This is not a hard luck story, it is a story of utter stupidity

The left-wing are all aghast at the story about the mother of eight living in motels and racking up massive debts.

Apparently it is the government’s uncaring policies and the fault of them for this woman’s poverty predicament.

Simon Maude reported:

An Auckland woman and her eight children living in a one-bedroom motel unit have racked up a $78,000 debt with Work and Income for their “emergency housing” costs.


The Auckland woman with the $78,000 debt said she was evicted from her Housing New Zealand house after it was found to be contaminated with methamphetamine. Despite being cleared of drugs by a CYF investigation, the woman said she was blacklisted by Housing NZ, forcing the family into emergency accommodation.

The woman and her family have now been staying in motels for 10 months and have racked up a debt of $78,000 in emergency housing money.

Her partner and her eight children – ranging from ages 11 to five months – have been staying in a one-bedroom motel in Mangere.

It was their third motel and she has given birth to two children while living in the motels.  

“As children, they shouldn’t know as much as what we are going through but still they put on a bright smile face and get up for school every morning.”

She said she had tried private accommodation and rental properties to no avail.

“Everybody asks for references and then they ask how many children you have. Who’s going to give me a house with my name being blacked like that?”

Sounds dreadful but who is really to blame here for their predicament?

Their poverty is due to her inability to shut her bloody legs. Eight children! This is what welfare does. But she must be extremely stupid to keep pushing out sprogs when she is living in abject poverty.

She had two more children while living in motels…one bedroom motel rooms even!

How is their predicament the fault of the government? Why should the government provide them a house and why do they think it is ok to just keep on breeding when they are in abject poverty.

It is self inflicted and it is stupidity. Most Kiwis will see that. But not the Media party and the Opposition who keep on pimping out these stories.

Me and the missus had two kids despite wanting more…we controlled our fertility and we had the number of kids we could afford.

Somehow we have bred a nation of thickies who think that it is their right to continually pop out sprogs and that the government will provide them with a house and an income.

This is simply a case of self inflicted poverty by stupid people.


– Fairfax


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  • papagaya

    It is precisely because the government has provided her with state housing (and now a motel, for which I guarantee she will never, ever have to pay), that she has felt comfortable popping out eight kids. She and her partner are at fault, but so is the government. And although she proclaims her innocence on the meth issue, there will be much more to that story, you can be sure of that.

    • Tracy

      SHE tested drug free but what about her partner/s and their mates, obviously someone was using the stuff at the house – with her then 6 kids – for it to be contaminated.

      • Simon P

        The Government will get the clean up bill when the motel becomes contaminated.

        • papagaya

          Which raises another question: are moteliers informed as to the reason WHY a HNZ tenant was kicked out of a house? How many moteliers would willingly take on a guest if they knew the reason was meth contamination?

          • metalnwood

            I can’t believe a motel would want the long term business of a family of 10 like that. It surely must have some negative impact on the other customers.

          • papagaya

            Listen, our social welfare system is such a lax, hopeless garbage fire that I would wager that moteliers are not told by ANYBODY at WINZ that they’re taking in a meth user.

          • KatB

            I wondered that too. Surely motel accommodation will dry up soon too for these types of people. Who would want to run that risk with their motel business?

      • Mick Ie

        Wasn’t it more than just one NZH house they had been living in that tested positive for P?

        Edit: add missing word and reworded for clarity

        • Usaywot

          Reports said it was three.

    • R&BAvenger

      Agreed, effectively the government is rewarding the wrong choices/behaviors and now the opposition and MSM are too, by giving attention to this case.

      We do however need the sun to shine in to reveal what is going on and expose the lies pushed by the MSM and opposition who want to blame the government when in fact the blame lies with the individuals concerned who ahve gotten themselves into this situation.

    • Steve kay

      But but but she pays it back $5 a week out of her dole! And she pays tax on her dole so is just as entitled as anyone else!

      Seems legit

  • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

    The ferald has her age at 28. Plenty of breeding time left. Birth control (via implant or IUD) should be a prerequisite after 2 children.

  • Akitio

    Wonder how many different fathers there are to these eight kids?

  • Aucky

    There’s no doubt that this is the masthead story of an orchestrated attack by the Coalition of the Damned and the Media Party. Don’t expect to see or hear any reasoned argument exposing the truth anytime soon because we don’t have a truthful or balanced media in our country any longer.

