
      Another manufactured Media party helping Labour beat up without asking the real questions

  • cows4me

    You would think those promoting the leftist lifestyle and their enablers would be lining up to open their homes for these poor people such is their caring and sharing, or so they would have us believe. If the morons on the left lead by example I would be more inclined to believe they are genuine but let’s face it it’s just more leftist hypocrisy. They claim they fight for the underdog but it’s all a lie. The underdog is a way to a means and this means more socialism. The hypocrisy here is using someone’s misery for their own gains while pretending they actually care.

  • Tom

    Its a real shame they dont say what the partner does for a living. IOf there was no work where he lived why did he buy a top-of the -range car. I am not poor but I drive a 1998 Landrover discovery that cost me $9000 9 years ago. Maybe thats why I dont have to live in it. I spend wisely!

    • Sailor Sam

      I would not say “why” he bought that car but “how”.
      Which rip-off finance company charging 25% lent him the money.

      • MaryLou

        I was about to say he’d only be paying that if he’d defaulted to other, cheaper lenders in the past, but that’s not quite true. There are certainly Lenders that target – shall we say, less financially literate people – by using faces they identify with. Not naming names, but some people should be ashamed.

  • Asian_driver

    So they are just urban Freedom campers, does the council fine them every day?
    She has a partner and 2 kids, so working for families and accomdation suppliment, Why not rent a garage, which in my mind is a version of the tiny house movement, instead of pretending that garage rentals are terrible , why not legislate for them , set minimun standards, its not alot different than a studio apartment really

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The box of tissues should have been enough but sadly Labour are so desperate they will pimp any sorry sob story that they can gather. Sadly because with this half story they have laid out just enough to extract zero sympathy.
    Giving up a state house in the Mainland to go to Auckland? They’re dreamin’.

  • In Vino Veritas

    What a load of baloney. There is no reason for these people to be living in a car. They chose to come to Auckland. You’d think that they would have done some research as to where they’d be able to live BEFORE they decided to shift. And if you have TWO kids and earn $30k p.a, then you’ve bought most of your problems upon yourself. Get your parents to bail you out, not the rest of NZ (but then if you are that big of a dropkick, your parents have probably already told you to take a hike).

  • YoungA

    With the grad job I just started, I’m on roughly $650 take home a week.

    Sleeping in a car??? Really?? Go flatting! Not that hard..

  • D-Rad

    There are 1 bedroom rentals in South Auckland for $200-300pw, sure thats small, but bigger than a car. Also she will have some sort of benefit with two kids… so theres that too.