Not like Bryan Bruce’s TV3 “documentary” wasn’t premeditated

This Tuesday night TV3 have a documentary where “journalist” Bryan Bruce “investigates” NZ schools and tells us the “system is broken”. It is not when Charters are mooted but is otherwise

He thinks Finland is where we should be looking to, just like David Shearer once thought:

He believes not only that a centralised education system, such as Finland’s, is best, but also that inquiry learning that teaches critical thinking is the way to go.

I’m not sure the teacher unions would like the Finnish solution for schooling. I covered this before:

“[Teachers] have to be educated at least to Master’s level, even for primary school teachers, and are thoroughly immersed in educational theory.”

Problem 7: The NZEI and PPTA would fall even further out of their trees if a political party on the Right proposed that all teachers needed Masters degrees and that those without one needed to re-train. They would also go nuts of someone suggested placing a good academic standard of Maths and Science as an entry requirement into Primary teacher training (something actually desperately needed in NZ).

The main NZ school that Bryan Bruce seems to focus on appears to be Manurewa Intermediate. Run by none other than Iain Taylor – current head of the Principals Union and for a long time he has been negative towards the government.

Bruce does find an example of innovative New Zealand teaching that he approves of. At Manurewa Intermediate, teachers oversee discovery learning, where pupils seek out the answers themselves.

The idea, says, principal Iain Taylor, is to “give kids the best deal possible within an environment that allows them to think, to be creative, to make mistakes, to have a try at something. But they also have to take responsibility for their actions.”

Another example of premeditated and collusive NZ journalism coming right up.

And watch the opposition jump on board this bus too.

Bryan Bruce is a socialist who always seems to find fault in the supposed neo-liberal reforms of the 80s and 90s. It seems, from his point of view that nothing good came out of that era.

The Media party and Opposition parties all helpful push his agenda.


-The Listener


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  • shykiwibloke

    I got a call yesterday for ‘a tv3 poll to be aired early next week’ – I declined simply because I don’t watch tv news on principle. Now wondering if I should have done the survey just to see what they actually asked and convey here.

    • meltingpot

      I recently tried to complete the same thing. However it was near impossible as the multi choice answers seldom gave me the choice of my preferred answer. It was clearly aimed at arriving at a result!

  • Vlad

    Bryan Bruce is a person who made some interesting doccos early in his career but has turned into a manipulative tout for ill-researched leftist propaganda.

  • LovetoTeach

    There are plenty of schools already engaged in inquiry learning

    • MrHippo

      Two kids just through primary school and ‘enquiry learning’ all they did learn was the no thought ill thought of ‘but why’ question. I am still trying to drum it out of them and replace it with ‘is that like that because…[insert some thought as to why/how]’ Oh and having to teach reading, writing, mathematics, because things like spelling or times tables are so old fashioned and don’t have a place in modern schooling…

  • phronesis

    New teachers do have masters degrees. Teachers used to do an undergrad degree in their subject area and then a diploma in teaching. Then some bright spark invented one year paper only masters degrees (no research component). From a marketing point of view offering teaching students a masters degree for the same work as the old diploma was brilliant. The teachers who are actually training these student teachers in schools are not amused that the students will be more qualified than them.

  • SlightlyStrange

    Bryan Bruce is the person who announced in his poverty documentary that there is no middle class any more in NZ – that apparently anyone who is not living payday to payday is “wealthy”.
    A long, convoluted article about him (obviously building up his cred for this doco) was on stuff today. I couldn’t get through it.