    • papagaya

      Yes but anybody who’s not a rabid Labour or Greens supporter can fully read between the lines of this story. They’re not fooled. Just another hit job but a half-arsed one as usual.

    • NZ_Stormer

      On the News last night it seems that there was attack after attack – nothing of substance but you get the feeling that the Media Party are getting desperate and throwing anything in the hope something might stick. They have obviously recognised that the Labour Party and Little are useless and have stepped into the void.

  • XCIA

    Rorton and his piraña side kick on TV One’s Breakfast show had an unmitigated blag fest on the PM this morning over what they see as a housing crises. I hope TVNZ replace the Rorton Muppet with Hilary Barry to bring some balance to their show.

  • Tim Brown

    Sorry but I can’t make the maths work. Staying in motels for ten months, given birth to two children, the youngest is five months. Just doesn’t add up.

    • Steve kay

      Indeed. Perhaps they’ve managed to shorten the gestation period to gain efficiency. Evolution is the darndest thing

    • KGB

      Not their 1st stretch of Motel living. Not their 1st eviction from a SH. In 2 months they will qualify for yet another SH to contaminate.
      No wonder nothing changes.

    • Hailstormers

      I had to think on that and it is possible. Ready to pop number 7 when they first move into motel and 1 month later get pregnant and give birth to number 8, nine months later. Oh the thought. The mentality of some…….. Arghhhh so angry.

      • Steve kay

        But the youngest is five months old. Doesn’t work at all

  • MrsAverage

    The part where they’re getting $800 a week, for nothing makes me feel ill. Why must I work and contribute to society, and they don’t?

    • jcpry

      And their accommodation is being picked up by WINZ? That’s $800 a week to spend on whatever they like. If there was ever a case of children being used as a meal ticket this is it.
      The scary part of this is that even if one of them was working they would be a net cost to the taxpayer with tax credits of in excess of $500 p.w.

      • MrsAverage

        Apparently, $500 of that $800 goes straight to debt repayment (for a fridge, furniture, TV, game console) so the govt isn’t even paying all of that for the children’s health and wellbeing

        • jcpry

          Then the numbers don’t stack up. They’ve been out of the state house for 10 months. Even assuming that had made no payments before then lest say 42 weeks at $500 per week that’s $21,000. Was it gold plated?

        • Wheninrome

          Must have been a very large car to store all these items. What has happened to them.

  • Graeme

    Where are the clowns who planted the seed of life in that stupid woman?

  • KGB

    Middle NZ are horrified by this story.
    Horrified that the welfare system is so out of hand that we continue to support this family.
    Day after day they parade these half stories in attempt to shame the Government.
    The real story here is “Shame on the Government for financing this madness.”
    Obviously we are going to have to start building ‘Children’s Homes.’ Multi level buildings to house all the children removed from parents who cannot provide.
    We don’t allow people to hoard pets, but we allow them to hoard children? Children they cannot house, feed or clothe. But hey, they don’t have 8 dogs, so it’s okay.

    • KatB

      Good point KGB, they are just hoarding kids, just like sad little cat ladies hoarding cats that they can’t feed and look after. I think the cry for the kids to be removed makes sense but is there somewhere better and safer for these kids to go? I think you’re right, we do need children’s homes and plenty of them, so these breeders know, removal of their kids/income is no longer just an idle threat and the kids wont just be going to aunty’s, they’ll be gone. Family is definitely important in a child’s life, but when that family is so broken and dysfunctional, there has to be a plan B.

    • WBC

      Yep, the really sad thing is that if her kids were dogs they’d already have been taken to better care.

      What she has done and is doing to her kids is abuse, she did this by bringing them into this world knowing she could not support them, that is a cruel and disgusting act.

      We need to help he kids. It is not their fault, but they will not have a future if they are brought up in an abusive household, denied their right to a decent life, education and values.

  • Paisleyboy

    Surely the answer apart from those discussed by others is as follows;
    Proven meth use equals remove the kids to a safe environment and leave the “P”arents to fend for themselves.Next problem please!!

    • Jude

      Use the benefit and put the addicts in rehab facility until clean.
      No benefit, housing or kids until they are no longer drug users!

      • WBC

        Agreed, but don’t give them back their children when they leave the clinic either. Give the kids a chance, they can visit but that should be all.

