Notes from an odd world

The luvvies are really going to town on the demise of Mark Weldon.

At the same time they appear to be rewriting history.

Fairfax writes:

Weldon has stepped down following a recent string of high-profile blows, including the loss of popular broadcasters John Campbell and Hilary Barry.


‘Popular’ is an odd choice of word…didn’t John Campbell get the chop due to poor ratings? Why yes he did.

Isn’t Hilary Barry a newsreader? How about her ratings with Mike McRoberts…sinking as fast Campbell’s were.

I guess they can be popular but not rate highly. John Campbell was someone the left didn’t actually watch; they just wanted him there. I’ll bet RadioNZ haven’t increased their ratings in any appreciable and long-term manner by having him there.

The media luvvies all stick together and in this instance they conducted a full pile on to get Mark Weldon.

Media is broken in this country and the cosy duopolies need to be crushed.

If they aren’t then this sort of stuff will happen again and again.


– Fairfax


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  • Nebman

    The remarkable thing I’ve noted is the less than subtle way many of the ex employees and some current ones have been so public in sticking the knife into Weldon on social media.

    Aside from anything else, Weldon is well connected and if you’ll pardon the pun, I’d rate his “network” of connections as having a far greater reach than any of these numpties mouthing off at the moment.

    So brave after the lion has finished feeding….

    • Quinton Hogg

      I agree.
      The conduct of the staff and former staff will have been noted by many. It was ill considered, childish and quite frankly rude.
      It speaks volumes for the characters of these people.

      • Nebman

        It also points directly towards a very poor culture within the organisation that they feel they are above reproach in every thing they do both personally and professionally.

        Also, they’ve just alienated probably the entire board – let’s see how that works out for them when the new head is appointed.

    • Ross15

      It takes a little bit of thinking and intelligence to join the dots like that. That is something most MSM journalists lack.

  • RogerB

    Heard Paula Penfold ( ex TV 3 married to Mike McRoberts ) with some “media academic” on Red radio this morning being interviewed Suzie Ferguson , Christ it was pathetic!
    The attitude of Penfold and the “academic” was that commercial imperatives don’t apply to us , we have a sense of entitlement , ratings don’t matter , we are frightfully important and please pay us the huge salaries that we are entitled to !

    • Christie

      Don’t worry – with the lunatics now running the asylum, Mediaworks will be ‘gone by lunchtime’. Mark Weldon was doing what needed to be done – sure, all that reality TV does nothing for me – but some of their programmes are getting huge ratings. Now, pass me the remote – I’m watching Suits on Netflix.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Suits – absolutely brilliant. Great characters and loved the interplay between them
        .I can easily leave TV3 alone and don’t even bother looking whats on 4.

  • cows4me

    These lefty clowns think they are God’s gift put upon this earth to dispense their versions of truth and wisdom. You would think that seeing themselves as a vital public service they would have pooled their finances and set up their own ministry for propaganda. I sure this organization would run like a well oiled machine such is their love for each other.

  • Michelle

    l was disgusted with their behaviour and if he had died l am sure they would have danced on his grave
    they have showed themselves as a nasty, self interested lot who think they are above everything
    Karma might just come back and bite them, then the wailing from them will be deafening especially if Mediaworks goes belly up, caused by their greed and stupidity

  • GoingRight

    Hubby who spent years in radio, is aghast that the resignation and subsequent childish behaviour of the Barry woman along with Mike McRoberts and likely others haven’t been shown the door as they would have been in his day. Management should have shown more leadership. What company allows its staff to direct the business ahead of management and the board. How long can this company survive?

    • kiwidon

      Agree GR. (For a sec I thought you were talking about the warriors management……..)

      • herewego

        Parallels are clearly evident – prima donna’s thinking they’re above the thing they’re (over)paid for….

        Other analogy would have to the be labour caucus …..

    • Sailor Sam

      Champagne socialists, no NZ beer or Lindauer in sight.
      Are they celebrating Hilary Barry’s resignation or the departure of Mark Weldon?
      The photo comes from the Stuff website, showing Italian and Mexican beer, French Champagne.

      • Simo

        Looks like their struggling to carry a couple of crates of foreign champers and beer, true lefties to the core, why aren’t they carrying in the some Lying Red and some wine coolers – the stench of don’t do as I do, do as I say, oozes out of that so-to-be asylum.

  • Sally

    Hope the media luvvies all have a massive hangover this morning.
    Their behaviour will cause an even bigger drop in ratings, the advertising $ will be harder to come by, mediaworks will struggles even more, end result bye, bye jobs.

  • roxo

    Let the inmates run it – and see how it goes. Bring back all the hard left luvvies and give Wrongly Wrongson a headline show. Go on. Give everyone that is important – i.e. all of them – a massive salary and spout their lefty gobshiete. And then see how commercial reality bites! Maybe the missing million will tune in and save them.

  • Simo

    What’s so laughable about the rose-tinted glass world that is MSM, is that it has evolved into a entity that is preoccupied with itself, they are the news.

  • rexabus

    Money grows on trees in lala lefty land. Business doesn’t have enough customers to make a healthy profit ? No problem, in lala lefty land everyone can have their dream job even if they’re not much good at it. No boss should have the right to ask for higher standards of his workers – Everyone is just perfect as they are, even if it’s not particularly good at all.