  • Melissa

    It’s beyond me why the goverment doesn’t do something to stop the rort that is our social welfare. When you see sob stories such as this it doesn’t make me feel for these people, it makes me bloody angry that our hard earned tax dollars are going to wastrels such as this. I’m certain that there would be massive support for any government that had the balls to put in place a plan to stop this ever increasing cost to our country.

  • Simon

    Just like banker bailouts give an incentive to financial institutions to act stupidly – the same thing is happening here by giving an incentive to this person having so many children and smoking P – she simply expects to be bailed out and will continue her behaviour. Until people understand this and demand that government can no longer take from us and give to those who least deserve it then it will continue forever.

  • R&BAvenger

    This is a dispassionate analysis of the latest ‘pimping the poor’ story from the MSM. It may be hard to read for some, but that’s because it’s the truth. Well done WIBH – MSM, take note, this is how it’s done.

    The nub of the poverty/housing crisis in this country is accurately summarized as “Somehow we have bred a nation of thickies who think that it is their right to continually pop out sprogs and that the government will provide them with a house and an income.”

    That is what needs addressing, quick smart!!

    • MarcWills

      Correction, it’s not the government providing, it’s other hardworking taxpaying NZers. The government just distributes it, and that is where we need to take a stand and demand better accountability.

  • Brad

    This really winds me up. If you have say, 2 children and require a WINZ benefit, it should be compulsory to have the contraception chip inserted until you are off welfare. He’ll I’d make it a condition for people without kids, but the lefties will scream about how it’s a human right to breed on the taxpayers $$$…

    Also, where’s the child support from the 8 fathers?

    • Wheninrome

      They are not fathers, they are sires.

  • SFB

    At 28 this is possibly the first bit of reality and consequence this woman has had to face. I feel sorry for the kids but sitting in a single room unit for the rest of winter might just be the wake up she needs.

  • axeman

    National should grab this story and pump it for all its worth. Really 8 children with 2 being born while in the motels. How on earth can you blame the Govt for this, really Key should go on The Story assuming Garner doesn’t get stuck in a lift again and say so what is she thinking. The answer is is she is not she is ripping the system to bits

  • Simon P

    Not having in a state house is supposed to be a punishment for contaminating the house. Instead the Government Is having to foot an even bigger bill for the motel, let alone the contamination they will cause at the motel, it make no sense !

  • PharmaBloke

    Revised numbers in article ? “Only 59 k ”

    Interesting ” they admitted to using ” and ” we haven’t ”

    Poor kids ……

  • lyall

    I would think even a terminal KDS sufferer can see that a broke 28 year old having 8 kids and living in a motel on the government isn’t going to strike too many chords with ‘middle NZ’ or others that may decide to vote

  • Wheninrome

    Brain dead on P, there is no way this individual is capable of making any intelligent decisions. 8 children so far, just like rabbits and these children will go on to have multitudes of offspring. This is how the left hope to win. These people are controllable with money in return for their vote. Eventually the whole thing tips over as it gets top heavy with receivers at the expense of those doing the giving, then what happens?
    Labour only lives for the now and wants to put patches over the cracks, any decent outcome requies planning and long term commitment, like the hair ad, it may not happen overnight, but it will happen. (If the powers that are remain in power)

  • CheesyEarWax

    This is child abuse waiting to happen, but lets not talk about that. Lets blame the govt for the self-inflicted poverty, then blame the govt for child abuse.

  • Isherman

    I don’t get the MSM’s pimping of this story. Everyday people will see this for what it is, an expose of stupidity and a complete lack of any sort of personal responsibility, so if the MSM are supposedly the ‘heralds’ and ‘standard bearers’ of a crusade to highlight govt failings, then the media are shooting themselves in the foot big time. I can’t believe it was done as an expose of this woman’s poor decision making, so from that point of view, why would you use these self defeating stories? Also, how did this specific case come to their attention?

  • Aquarius 61

    The only fault the government has is not capping benefits – say after 31 March 2017 if you’re on or applying for a benefit there will be no benefit increase even if you have more children. A new beneficiary is one that has never called on the state before. If you’ve been on a benefit before it is capped at the number of kids you had the last time you were on a benefit, or whatever the cap was at that time, which ever was the lowest.

    It’s called responsibility and consequences! Oh, and PLANNED parenthood.

    I can hear the howls from the left already.

    • Wheninrome

      You forget in this case it could be planned parenthood.

  • Mike

    I think the bigger issue is the fact that over the years society through PC initiatives had removed individual responsibility… it’s never these people’s fault it’s always someone else. Or Children fail school because of teachers and/or parents… while I agree that external factors will pay a roll in all things people must accept responsibility for their own actions or inaction.

    We are the architects of our own destiny.

  • Brad

    Nice to know :)

  • JustanObserver

    Welfare must be capped for a set period (say 3 years), must not be increased for ‘additional’ dependents from 9 months after going on the benefit and should include free birth control.
    It is a ‘Hand-up’ it is not a damn ‘Hand-out’ paycheck.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Yes capping of entitlements is a must as a control mechanism and the strongest signal.

  • localnews

    from their benefits….

  • Usaywot

    Blimey, she’s 28 and has 8 kids. Now let me see, that means at another one every 18 months or so she could easily produce another 10.
    Edit deleted double word typed

  • WBC

    Oh please, use whatever of my taxes you need, just take her kids away from her and give them a chance at life!

  • Crowgirl

    This has got to stop. I’m beginning to wonder what the media is hoping to achieve with these stories – is it sympathy for the kids for having drop kick parents, or is it utter contempt for the ridiculous, irresponsible behaviour of these complete loser parents? I don’t think the media wants us to feel anything but sympathy for these drop kicks they keep trotting out, but they seem utterly incapable of providing any examples of people worthy of such sympathy.

    There needs to be limits to the welfare rort – compulsory birth-control, no more money if you do get knocked up again. Compulsory naming of fathers to any children born to women on welfare, and a system like they have here in Alberta, Canada where there is no such thing as the dole unless you have worked the minimum number of hours required to receive an unemployment payment. It’s called Employment Insurance and you only get it if you have worked for a substantial time, and it only lasts for 6 months, so you better find more work pronto.

    This system of forking out thousands that -let’s face it – is just lost to the taxpayer forever, while these drop kicks just breed more mouths to feed, is unsustainable. There has to be more accountability for those who receive public funds.

    • GoingRight

      Government has to change this entitlement attitude. Those with more than say 3 kids should have no further addition to their benefit. Should someone need to move into a motel CYFS should record this and if necessary make arrangements to remove the children to more stable accommodation. Same should happen if someone ends up with kids and living in a car. If a message was sent to these people to keep their houses clean and tidy and ‘P free” when given the opportunity to live in a state provided home or else they kids would be removed how soon do you think things could change. A bit of tough love is required but who will be courageous enough to bring in tougher legislation.

    • MaryLou

      Definitely time for us to have a look around at better ways to manage this problem. So I went looking – it appears that the only way to get this assistance is if you lost your job through no fault of your own – ie failing to turn up would hardly qualify you for assistance:

      • Crowgirl

        Yes they are tough in Canada – the EI is administered at the federal level, so this is how it is for everyone. You get it if you get laid off or contract ends etc and it’s paid at 60% of your income, so you’re not better off not working. There are welfare schemes available but I think these occur more at the provincial level and you don’t get money for getting pregnant, but you do if you can’t work due to pregnancy or childbirth. It’s not a perfect system, but it does encourage working as much as possible.

  • MarcWills

    There used to be a vagrancy law – it was illegal to be found on the streets with no assets and no demonstrable means of support. We need a new law – breeding without the means to support your family. Applying for entitlement benefits would be the evidence needed for a conviction.

  • Budgie

    She should have kept her knees together then she wouldn’t have been in this predicament. Just annoyed that I have to pay (via taxes) to care for her brood.

  • Red_NZ

    will the motel owners insurers be contacting WINZ for cost recovery, relating to the cost of P contamination, caused by Tenants they’ve put into “emergency housing” at their motels? being referred by a government department, you’d assume the people would be upstanding citizens and you wouldn’t be expecting to no doubt have to decontaminate your units. Assuming that like their previous three housing NZ houses, P would have been used in the units also.

    • papagaya

      What are the chances that WINZ and HNZ never inform moteliers that the tenants were ejected for methamphetamine contamination?

      • Johnno

        The other question that should be asked is how they can afford to purchase P. As I understand it that stuff is pretty expensive. Obviously bad money management as well when they have so many children.

      • Red_NZ

        I doubt very much the background of the people, would be told to Moteliers, they might not have even been told they were getting sent there by WINZ.

        From my experience in the hospitality industry in Scotland(while i was on my OE), we’d get calls on a friday afternoon asking if we had space in the Backpackers ii worked in. Without saying where the people were coming from, if it was a call from a Scottish person, we’d have to say we were full. Why you might ask?
        If we didn’t on Friday afternoon prisoners would get early release, as there beds would probably get re-filled over the weekend. So we’d have someone show up on the doorstep trashed, because they hit the pub/supermarket before coming to us. Not really the type of guest fellow Tourists wanted to share a room with.

  • Mother of ten

    Why not get CYF to speak to Housing NZ to lift the “blacklisting”. With a little effort this could be resolved. Sadly effort and good decision making don’t sound like this woman’s strong suit.

  • Mav E Rick

    I dont have an ounce of sympathy for the parents. I certainly do for the kids as it is not their fault that they were born to dropdead parents. I also have sympathy for the tax payer who has ended up paying for their stupid behaviour and actions. What really got me though, is that the male partner quit his job when they got kicked out of their house so that he could support his partner and their brood!! What person in their right mind, who wanted to support his family, would give up his job to do that. Geeeezzz!!

    I can only put it down to the highly likely situation that the father realised that if he quit his job, he would get paid more by the taxpayer, just to sit around and do nothing. I guess they are loving it in a motel as they would need a few units to accommodate them all. This gives them more TV’s to plonk their kids in front off, gives them sky as well and no need to do any of the house work, cleaning, laundry etc etc..

    The tax payers are mugs and the media are pathetic if this is something they want to blame the Govt for.

  • STAG

    Surely, surely there is a case to find thus woman mentally incompetent and remove her children, enforce temporary sterilisation (marina) at least give her time to maybe sort out her Methodist addiction she’s in denial about.

    Why is this the Government’s fault? She’s a drug addict loser with an inability to shut her legs.

    It sickens me that I as a tax payer will have to support her and her children the rest of my life.

    • MaryLou

      Not just your life, these children will grow up believing this is the norm, and will likely follow suit. Then if they have 3 children each….

      • STAG

        Don’t, just don’t. I can only deal with so much welfare induced rage at a time.

  • taxpayer

    A story of utter stupidity and complete selfishness, those eight children will have to go without so much as they grow up.
    They are forced to live crammed in to a one bedroom motel unit for starters.
    Did the mother give one bit of thought as to how her kids would feel growing up and going to school completely broke and living on handouts? I doubt it.
    The utter selfishness of it makes me sick.
    I love kids, my boy is my world, I would love to have eight kids, but only if I could afford to do right by them, which would pretty much mean being a millionaire.

    • Mike

      But if the government just helped her out a bit more….

      That’s is her logic and sadly that of to many people.

  • Left Right Out

    What this problem needs is a good petition…. come on Angry… get one going

    I really do feel for the kids, sadly they are born into the mess their parents create….But non of this is the fault of the govt,,,,,,,,, ever

    • Uncle Bully

      Yes it is. By continuing to dole out benefits to bludgers who are thereby encouraged to choose welfare as a lifestyle, courtesy of the taxpaying public.

  • Plantagenet

    This woman is 28 and has already had 8 kids. By the time she reaches the end of her fertility, usually in the mid 40s, she will probably have around 20 kids. Perfectly within the realms of possibility and we will be paying for all of them. That’s what happens in a society with multiple generations raised on unrestricted welfare.

  • Curly1952

    Can’t garner any sympathy whatsoever for this woman. P and more kids. I feel sorry for the children and maybe they should be taken from her.

    Where are the fathers – shouldn’t she be naming them on the WINZ application form? Where is her extended family? So many questions no answers!!

  • Big_Al

    If ever there was a case for compulsory sterilization, then this is it. This case is disgusting and these children should be removed from the parents and fostered out.
    $78k of my hard earned taxes going to keep these morons, unbelievable.
    There are plenty of rental homes in small towns throughout NZ that can be rented from $200 per week. As the parents don’t have jobs, there is no reason for them to remain in Auckland. As for this offer of giving homeless people $5k to move out of Auckland, don’t even get me started on that one.!!!

  • Jdogg

    Most of these stories seem to have the common denominator of far too many children. There are not many in this day and age that could afford to raise 8 of them.
    Read similar headline of a 6 kid solo parent, yesterday. Did not bother with the rest.
    Don’t have kids if you cannot afford them? It’s an oldy but a goody!!!

  • RealKiwi

    The solution is no DPB if one should fall pregnant and have a kid
    Let’s face it having kids is a choice, to be responsible, or not.